28 August 2016

PaK-ed Full of Gingerbread

I finished up an Airfix 1/72 PaK40 yesterday, purchased alongside the SU-122s in the prior post. I still have the prime mover on the paint table - its assembly was considerably more involved that the gun.

We hung out with our friends Dennis and Shelley last evening and played a couple of games. Shootin' Ladders proved quite entertaining.

It's a shoot-em-up involving homicidal gingerbread men "crumbling" eachother on the classis kid game Chutes and Ladders' layout. We played a simple free-for-all and I fared pretty well, collecting two body parts. My wife won, being the first to collect three body parts. As you may be able to tell from the sheets shown to the left, when a body part takes 6 points of damage it is torn from the sheet. My sheet was given some embellishments...

I've been working on these Dystopian Legions Automatons for the last week or so. They are the worst models ever, assembly-wise. Two arms, two legs, a body, a head sometimes a gun... Christ Almighty! I can't believe I finished the other ten months ago! I don't remember them being such a pain.

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