07 August 2016

AAR - StarDust: Ground - Bugs and Bots!

Ziggy and I got together for a little of the ol' Toy Soldiers on the 6 x 4 last evening. My Sci-fi creation, StarDust: Ground was due for some game time so a couple of days prior I put together a scenario that I hoped would entertain. The giant space bugs haven't been involved in a game of SDG since early play-testing so this would be a good opportunity to see how they stack up against the relatively veteran Robot Army.

The Bots deployed in a cluster in the center, having just completed planetary insertion. Their mission was to destroy bug nests in this area. The nests are circled in roughly the four corners of the tabletop.

My burrowing worms got to grips early with some heavy hover bots, though were unable to capitalize on their early assault.

By the end of the first turn, Ziggy's robots would have been feeling the pressure if they had their pressure gauges installed. I was bemoaning the six stands I'd already lost!

My forces around Nest 3 were in deep kimchi. The flying bugs smashed into one of the BigBots and although they won combat handily, were unable to capitalize and barely scratched the metal monster's chrome plating.

The worms lead the charge against the rapid-fire gunline of Superbots and Hoverbots! The worms performed admirably to my amazement.

The Bots' danger sensors go nuts as the Inferno Bug blasts bioplasma down highway 30. Two stands of WarBots are eliminated!

My vermin continue to work their way through the Bot Buffet.

Big Un and some fliers eye their next targets.

My bug swarm is doing a decent job of herding the robot infantry, but the heavier robot forces (upper left in this picture) are dominating!

No emotion is shown by either side when a railgun round smashes into my Inferno Bug's noggin. On the other side, I was quite disappointed.

The final picture. Although the small bots had been dealt with easily, the larger ones were proving too much for the remnants of my swarm to deal with. The bugs were wiped out and their nests would soon follow.

That was quite a fun game! I rather enjoyed pushing the herd around, it's kind of nice not having to think much about tactics but rather CHARGE! SMASH! That said, I need to give the bugs some additional anti-armor capability. I think Zig liked the Robot Army. They're pretty straightforward shooters although the hover elements give them some really zippy units with a ton of firepower. I wasn't surprised at all that he fell in love with the Repair Bot. That thing kicks ass.

Have a good rest of the weekend!


  1. Fun batrep, neat looking table and great collection of models.

  2. Grazie. It's been a while since I got to play on a really full table and I really enjoyed it.