22 August 2016

AAR: Star Fleet Battles - Meet The Neighbors

The Space Cadets met on Sunday afternoon in Brunswick for August's episode of Star Fleet Battles. This month game, likely our last on the "east side" for a while, featured Gorn and Romulans. The Gorn were delivering troops to a contested planet when a group of Romulan gunboats arrived to disrupt or halt the operation. The Gorn commando ship was escorted by a police carrier.

We join the action early. Mike insisted on driving the Gorn Police Carrier and its 6 G-12 fighters. David requested the four Romulan StarHawks which left me driving the Commando Destroyer. The planet is the destination for as many BPs as I can drop. The Romulans really need to prevent me from dropping troops. Mike is flying cover for me.

David pulls the trigger on a shedload of type F's. That's one impressive stack of counters! More impressive is the fact that it did NOT get bumped over!

A few impulses later and many torpedoes begin arriving at their targets. By this point many of Mike's fighters had been plasma-torpedoed to death. My reliable troop transport kept up its duty by dropping troops onto the planet via transporter as quickly as it could.

In a tragic turn that the Gorn captains didn't see coming, four type-F plasma torpedoes smash into the lightly reinforced #6 shield of the Swift Justice. Sixty-five internals later, and we, the lizards, were down to one ship. Hey, we still had a couple fighters too!

Not shown, Mike did manage to kill a PF and severely cripple another to the point that it shut down and cloaked to stay alive.

Before they were destroyed, the remnants of Squadron 901 cripple one of the remaining PFs. My type-G had crushed its front shield moments before. 

So, after three turns I'd landed 12 BPs on the planet and was positioned to land four more on impulse 1 of turn 4. The Romulans had one PF in fine condition, one in "rental car" condition, and one on life support. The Gorn were in a fine spot, but would have a bit of work ahead if the Romulans didn't place much value on their own lives.

That was a terrific game and we all enjoyed it immensely. Although I just did a lot of driving and operating the Transporter controls, it was a blast. Mike's carrier getting powdered in the blink of an eye was pretty impressive, but he did do a great job of keeping the Roms away from their target and the sacrifice was not in vain.

Back to the west side of the sector next month - perhaps Lyrans, Hydrans or something else...

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  1. "Rental car" condition! Classic :)