01 August 2016


While I've been bemoaning my lack of toy-soldier time recently, I have gotten a lot of new tabletop scenery finished up!

Fist up, those 15mm 2-lane elevated highways I showed in the last post primed black...

They turned out very nicely. I can't wait to put them into a game. I will be getting more supports and painting the bases to blend in with a water surface to make a dead-sexy causeway.

Next, the 28mm scenery that came in the Dystopian Legion Iron Scorpion starter box.

This'll be very useful for any 28mm game. Frostgrave, Steampunk Skirmish, anything. Thank you Spartan Games!

Over the weekend, my clan traveled up to Warm Springs, GA. We went through a really creepy wax museum. The curator was truly fantastic. While talking about Eisenhower and MacArthur (see above), he did a quick demo of the D-Day invasion for us using his available tools/toys:

The Brits were the red car, the Canadians were the Pony and the Americans were repped by the monster truck and giant wooden switchblade. Fortress Europe was defended by the Civil War cannons. I'm thinking about painting him up some proper soldiers. If you get the chance - visit! It is truly unique.

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