07 October 2017

Just an update

I finished the Reaper Bones reclamation project a week or so ago. I ordered some 30mm bases to match the rest of the collection.

The crimson guy on the right, the guy with the minigun and the flamethrower guy had previously been "painted" by my son a few years ago. A little Simple Green and a quick paint job to match the rest and job's done. The crimson guy has 10 squadmates of similar design and the same colors not pictured.

I also had an order arrive yesterday. Along with those 30mm bases, I got these:
They were a good price on The War Store and will make fine additions to my Litumsian Imagi-nations.

Ziggy and I are going to play Dystopian Wars Fleet Action this afternoon. My Eclipse Company will have a go at the Britannians. I'm really looking forward to it.

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