16 October 2017

Seriously Small Spaceships

David picked up some "MicroFleets' ships on Shapeways to use for Star Fleet Battles last week. Because he has very little painting time, I offered my brush. I figured they'd be quick to finish given their size. I was right.

Kzintis in progress. Compare to the 15mm tank and 1" grid squares. They are tiny!

The Kzinti ships were done in the grainy "white strong and flexible" material. The Cardassians are of the Frosted Ultra Detail and are much tighter. Witness the class-lettering on the bases.

This accounts for Sunday's work. The civilian ships and base are essential for good SFB storytelling. Looking forward to putting some of these on the table next weekend.


  1. I have seen those on Shapeways before. Good to know that they come out as nicely as you would expect.

    Having been on a Trek binge lately, I'll be interested to see how your games go!

    1. I'm still a big fan of counters for Star Fleet Battles - same-hex stacking is very important and minis just don't cut it. In fact, I think they subliminally encourage players to not stack which could be quite detrimental in many situations.

      I'll do a better job of taking pics and documenting Saturday's game which will feature Jindarians and Kzinti. My previous couple of SFB Batreps have been "thin."

    2. Yes, I looked at some of your previous reports and noticed the stacking. With the scale, it makes sense.

      For this sort of thing, I am more of a miniatures game than pure game guy myself... probably because it takes me so long to do anything, I might as well enjoy the part I am doing!

      What rules are you going to use for the Cardies? I have a vague idea to run a TOS/SFB era with them, but if they slot into an existing SFB race, that would be handy.

    3. They'll be proxies for the Jindarians. It's no where near a good fit, but the ships are pretty and they'll get the job done!

      For a game more akin to a tabletop wargame, these ships would be tremendous. My biggest concern is that they are very light and could tip easily. In that situation, I'd suggest gluing them to pennies for stability.

  2. As to the stacking, you might try a mixed solution. Use the miniatures, but keep the counters handy for stacking situations.

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