29 October 2017

This Week's Painting

I got the Rebel counterparts to the recently finished T-55s finished up yesterday. Along with those T-55s, I picked up some Battlefront M113s for the MCC forces.

The kits themselves were a bit fiddly. More model than wargame miniature to be sure, but the went together easily enough and had a wonderful selection of extra bits. I used a couple of trim vanes, a cupola, a recoilless rifle and some side track covers to give the group a bit of a mix and match look. The top hatches can be modeled either open or closed. They really are solid kits. Here's a look at the accessory sprue, of which four come in the box.

There are bits for mortars, flamethrowers, miniguns, grenade launchers, etc. I'm excited about getting together a game of Sabre Squadron to give the new bits a try.