01 October 2017

Welcome to the Jungle - AK47 Republic AAR

30 September

MCC forces attacked government troops near Lumbasa. The insurgents had heavy tanks and armored vehicles supporting a large contingent of infantry. 

WPA deployment. The insurgent commander ponders.

The MCC forces appear from the south. Tanks and infantry look lined up to take the village and bridges, while the vehicle squadron seems to have the boat ramp in its sights.

WPA tanks move to hide from the enemy tanks. The MCC infantry swarms through the village.

By the lake, Johnson's troops hide from the vehicle squadron that has just burst onto the scene.

Insurgent reinforcements arrive! A large group of infantry appear from an uncovered corner of the battlefield.

Litumsian Autoroute 17 becomes the scene of quite a firefight between the tanks and infantry of both factions!

Disaster! The rebels capture the boat ramp. They'll have access to all the best fishing spots on the lake!

But just then, one of the armored cars erupts in a gout of flame!

Cannon fire from the PT-76es across the lake smashes into the MCC vehicles, caught unawares. Two of the armored cars are wrecked in no time.

The rest of the squadron pulls back, but keeps their barrels trained on the woods, knowing the WPA troops are in there.

Quite a turn of events as the Lion Cadre on the bridge decide they've had enough and quit the field. Between the tanks, heavy machineguns and a lucky artillery bombardment, they took quite a beating in a very short span of time.

The WPA troops in the woods make a dash to the dock to reclaim the objective. The gunners in the vehicle squadron exact some revenge, gunning down the exposed infantry.

Reinforcements finally arrive! Two truckloads of infantry heading up the road to the President for Life Johnson Memorial Bridge Number 87.

The PT-76es good fortune continue as they take out both a recoilless-armed jeep and the M163. The remaining armored car would end up fleeing.

The MCC reinforcements take over bridge 87 and prepare to fight off the freshly-arrive WPA troops. Their arrival freed up the rebels tanks to deal with the government tanks.

Hardly Kursk, but a glorious tank battle nonetheless! The PT-76es completely dominate the Pattons, a victory owed in no small part to "Extra Determination" earned in the previous turn.

The battle ended - it was a stunning win for the defending Worker's Party Army of President for Life Johnson. The Militia Campaign for the New Congress slunk back into the woods to strategize for the next battle. 

We could get all high and mighty about not blaming dice and all that bullshit, but my wife's dice rolls were miserable compared to mine. I failed exactly four morale tests all game. If you've ever played AK47R, you know that's pretty great. I never really felt as though I had the upper hand until the very end. Her tanks kept me worried most of the battle - I was fortunate that they were stuck babysitting the bridge objective waiting for the slowpoke reinforcements to arrive.

A very enjoyable evening of gaming with my best gal. Oh, and for those of you keeping track, this is the first time I've beaten her in a game of AK47 Republic.


  1. Always fun to see your AK47 Republic AAR.
    I've try once to delve in the rule book, but the layout is an abomination so I finally give up...
    Pretty sad, as the story driven part of the game seems really interesting

    1. While I agree with you as far as the rulebook layout is concerned, if you start with sections 16 and 17 - Pre-Game and Game Turn, it is much easier to manage. The game play itself is pretty simple and well worth the effort.