10 October 2017

Naval Minefields for Dystopian Wars

So, with our first proper games of DWFA over the weekend, it was made plain that we need proper minefields. Sunday, I began whipping some up.

The back of an old frame provided some nice 1/8 inch board. It was surprisingly sturdy.

Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste - Gel Medium smeared liberally.

I used the flat side of the blade against the putty and pull it straight off to give it a crinkly wavy texture. Process repeats many times until both squares are well-textured.

Like this!

A hosing of blue spray paint followed by a thin black wash to create some extra "shadowy depths."

 A couple drybrushings - pale blue, then white.

And a heavy gloss coat - job's done!

They look purty with the little boats. I'm rather happy with how these turned out. Now I need to make a couple for those land games!


  1. Very effective. I like them!

  2. These look great. I might try to make some for shipwreck or harpoon.