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Painting And Stuff

 Finished up a bit more over the last week or two... Always like to keep the brushes moving! It's been sci-fi stuff recently with some secondhand Warmachine minis and Battletech. Here are those Warmachine things. Ugly little monstrosities. Hideous demonic bile-spewing things. They'll be a wonderful addition to my evil Xenos Rampant force. I like the way the color shift paint turned out over the textured bases. It was certainly experimental and lends a neat demonic otherworldly touch.  And then there are these five additions to my Battletech Fire Mandrill clan collection. It's the "Ad Hoc Lance" force box. Certainly not "canon" mechs for Fire Mandrills but who gives a darn? A Kodiak is a bad mammer jammer and who doesn't need one in their collection? A pleasure to paint and a welcome addition for sure. I'm hoping to host a game of Alpha Strike next weekend and some of these might make the table. My wife and I went up to Atlanta last weekend for a

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