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Earning Their Banners

 The new infantry regiments that were blooded a couple weekends ago in that Napoleonics game received their banners the following day. Apologies for the poorest quality photo, but this was more of me making good on my promises to get those boys their standards. All prettied up and now ready for the next battle! Currently I have some Blood and Plunder Spanish in the works. Found a box on Noble Knight for a good price. I've finished half of them - the Lanceros and Christianized natives. I blasted them with some clear coat earlier and they're out in the garage drying. When these are done, I'm going about 6 years into the past to bring out a long-stale project. I bought some new shinies and have plans. More on that soon enough. God bless the families of those those were senselessly killed in Texas, New York, California, you name it by the most recent asshole with a gun.

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