31 January 2012

Oooh, shiny

Got the goods from CinC yesterday to finish out my Polish tank regiment. Woohoo! I love new armies. I gotta say, CinC's packaging blows the doors off GHQ's and the detail is top-notch.

On another note, Savannah will be hosting a game convention in April - GnomeCon. I've been gaming in Savannah since the early nineties and this is the first Con I can remember since the old SAGA get-togethers at Armstrong back around '95 or '96.

28 January 2012

Modern Spearhead

Egypt 1973
Well, Dystopian Wars didn't happen Saturday so Zig and I got in our second game of MSH. We played the "Hunting the Hunters" scenario from the main rule book, but added a little to each force just to try stuff out. We added 3 batteries of 105mm off-board artillery and a flight of A-4 Skyhawks for the Israelis and 3 batteries of 122mm off-board artillery to the Egyptians.
The basic map set up was very similar to the map in the book - three hills, a road running north-south, large lake on the western edge. The tan area in the lower left of the battlefield is rough ground.

My starting orders were very straight-forward - one battalion was to head straight up the road, other three would do the same, minus the road - advance advance advance! OK, now you're wondering about the funny models since you've clicked on the pictures. The are a mix of Axis and Allies pieces and Monsters Menace America pieces. Since we're just getting started on MSH, I've made my own pieces with rich proxy goodness. Tan bases are Egyptian troops, Green bases are Israelis.

The Zionists had a mixed battalion of M48s and M113s with TOWs move out to meet my force.
My beverage...
The Egyptians continued their advance as the Israeli flanking force of a second battalion of M48s arrived from the east. Bah!
Looks like two of those M48s are trying to make a little M48.

After jockeying for position, the forces prepared to exchange fire.

And what was left after a couple rounds...

The Egyptians continued their advance, although the right-most battalion had been wiped out by the flanking force. Then the bottom started to fall out of the Egyptian attack. The Israeli Air Force started responding to radio requests. Their American-made Skyhawks cunningly disguised as Su-25s!
Bah! The lead two platoons on the road were destroyed. Where's the blasted air-defense!

The Israelis continue rolling back and blasting away at Egyptian T-62s and BMPs while the flanking battalion which has only lost one platoon continues to tighten the noose. The only respite was the fact that the flankers failed to change orders twice, leaving them in a terrible position.

With the end near, I push the rest of my force to the north edge of the battlefield - the Egyptian goal is the exit platoons off the north edge. I did manage to get two BMP platoons off the edge on turn 8. And then the Angel of Death showed back up in his A-4. Another bombing run takes out two more T-62 platoons.

The end-of-turn morale tests finished the game off. My last battalion of T-62s (which had just been taken below 1/2 and 2/3 strength by the airstrike) routed leaving me with just one of my original four battalions. After tallying the points for the scenario, it was Israelis 83, Egyptians 48.

A very fun game and quite interesting. It was rather dicey at the end - the final airstrike really did win the game for the Israelis, if it hadn't come on I would have gotten six or seven stands off the north edge on the next turn. Until next time!

26 January 2012

Modern Spearhead

So, the bases and infantry I ordered waaaaay back on December 26 showed up today. 
That's 144 bases and a bunch of Soviet (soon to be Polish) infantry. I wasted no time getting the tanks I'd already painted onto the bases and finished up.

Yeah, no cries from the peanut gallery about the camo on the tanks. I've painted enough monochrome tanks in my life. I'm taking a little artistic liberty with 'em. I really like how they turned out and I can't wait for the rest of the army to show up. The tanks are CinC models.

25 January 2012

Dystopian Wars

I've finally gotten around to finishing the "Metzger" Robot I got my son for Christmas. He's got a Prussian force - mainly land and air units. I've got Blazing Suns - a pretty mixed bag of air, land and sea units. We're supposed to have a game Saturday - maybe three or four of us playing. Should be a blast! Here are the pics of "Stampy II" as he's been dubbed, with and without flash.

I have flocked the base since the pictures were taken. Need to throw some clear coat at him. Next on the agenda for DW is the giant Prussian airship / carrier he got for Christmas. Until next time!

22 January 2012

Flames of War

Got in a game on Saturday - I used SS Armored Pioneers from Earth and Steel and Zig used Engineer Sappers from River of Heroes. We used 1750 point forces and rolled for a mission which came up "Hasty Assault." I would defend since the ES are an "always attack" list against prepared positions. I placed one platoon of infantry in the center covering that objective, along with my 1ic and 2ic and the two company command HMGs. Zig's only units to start the game would be both his infantry companies, heavy to my right. My Immediate Ambush unit was my three Panthers - I figured he was going to start his IS-2s on the board. I had them cover the right objective, looking awfully lonely facing down 40+ stands of Engineer Sappers.
On turn 1 I loaded my company commander and the 2ic into their halftracks and moved them off towards the right objective figuring I'd need a few extra machineguns over there to stop the inevitable horde. My Panthers took a few pot-shots at the horde and managed to kill two stands! The Soviet horde slowly oozed forwards, trying to get better cover to mask its advance.

Turn 2 was uneventful; the command halftracks got in position and the Soviets continued their advance.

On turn 3 I got a reserve unit in - I chose the other platoon of Pioneers with their Stuka zu Fuss rocket launchers. I had them head straight towards the right objective to shore it up. I also moved the halftracks at the center objective to get better lines of fire. The pioneers that I'd just moved in on the right managed to pass their Stormtrooper test and dismounted from their halftracks.
The Center:
And the right, after the halftracks and pioneers were in position. All of those frosty Reds are cowering inside woods.
The Soviets completely commit to the right flank. Up until this point, they could have attacked either objective, now there was really no chance of going back.

Turn 4 I got my last reserve unit in - four Nebelwerfer rocket launchers. I placed them just behind and to the left of my center platoon. The only shooting I conducted was letting loose with one of the half-track rocket launchers. They ranged-in immediately and I managed to get 13 targets under the template but only killed two stands. I'm going to need to kill lots more and soon! The Soviets' tanks finally managed to get through to the battlefield and four mighty IS-2s rolled in on the right side. They took a few shots at the pioneers who had just dug in but only managed to bail a halftrack. ( ha )

With his tanks committed and way out of position to defend the objective on the Soviet side of the board, I loaded my central platoon up into their halftracks and began rolling out on turn 5. Between the woods and my own barbed wire, it wouldn't be a quick drive, but that was fine since I could still use them to smack the side of the red infantry if necessary. I fired off another halftracked rocket launcher and this time hit ten enemy stands and killed three. Not too bad.

The last of the Russian reserves showed up, a 76mm Artillery battery and much to my delight, were not plunked down right on top of his objective. The IS-2s put it in third gear and moved quickly up the side of the field.

Turn 6 - I bounce a few 75mm rounds off the ridiculously armored hulls of the IS-2s and fire off a barrage from the Nebelerfers but cause no real damage. The halftracks continue their drive across the field. The Soviet artillery ranges in on a halftrack carrying three stands but fortunately fails to hit it. Losing that halftrack and its passengers would have forced a morale test for that platoon. The IS-2s brewed up one of my tanks and blasted my last Stuka zu Fuss and a Pioneer stand. Not enough hits to cause a pin though.

On turn 7, I got one halftrack close enough to his objective to claim it. If it could survive the turn I'd win. My terrifically expensive SS Panthers managed to kill two of the IS-2s. Some tank duel. The Pioneers near the Soviet objective failed their Stormtrooper test and couldn't dismount. I cross my fingers and hope that the Red artillery can't find its mark.

The Soviets break cover and storm up the hill on the right although their supporting fire was absolutely miserable and failed to pin the German defenders. The Soviets had no choice but the attempt the assault. 14 of 15 defensive fire shots hit, pinning the attackers, essentially ending the game. The one final set of rolls was for the artillery to take its shot at my halftrack. They ranged in early but again failed to find a target. Game over - Germans win!

Mobility is king! Although the heavy flank push was a sound tactic I like to employ, having the IS-2s on the far edge was a killer. If they'd been centered more, I wouldn't have been able to drive right across the field and snatch his objective. We also discussed attacking down the other side of the board where there was a bit more cover. This was good revenge for our last game where my Panzerkompanie took a sound thrashing.

15 January 2012

Modern Spearhead

Zig and I tried out MSH for the first time yesterday. The played the "Broken Arrow" scenario twice, switching forces for the second game. The Iraqis won handily both times. I think that for two rookies, the scenario really favors the numbers-heavy Iraqi force. Any casualties the Israelis suffer are three times more devastating than their enemy's casualties. I really liked the game and although we did a few things wrong, we had a good time. Chalk it up as a learning experience.

I've put together some more proxies - enough to play the second scenario, so we'll give that a try in a week or so. I think we're going to play FoW next weekend. I'll probably bust out my Armored Panzerpioneers - I just finished the second platoon a few weeks ago.

12 January 2012

Song of Blades and Heroes

Picked up "Song of Blades and Heroes" recently. My son and I have played one game thusfar - he's got some undead and I'm using humans. The miniatures are from Splintered Light - the Logres Army  and the Wraith Lord army box sets. The minis are tremendous and I strongly recommend them for 15mm fantasy. I just got back to painting them a couple of days ago - they'd sat primed for a couple months. Here are a couple of pics.

The finished guy at the bottom is my Druid, "Greenteeth." The ghosts are pretty close to being done - may throw some lighter grey / white at them.

Song of Blades and Heroes is a neat little fantasy skirmish game with simple mechanics and lots of good campaign potential. My only problem with it so far is that undead are damn near impossible to kill with archers. The game is inexpensive - I think the PDF was in the $5.00 neighborhood.
As I was saying...

Been playing these games for quite some time. Started with 40K and Epic Space Marine, then Blood Bowl, Warzone, Chronopia, Battlefleet Gothic, Necromunda, Mordheim, L5R, Bab5 Wars, Battletech, Warmachine, Flames of War, Dystopian Wars and a few others.

I just picked up the Modern Spearhead rules before Christmas and am looking forward to giving that a go this weekend. My buddy Zig and I will play the basic starter scenario - Israelis v Syrians with proxy minis on Saturday. I'll post results and pictures of the rather comical figures. I did get some T-72s and an Su-25 in and have them painted up. Still waiting for the slowpokes at warweb.com to ship the bases and infantry I ordered. Hopefully the FOW paratroopers will sell so I can use the proceeds to finance the rest of my Speadhead army. I'm putting together a Polish Tank Regiment circa 1986. Once I manage to get Zig hooked, he'll probably to a USMC Regiment being a former Marine and all.

Bye for now.

11 January 2012

First post!

Hi Ya'll! It's a new year, time to try something different and write about this silly hobby of mine. I've been playing wargames since about 1990 when I bought Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader. Twenty-two years later I'm still spending my hard-earned cash on toy soldiers and cursing at dice.

On Monday I put a Flames of War army on eBay - US Paratroopers. I didn't play with them at all last year and I have enough other stuff for FOW that frankly is a lot more fun to use. The airborne company was just too stationary and predictable and lost its entertainment value.

Gotta go for now... more later.