28 September 2015

Next New Batch of Ships

I cranked out a couple of Ryushi Cruisers for Firestorm Armada pretty quickly over the weekend. I've had the colors and procedure figured out for a while - I've just been waiting to get the minis. On the whole, I've happy with the results. I was directly inspired, palette-wise by this thing:

I see a guy riding this same colored bike at least twice a week on my way home from work.

When I first started with the colors, they looked like hey were owned by the Joker, and frankly still do. Regardless, they're unique and quite striking and a welcome addition to my Alliance fleet!

26 September 2015

Recently Completed Spaceships

I finally finished up some Firestorm Armada Xelocian cruisers this week. They're a complex build, to be sure, but very characterful and really pretty cool models once they're done. I replaced the energy beams (the red bits) with painted cocktail straws; the original component is a clear acrylic rod but since one of the blisters was missing flight pegs, I sacrificed the power coupling rods to make additional flight pegs. The models are VERY front-heavy and need a lot of TLC when handled. Regardless, they're cool looking ships with a very clear "do not be in front of us" aesthetic.

Apologies for the bright sunlight, heavy shadow pics. Not my cuppa tea either...

These ships will be a fun addition to my growing Alliance of Kurak fleet - now, on to the Ryushi Battle Carrier and it's escorts!

21 September 2015

AAR - Star Fleet Battles September Game

The September 2015 iteration of the Space Cadets' SFB game was a classic. We met at Pizza Hut this time, across the street from McDonald's in Brunswick since Mickey D's was really busy.

The game itself was the continuation of last month's game in which the four of us, driving an assortment of Orion ships vied for a McGuffin on the wreck of an old passenger liner, the Titanic IV. Last month we got through four turns and had plenty of boarding parties on the Titanic. We pick up the action aboard!

Turn 1 action - Mike's black troops and Dave's yellows mix it up. James' guys were the reds.

Turn 3. Mike has found the McGuffin and is holed-up in the bridge. Everyone is pushing through the doors and my second group of boarders lands directly on the bridge. Much pew-pew.

Turn 4. The forces have thinned considerably. Mike still has the gizmo.

On with the space portion of the game!

Our starting positions. Mike's ship was nearly a clean sheet after the previous game, the rest of us had serious shield issues and/or internals.

I'd launched my fighter on 5/1 but Mike killed it straight away. Then the first bit of real excitement got underway...

Mike and I had gone real easy on each other last game. Since his boarding parties had been wiped I guess he was kind of grudgey now.

He placed Plas-F (4) as you see, then placed (N) heading F, out of arc. He noticed the incorrect arc, said out loud "Oh screw it," and changed its heading, and obviously its target since he couldn't fire at David. I was to move on the next impulse and assumed at least one torp was aimed at me. I fired some phasers at (4), which turned out to be the right choice. It still crunched my #6 pretty easily.

The second plasma continued on to James who thrashed it with his phasers. It impacted but turned up a pseudo! Trickery!

James and I fire at "Captain I'm going to piss off everyone here."

My plasma-D hit, but at a reduced strength. Another fun development was that my ESG which had been up for a few impulses got a great bump on James, killing his towed shuttle and causing some internals.

Lacking ready phasers, Mike tractored James' drone.

End of turn 5 - I'd dropped my last 3 BPs on the Titanic and had a commanding position on it!

Lacking good judgement, Mike forgets to power a tractor beam for turn 6. Instant Classic! The drone goes through his down #6. 12 internals.

Mike's F-16 pushes out a DFD at me. I killed it with a Ph-1.

I returned the favor shortly as Mike gets some more plasma love.

I HET (risking a breakdown) and fire off another Plas-D and blast the F-16 into oblivion.

Mike returns the favor and shuts my #5 down. I take some more internals too.

David dropped a shield to send BPs onto the Titanic. I fire my remaining Ph-1 through the hole but roll a miserable 6.

The end of 6 - things are still going well for my boys on the Titanic!

To start turn 7, James pushes a drone through my down #1. I whump him with two D's. Both our ships just get hammered.

Turn 7 involved a lot of maneuver and very little combat. The battle on the Titanic was still raging.

Turn 8 begins with a big bang, as Mike follows an F-torp into James and empties the barrels at range-0. James' ship explodes. The explosion takes down Mike's #1 and causes an internal. Nice.

There was little other combat during turn 8. I wheeled my wreck back to the freighter, figuring everyone else was as in as bad a shape as me. My boarding parties finally won the combat and captured the Golden Goose!


David was in position to shoot at me a bit on my way off the map, but his very slow speed meant he'd have had a terrible time catching me as I streaked away. I was declared the victor!

On to the gore...

The Final Elvis at the end of 8. One working phaser, two functional Plasma-Ds. Two repaired boxes on the #1. My ship was a damn disaster. Captain K'runch will have to spend the money he'll get for the Golden Goose on a new ship.

David's ship in remarkably good condition but very low on power.

Mike's ship. No front shields and a good amount of internals. He bailed during turn 8.

James' ship. 

The game was terrific. The boarding combat fight was a lot of fun. All four of us were spreading the pain and the whole thing was just a mess. For all of our hesitation to "get stuck in" last game, we had no problem "flying 'em like they're rented" this time around.

Our campaign on the left side of the sector has been concluded. Next time, we're heading eastward and will start involving some different races in our SFB games. Until then remember, you're not done until your ExDam track is done!

20 September 2015

RP and Play Testing Round 1

I churned out the 6mm buildings from Game Craft in record time. I'm really happy with how they turned out.

A dry-brusher's dream!The timbers were an exercise in painting yoga (deep breath.... pull.... exhale...) but the end result was worth it.

Junior and I gave my new fantasy rules an initial play test last evening. It was a good testing session - I found a handful of things that need work. That was the point...  Some pictures of the Dark Elves and Demons duking it out...

As our forces near each other, the wizards get up close and personal. I ruled that wizards were off-limits and couldn't be attacked since I needed to test the effects of their spells. Junior's wizard had the Fear spell which was overly effective.

The Flying Demons. I don't think I ever showed them off on this blog when I painted them up a week or so ago.

The bane of my existence in the early going.

The Dark Elf cavalry gets stuck in with the Flying Demons.

Only to be plowed into and run off a bit later by the Plague Demons.

The Juggernaut smashes into my Dark Elf Warriors and it's not pretty.

We wrapped the game there. I'd seen what I needed to. The chief issue was that units weren't resilient enough. We were fighting in a silo, so that didn't help. With more maneuver room and additional terrain to hide behind, it would have been a bit different. Either way, I'm going to change my Morale mechanic. The Fear spell Junior was tossing around was terribly effective and needs to either be toned down or made much tougher to cast. There are also a couple of unit special abilities that need tweaking. In all, a good first session!

17 September 2015

Elves of DOOM

Although I've been not painting this week, I did knock out some dark elf crossbowmen last Saturday. I finished flocking and DullCote-ing them last night.

Two units of five stands with some hand-scrawled banners. This brings the current unit totals to Dark Elves 4, Dwarves 3 and Demons 3. The Dwarves and Demons have some support units as well. I've got a unit of Dwarf warriors up next!