26 April 2016

Like Onions... But Bigger and With More Guns


Mike, David and I played some very old-school Ogre / GEV last Sunday in Brunswick. Two of our Star Fleet Battles players dropped so rather than screw up the SFB scenario, we switched games entirely and played a different hex and counter system that's quite Pizza Hut-friendly.

It'd been a really long time since I played Ogre so there was a 5-minute wake-up period for me. We played the Raid scenario with Ogres on each side - a Mk IV for Mike the attacker, a Mk. V for David defending and I would handle the small stuff reinforcements.

The Combine vandals wreck a bridge.

That gigantic stack of GEVs would soon get shot at. If you remember anything about Ogre, there's a thing called "spillover fire" which affects everything else in the target's hex.

 My Spillover Fire roll. 3 @ 6. All I could do was laugh - that is some crazy dice rolling.

Mike's shirt sums it up nicely.

The tide starts turning and the Combine forces begin falling back and the Pan Euros arrive en masse.

So, game one was a solid Pan Euro (defender) victory. Mike's dice were as terrible as I've ever seen and mine and David's dice were very good. We decided to play another.

This time, David played the attacker, I used the defending Mk V and Mike handled the reinforcements. David put his entire force on the town side. My Ogre, Angry Bird Yellow, caught his GEVs trying to cross the lake. Sadness ensued for the GEVs. The Mk.IV pounded the hell out of the towns though with its rockets.

A couple of fortunate reinforcement arrivals begin to put a little pressure on David's Ogre.

If a Mk IV is good for anything, it's running away. It did, and got away.

Another defender win. On the ride home, David and I discussed the victory conditions and decided that the attacker must work on the Mk V right off the bat to have any prayer of winning. We'll test that theory next time.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon of tanks and dice. Looking forward to the next!

24 April 2016

Dark Elves and Dwarves - Playtest Project

Ziggy and I ran a playtest game of some unreleased fantasy mass-combat rules this afternoon. Yes, I finally got to put my 6mm lovelies on the tabletop for a good ol' fashioned brawl. For this battle, it was the Dwarves and Dark Elves. Ziggy used the Dwarves.

 Our deployments. it turns out, we had a very good number of troops for the table size!

My center - crossbows, Lizard heavy cavalry and warriors.

The thin, short, line.

The Dwarven cannon "Forgebelcher" erupts like a volcano and sends elf riders and their horses asunder!

The riders on my left flank are equally devastated by "Scythe."

Before long, my heavy cavalry smashes into the Dwarf line!

But things aren't very auspicious for the riders on my right or the cavalry in the center.

Towards the left, my riders have flanked the dwarf warriors in an effort to relieve the heavy cav, but the Dwarf Berserkers charge into them in reply. I still have Warriors ready to back up my cavlary.

On the right, my swordsmen and heavy cavalry have made contact and both have units supporting them behind. My far right flank is very busy with two units of their own, but they're hanging in there!

As the melee continues in the center, the multi-barrel monstrosity prepares to unload on the swordsmen in reserve.

And in the blink of an eye, the elves are gone baby gone!

The situation... my lizard cavalry on the left finally finished off the warriors they'd been fighting and continued the battle into the gunners beyond. I sent the healthy unit of swordsmen into the berserkers on that same side of the farm. The crossbowmen in the potato field take aim at the gatling cannon while further to the right, berserkers and gunners fight it out with their elven opponents.

It didn't take long for the dark elves to seize the advantage and roll through the Dwarf second line. The heavy cavalry smashed into the hated six-barrel and the elf swordsmen proved to be too much for the crazed berserkers. My elves had earned another page in the Book of Grudges.

Well that was awesome! It's been a long time since Z and I pushed around ranks of troops like this. I'm very much looking forward to adding in heroes and especially wizards into future battles.

We found a few things, particularly with unit construction, that need tweaking. They aren't issues with the rules, but rather they're things that become very apparent after having played once. Suffice it to say, the troop stats will be getting tweaked. Either way, it was a damn fine way to kill a couple of hours.

Off to Brunswick this afternoon for Star Fleet Battles - woo hoo! Be well and Good Gaming.

18 April 2016

More Six Mil Goodies

Cranked out a dozen more 6mm Fantasy stands over the weekend. Some Dark Elf Riders and Dwarf Warriors this time around.

For the record, 6mm Dwarves are damn tiny. I may have alluded to that in a previous blog posting. One of these days, some of these little critters will end up on the game table. I've got some rules I'm supposed to beta-test.

16 April 2016

Wing of Glory (Space Edition)

The Fam and I played a quick intro game of Wings of Glory WW2 this evening. We each took one of the four planes that were included in the starter bundle I got. Junior took the Spitfire, Cameron the Ki-84, my bride the FW190 and I was left the Mustang. Suits me fine, I'm a Mustang fan.

We rather amusingly played our game on our X-Wing space mat since it's conveniently 36" x 36" - perfect for WOG.

It was Axis vs. Allies and we deployed in opposite corners... we pick up mid-action

My wife's '190 chasing me down.

My silver beauty.

Little brother bests big brother! The Spitfire crashes into Hoth! Score one for the Axis.

My teammate had a TERRIBLE draw of damage chits.

Oh yes... akakakakak!

But a few moves later, I was caught between both baddies and bought the farm!

Mid game, this rotten animal thought it was a great idea to abscond with a dropped range ruler. Damage was thankfully minor.

First dadgummed game and already a chewed component. Gah!

We all had fun, Junior a bit less so.  My wife rather enjoyed it, so that's a nice bonus! I've got four more planes on order - this one will be seeing more table time for sure. I really should order a mat a bit more period-appropriate now.

Be well and good gaming!

13 April 2016

Just a Little Progress

I finished off some 6mm Imagi-Nation "Ottoman" musketeers this evening after what seems like ages. They really have been in the queue for a long time. I do feel good about getting a bunch of long-standing projects off the pile lately though.

Nothing fancy. Eight stands - it's enough for two units in Maurice. The minis are Baccus and the banners are aluminum foil, mounted on 1.25" square steel bases. I think I'm finally done painting these little buggers from "The East," but I do have a bag of "Reason" infantry still to come, as well as some campsite stuff. One of these days...

07 April 2016

Recent Stuff

I haven't had time for a real AAR this week and it's really starting to seem like I won't. That said, I have been up to a bit of gaming and painting so I'm just going to post a few quick pictures of what I've been up to.

Last Saturday evening, Junior finally broke out of his "Imperial Only" frame of mind in X-Wing and flew my Scum and Villainy crew. I got to use a gaggle of different TIEs and really fell in love with the TIE Punisher. It was a very entertaining game.

Sunday afternoon, David and I got together for Dystopian Wars at Morningstar Games. French vs. Blazing Sun. My French got whipped.

 First game for my medium bombers and boarding corvettes.

This sums things up nicely for my Frenchies.

And the straw that broke the camel's back.... I set up a nice bomb run with my two surviving bombers when one takes a critical hit that prevents it from using rockets and bombs and the other's attack was completely ineffectual. 

I apologize to David for being in a grousey mood. It was a really frustrating game.

I finally finished my Relthoza carrier and escorts from Christmas!
I'll get some better pics later. I threw some black magic wash at the whole lot (including the ones painted some time ago) and I think it's an improvement. You can judge for yourself when I take better pictures.

04 April 2016

Family Field Trip Saturday!

On Saturday the family and I went out to the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum in Pooler, GA, and then out to Travis Field, home of the 165th Tactical Airlift Wing. It turned out to be a terrific day of history and airplanes.

First stop, the Mighty 8th...

My bride in the atrium
 Child-sized bomb

1/72 airfield. I want to game on this!
Their pride and joy
 B-47 goodness

 Some neat stained glass in the chapel
 There are many of these memorials in the gardens. They tend to be rather attractive.

Truly sad
A very inspirational chess set

And then, on to family day at Travis Field...

 Louisiana sent some Eagles with cool tail flashes.

A B-52 from Minot, North Dakota was in town. Looks like they may have been busy recently with those markings.

My youngest at the controls of a MC-130 spec ops Herc

Ziggy in his work clothes, Bride, Junior and Curly

A dead-sexy T-38 traier
My far the best-painted aircraft, a Seahawk from the Airwolves down in Jacksonville.

Now THAT'S tail art!

Oh heck yes.
The Viper. Not sure if I like it or the T-38/F-5 more. The T-38 has that awesome coke-bottle waist.

Go Fasta!
We had a terrific time and even got a bit sunburned hanging out on the tarmac in the afternoon. We got to watch a Harrier do a slow-mo flyby including the requisite hover, turn, and bow. We took a quick ride up and back on the tarmac in a Polaris MRZR4 (I got to work the machine-gun). The best thing though - my kids seemed to gain an appreciation for our military. The movies at the Mighty 8th actually shut them up for a few minutes and made them think. If you're ever down this way, it's certainly worth the visit.