28 May 2013

Dystopian Wars Campaign Game 2

Well I got my second DW campaign game in yesterday (Monday) afternoon. For all of you readers not in the US, Monday was Memorial Day - a Federal holiday and most people have the day off from work. We actually had a really good crowd of DW players at Morningstar - six altogether so three games were being played while I was up there. Apparently, it was supposed to be an all-day event but I didn't get the memo and had to leave after my first game.

I drew Alan and his Russians for my second game. I've never played against the Russians before, but having read up on them a bit, wasn't really looking forward to it.

Anyway, my task force for the day was to be Crane Group, composed of
3 Cruisers with upgraded rockets
4 Frigates
3 Destroyers
3 Bombers
for a total of 565 points

The Russians had
3 Cruisers
1 Repair Thing
3 Destroyers
4 Bombers
4 Frigates
+ 3 small transports, 1 large transport and 1 frigate being escorted across the map
for a total of whatever that adds up to

You can see that Alan stacked all his stuff up on one flank.

Alan and one of his students (his assistant for the day)

An FSA player setting up to fight some Prussians

Ziggy's Brits getting worked over by the French, led by Bryan.

Early on my cruisers and destroyers fired quite a few salvos of rockets at the Russian bombers since they were in range and easy to target. I managed to fireball one of them. The remaining three bombers would play no further part in the game.

The Russian convoy works its way around the edge. A wing of Blazing Suns torpedo bombers sank one of the destroyers and completely missed another.

My cruisers and destroyers criss-cross. My cruisers were never going to hold up against the Russian monstrosities at close quarters so they kept their distance and plinked with rockets. Klingon sabre-dancing has come full circle! I was fine with losing the destroyers, plus they couldn't retrograde and still fire at the enemy.

A couple turns later the Russian cruisers had come around the island. My second wing of torpedo bombers put a mighty hit on one of the cruisers but was insignificant because of the "Ablative Armor" special rule. My bombers also loosed a great volley of rockets which broke the ablative armor of another of the Russian vessels. I was muttering curses at this point. 

My bombers moved forward and took out another Russian destroyer. The Frigatskys and cruisers took care of my last two cruisers. My frigates made their move against the Russian repair vessel and sank it.

The end of the battle. Alan had some dive bombers take three of my four frigates. The bomb-run that could have happened in the next turn would have been fun, but at over 50% casualties for me, it was game over.

It was a pretty one-sided affair by the end. The last three turns or so, Alan was winning the initiative every time and just working the shit out of my cruisers. If I'd won initiative, I'd have been able to keep the distance up and stay out of range. I got plenty of fun kills, enjoyed myself and thought I played a smart game. Since he'd packed everything together and was escorting a convoy, I figured I was kind of screwed from the outset given the short-range power of the Russians. In retrospect, the bombers and TBs swamping the convoy wouldn't have been bad at all since apparently Russians have really shitty AA. Ah well, live and learn. Good game Alan!

24 May 2013

On-Topic Update!

I did have lots of lovely goodies show up this week so painting's been back on. My order from WarWeb arrived - some 15mm M26 tanks and African Irregulars. The original intent was to base them for AK47 but I'm tempted to base them individually. I'll get it figured out sooner or later.

The other arrival was Dystopian Wars stuff - a war gyro for me and two robots for Junior.

Making progress!

Stabbing Robots - ATTACK!

You can see the M26 hulls behind the bots. I hope to spend a good bit of time gaming this long weekend - Junior wants to play DW, so we can do that early Saturday and I have a DW campaign game Monday - and I've convinced Ziggy to play in the campaign so he ought to be playing Monday as well. I think Dennis is going to bring some board games over Sunday. Should be good for me! Y'all be good.

23 May 2013

Mid Week Off-Topic Post!

I do IT work. I babysit computers and end-users 9 hours a day. I understand that most people still regard computers as mysterious arcana and oft times I am regarded as some sort of sorcerer because I can make computers do what they are supposed to. I also get a lot of stupid requests from time to time. Stupid, as in, "the opposite common sense."

I got a classic request this morning from a lady who has had trouble faxing things in the past. Digest this for a little bit:
This lady, we'll call her "Stacey" since that's her name, can't send a six-page fax without killing our fax server and now she wants to send 4500 pages. Yikes! For those of you not "in the know," faxes are slow. Typical time to transmit one page is 35 seconds. This monster document would take approximately 43 hours and 45 minutes to send. I could drive it to Las Vegas in that much time, and stop for a few rests on the way.

Anyway, we found another solution. People never cease to amaze me.

20 May 2013

Dystopian Wars - Campaign Game 1

Sunday afternoon I met Michael up at Morningstar for my first DW campaign game. Apparently he's already played a couple missions already. We played "Scenario 1" in his campaign set up and I ended up with both a free Bunker and two small transports. For those who are not regular readers I have an Empire of the Blazing Sun navy / army. My scenario 1 force was Task Force Cherry Blossom (we had to create five lists using the 3000 point master list and assign them to specific scenarios before the games). My force was:
6 Frigates
2 Destroyers
2 Gyros
5 Bombards
(660 points)

Mike is using Kingdom of Britannia in the campaign - his list for this game:
1 Battleship
2 Cruisers
8 Frigates
2 Submarines
2 Bombers
(730 points)

The KOB deployment. Those two transports in the killing fields are "mine" and a good example of why playtesting scenario rules is important. We need to tweak their setup - as it was, they were just free kills for Mike.

My deployment. Two lines of frigates on my left, destroyers and Gyros right and bombards and torpedo bombers in the center. The silver TFTs are fighters and I also have a recon TFT attached to the 3-gun bombard battery.

Early going. The transports were sunk quickly by the Brit frigates. My frigate trains steam forward and left.

Things warm up a bit. The British bombers torpedo two of my frigates while my destroyers rain rockets down on a group of British frigates.

And then I stopped taking pictures for a little while. Suffice it to say, things moved around and ships blasted away at one another. My bombards turned out to be a fantastic investments and are world-class killing machines. My torpedo bombers gutted a British submarine and damaged another. We traded frigate losses and I lost a handful of tiny fliers.

Then, the camera came back out when I had a bombard take a pot-shot at the wounded British submarine. It was one of those mythical, often talked-about dice rolls but rarely seen. The Sasquatch of dice rolls. the SIXES NATURAL YAHTZEE!

The dice pose for a group shot.

Needless to say, the sub went straight to the bottom of the sea.

We finished off turn two and Mike did some quick math. He had lost 370 points worth of things which put him over 50% losses. By his campaign rules, I had just won. Woohoo! 

KoB losses - 8 Frigates, 1 Bomber, 2 Submarines
EoBS losses = 6 Frigates, 1 Destroyer, 1 Bombard

What to take away from that game...
1) Bombards are dead sexy
2) Big boats do not win battles. Killing the right things wins battles. I racked up a ton of points in easy-to-kill frigates. I've dealt with British subs before and Japanese torpedo bombers are the solution every time. The Bomber kill was just one of those "work on it until it crumbles" things that I really am no fan of, but it worked out so I won't complain.

Next game is going to be next weekend - Monday I think since it's Memorial and most folks are off work. Y'all take it easy!

16 May 2013

Just an update (edited)

I haven't done any painting this week - I've got a very bare painting station. It's been kind of nice. I'm still waiting for WarWeb to ship some guys out to me.

I have signed on to play in a Dystopian Wars campaign that Michael is organizing up at the LGS. Should be interesting - first games are this Sunday. With my horrific history in DW, it should be ugly! He's given the players 3000 points to put together five task forces - here's what I've taken:

Battleship 2 180 360
Ika 1 100 100
Cruiser 3 60 180
Cruiser w/ Incen 6 65 390
Frigate 26 25 650
Destroyer 17 30 510
Bombard 5 60 300
DFA-170 Bomber 6 60 360
Inari Gyro 2 75 150


We are only allowed 3 large capital units total and since most of the battles will be island-heavy, I figured the Bombards would be usable considering their long range and indirect-fire ability.

I'm also going to try to get in a game of DW with Junior on Saturday - we haven't played in a while and since we don't have a whole lot going on, it just seems like a good thing to do.

Good Gaming!

I had to change the list a tad since I don't actually own four Destroyers and several of my Action Groups had   four DD assigned to them. Haha. The perils of list creation while at work.

12 May 2013

AK47 Republic Revisited

Saturday was good. Went to see Iron Man 3 with the family and got in a higher than average amount of gaming. Ziggy and I played a couple of games of AK47 Republic. He put together a Communist force - apparently splitters from my Militia Campaign for the New Congress. We ended up fighting over some farms in the foothills. My force would be defending.

The battlefield. The stars are objective locations. The yellow and red box is Ziggy's deployment area.

My deployment. Probably waaaaay too far forward in hindsight, and not enough "on an enemy objective."

 Le Pupi
Hero of the People's Revolution

A turn or two in - splitter truck-mounted infantry unloads outside the settlement where my only unit awaits. 

 The two groups mix it up for a couple of turns. Ziggy's dice are atrocious, but by turn 4...

Both groups have failed enough morale tests to leave the table. Red markers are splitter kill markers, white markers are MCC kill markers. The MCC now has no units on the table.

I failed to get any reinforcements to start my next turn and I lost by default. If a players goes a full turn with no troops, he loses. It was a good, quick game - Ziggy learned the basics and we had plenty of time for a second game after picking up some hot wings for dinner.

Game 2

I put together a new army list for the next game - pretty much just to try something different. I used the "Colonial Settlers" list and took some higher-end equipment and troops. The Political Maneuver chart treated me very well - I got to upgrade a unit to Professionals and got three free tanks! The Congress of the old Party Column would not be going away quietly - these old Belgian colonists were to to be trifled with.

My colonists were defending - I was fortunate and got two really good units from the outset; a Regular group of four armored cars and two tanks and a Professional group of two tanks, four infantry and an APC.

The Communists, emboldened by their earlier victory at the farms, pushes on to evict the Belgians. 

The unit of professionals redeploys to protect the left-most objective. An armored car has been taken out by a mortar round.

Zig's fifth unit arrives in the back corner - a tank and two trucks carrying eight infantry.

The professionals have redeployed and routed the militia that was advancing through the fields in front of them. I'd been picking on that unit with nominated morale tests from the outset, and tank guns firing at them just makes things better.

My armored unit continued its exchange with the mortars and militia. In the end, the recoilless rifle accounted for one of my armored cars and the mortars bagged two. They failed two morale tests (compulsory and nominated) and departed the field. On the plus side, the militia horde also fled.

I, at long last managed to get a reinforcement unit in - a large group of militia infantry.

 While the communist mechanized company mixed it up with some Belgian army regulars.

The Belgians mopped the floor with the communist insurgents. They did lose a tank and one stand of infantry, but their morale held. 

With that, time expired on the battle. The Colonials (me) won handily. Professionals are pretty hard core. It was another very enjoyable game and I'm still really enjoying AK47.

After that, Ziggy, Dennis, Junior and I played a couple games of:
No, no... not that one...
Munchkin - I won the first game, then the Dennis and Ziggy Alliance conspired to not let anyone named "Christian" win the second game. I damn near did anyway.

Y'all be well!

08 May 2013

Happy Wednesday

Hi all. Still working on two refurb halftracks and two kubelwagens. I quickly did up some "fording points" for my river sections yesterday while waiting for paint to dry.

They're on those plastic blank ID cards I snagged from work - HR had a box of about 1000 that wouldn't work with their badge printer. They'll work well with my river sections - I can slap them down anywhere when necessary - no purpose-built river sections with shallow areas for me!

I'm going to (hopefully) try Ziggy out on AK47 this Saturday. Woo hoo!

06 May 2013

Truckin', got my chips cashed in...

I painted up a couple of deuce-and-a-halfs yesterday for AK47 or Flying Lead. Models are Battlefront (spit).

Yeah, you like that awesome blue truck don't you?

04 May 2013

AK47 Republic

Mike came over Saturday evening for a game of AK47 Republic, on the recommendation of Trebian over at Wargaming for Grownups. This was the first game for AK47 for both of us and we used FOW minis since we've got plenty of them. I used a force of the Militia Campaign for the New Congress - the communist opposition party in Litumsia. Mike was using a force belonging to the Dictator of Litumsia.The Dictator's forces were defending an airstrip and the surrounding area in the highlands of Litumsia.

The MCC forces were fortunate during the political maneuver phase and gained a huge allotment of militia which ballooned one of my units up to being 24-strong! I also got two free tanks thanks to some Cuban "advisors," they were added to a "mechanized infantry" unit composed of lots of jeep-mounted infantry.

After a turn or two, our armored cars managed to tear eachother up, the Dictator's force lost two cars and the MCC also lost their two which had recoilless rifles.

Dear Leader's tanks continued to pound the mass of humanity heading up the airstrip with their guns. Combined with "nominated" morale tests, the large unit was on thin ice quickly. Those two green buttons indicate two lost morale points.

My towed guns arrived in the far left corner, immediately capturing the turnip patch objective. My armored cars stayed hidden behind the trees and the better-quality infantry moved through the village, but the huge unit of militia again took a few hits from the tanks.

And the militia rabble evaporated.

That's a lot of casualties in just a little time.

A lucky shot from a mortar takes out one of Dear Leader's hated tanks. The mechanized group arrives in the upper right corner. The Dictator still hasn't gotten any reserves. It's just his two WW2 refurb tanks versus four groups of the MCC's finest!

Things all of a sudden turn ugly for the MCC forces. Three government AA vehicles arrive at the end of the runway, ready to gun down the brave rebels.

The jeep-mounted infantry dismount and capture the orchard. Food is critical! The guns have a firm grip on the other objective.

The rebel infantry spreads out with the threat of the AA guns imminent. The government shooting is atrocious though and there are no casualties! A rebel mortar manages to pin one of the AA vehicles.

And with that, the game ended. The only sixes Mike could roll were for turn countdown rolls. I let him take the AA vehicles late in the game just because he was getting so screwed by the dice. Regardless, the game was a blast and I am really looking forward to playing more of this. Mike seemed to really enjoy it too, as well as he could anyhow given the behavior of his dice rolls.