29 July 2012

Flames of War

So I got that game in with Alex today. Turns out he's a real good guy, just out of Basic Training so that was a fortunate meeting. We played a 1500 point Mid War matchup, both of us taking lists from Eastern Front. He used a Panzerkompanie with 3 PzIVG, 3 PzIIIJ (early), Panzergrenadiers and a recon platoon on motorcycles. I used Guards Motostrelkovy, the list follows:
Eastern Front Motostrelkovy Battalion
HQ (2 rifle teams + commissar)
Motostrelkovy Company (1 platoon)
Motostrelkovy Company (1 platoon)
Medium Tank Company (5 T-34 obr 1942)
Light Tank Company (5 M3 Stuart)
Heavy Mortar Company (6 120mm Mortars + observer)
Light Armored Cars (3 BA-64)
Limited I-153 Air Support
1500 points on the nose

We played a Dust-Up and I ended up with the first turn.

The two infantry platoons set up camp around the objectives.

The Stuarts zip off to the far side of the battlefield to get a bead on the objectives and force the Germans to lose focus.

You can see that the German commander set up to defend against the Stuarts. Also note that my I-153s took out one Mark IV and bailed another!

The planes come back for a run against the infantry knocking out a team.

And the Stuarts surround the German company commander. The Stuarts failed to find their mark.

And were quickly punished for their bold maneuvering. The platoon's morale held and they stayed in the battle.

On turn five, I got two reserve units - bye-bye company commander!

The BA-64s arrive - time to make my move. There's no point in waiting for the German reinforcements to arrive.

The assault goes well by the T-34s, I did end up with a bogged tank but the Germans failed their tank terror test and ran off, leaving me with the objective. 

Alex's very well-done recon bike ride in towards my infantry.

My heavy mortars get a great barrage on a Panzer IV contesting the objective and brew it up! 

It was getting dicey now. He uprooted one of the infantry teams to move it withing 4" of the objective. Blast! I was going to win it!

The two remaining T-34s throw caution to the wind and attempt to run off the pesky infantry. One tank bogs down in the cabbage patch and the other fails to hit (I forgot Wide Tracks - just remembered as I was typing). The Germans get loads of hits and double-bail the bogged tank. It fails its motivation test and is captured. The other tank fails to counterattack and subsequently fails a platoon morale roll and flees.

I conceded with that, having lost both tank platoons, I would have a hell of a time dealing with his remaining Panzers and forget trying to capture an objective! I had a great time with a very fun opponent. I'm looking forward to our next match. 

Until next time...

24 July 2012


I got an email from a guy named Alex yesterday who just got stationed at Ft. Stewart looking for FOW players in the area. He found me through the WWPD player locator. Cool. Assuming there are no hiccups we should get in a Mid-War 1500 Sunday afternoon. Yay! I'll probably use an old Motostrelkovy list from a tournament some time back. It's a fabulous list with a classic "me" kitchen sink approach to list building. Loads of tanks, good troops, heavy mortars, recon and biplanes.

Didn't get jack done over the weekend. A little bit of painting, but nothing noteworthy and the only gaming I did was World of Tanks. (I did manage a 6-kill game though!)

19 July 2012


I've got some antagonists for Project 1960 finished up! Of course my initial idea was to pit moon-men against the National Guard in Anytown, USA but when I saw these guys on the shelf at Morningstar, I just had to. They'll work very nicely as radioactive giant bugs terrorizing the town and surrounding farms. I'll try to organize a game of Flying Lead this weekend to let them work out their insect aggression.

I can't remember what brand minis the ladybugs are and for insects, they seems to have a large number of teeth and a low number of antennae. Oh well!

18 July 2012

Go Ahead, Laugh

One post after saying that I don't need to buy any minis for a while, I just ordered some 15mm critters from Splintered Light. I've been eyeing HOTT for a long time and finally pulled the trigger on making an army. More as it happens...

16 July 2012

Do Over

Ah... stripping and re-painting models. I think we've all been there. I've been putting off the giant lot of US Paratroopers that got fouled up by the USPS for months now and last week got to work on re-doing them.
The DIP! Simple Green cleaner - 24-48 hours minimum to loosen paint. Clean 'em with an electric toothbrush.

The fruits of my labor. Some nice clean metal to work with.

I used to paint FOW stands on the stands rather than individually. I'm going to do this lot one at a time. Better access to details and it seems to be a bit quicker.

Some "done" guys.

This collection will get sold when they are done. EBay, someone local... who knows. I don't have any interest in playing them. I'm sure I will as soon as I part with them.

At least I don't HAVE to buy stuff to paint for a while.

Oh, this is post #50 on my blog! Congratulations to me!

13 July 2012

Junior Paints!

So, as I mentioned previously, my son was painting a Churchill tank. He's finished it and aside from a lack of markings (no decals) I think he did a bang-up job. It's certainly on-par or better than a lot of the slop-and-go paint jobs I see at the game store. Damn fine for a 9 year old, damn fine for a 29 year old!

Of course now I suppose I'll be funding two mini-painting habits...

12 July 2012


I picked this next lot up at Bull Street Station - a model railroad shop in downtown Savannah - a few weeks ago. I've been after some cheap livestock for a while and 19 plastic sheep for $5.25 was a deal, especially in gaming terms. I got no non-combatant figures (unless you ask Zig, he'll say all of my armies are non-combatants) and the sheep will work nicely as decorations or as targets for radioactive monsters.

09 July 2012

Finishing Stuff

Well, I managed to get a few things knocked out over the last day or so. I'm going to do my best to stop buying more stuff until I get my pile of stuff in order. That being said, I really want to plunk down on the spacemen for Project 1960 but they can wait since I got the giant Ladybugs.

Speaking of Project 1960...
The M46 Patton


A squad of National Guardsmen and a Mutt with a Recoilless Rifle.

Not terrible. Glad to have them finished.

The other things that "got did..."

Monsters Menace America missiles done up for Shipwreck.

I started helping my son assemble a 15mm Churchill this afternoon - he likes them from World of Tanks. He and I have been playing it a good bit lately. He's mainly been using a KV-1 and I a T-34, although we do switch it up. 

05 July 2012

July 4

Re-organized my crap collection much to my wife's delight... I really should have taken before and after pictures.

I did manage to convince Zig to come by for a test game of Task Force Zeta. We played the basic 1 v 1 mission out of the basic rules just to get a feel for it. He used the Ramsey, I the Ochakov. Short story shorter, I got pummeled. The game plays well but my initial thoughts are that weapon range is way over-priced compared to ship speed. What's the point of having a much better range than your foe if even a very run-of-the-mill ship can close the gap without blinking? This rule interaction will certainly affect the way I construct ships once we get into that. Anyway, here are some pictures...

Apparently my phone / camera didn't feel like focusing on some of the pics I took. Fun game... looking forward to some retribution...

03 July 2012


Part of this post is selfishness. http://wargaminggirl.blogspot.com is giving away some minis in a drawing to mark her 6-month mark active in the blogosphere. People who mention her on their blog get an extra tickie in the drawing. Here's lookin' at you Tamsin!

I was thinking about my all-time favorite game today, Blood Bowl. Now, I have retired from BB and will never play again. I sold all my stuff and have no desire to revisit the pitch but it is easily one of the best board games ever devised. I played from the Fall of 1995 up until a couple years ago, and won the Fall 1997 Comic Box Blood Bowl Championship with the Horus' Heresies Chaos team. I also played in one other title match against Chris Hodgkins and lost to him - I used Chaos Dwarves (The Miskatonic University Fightin' Cephalopods) that season. One of my favorite Blood Bowl pastimes was coming up with player and team names. Here's a list of some of my favorite player names from over the years:


Dr. Everything'llbealright
Mack The Knife
The Gooch
Tito Punkarelli
El Nacho Man

Mandible Jack
Willy the Whip
Winged Evil
The Black Gorilla
Captain Danger
Dust Mite Assassin
Koko The Terrible
Mr. Creosote
Angus VonCucamunga
Wonko the Sane
Jack Burton
Big Dick McGee
Great Garbanzo

Mr. Roboto
El Porko
Tangerine Speedo
Necro Dude
Steele Growle
Kid Block
Buckaroo Banzai

Three Dollar Bill
Cap'n Wacky
Sly Fox
Lunchbox Jones
Black Vulcan
Mean Joe Idaho

Fuente Fuente
Rocket Surgeon
Tony Suzuki
Guy Karate
Jay Ram
Catcherbot 2000
Arturo Fuente
Gamma Bomb

Some are better than others, and some of the best aren't even there because they died messy deaths. Back in the late 90's I used to write the league newsletter, The Blitzer. That was a blast, if for no other reason than many of the players believed that if I spoke highly of a team, it would curse them - the "Blitzer Curse!" Playing Blood Bowl up at Comic Box (Savannah, Georgia... sadly closed up now) on Saturday afternoons (and some Sundays!) was some of the most fun ever had gaming. Ever. By anyone. Anywhere. Manuel Moriera. Ziggy. Matt Billman. Sammy Cook. The Anderson Twins. Spackle. Skittles. Eric Tucker. VanDiver! Matt Saint. Randy Thompson. Submariner. Peabody. Josh Schultz. JAMEY LUIKART! LTC Ken Luikart, USAF. Tom and Thomas. Which is which? Heidi. Chris Hodgkins. Bruce and Troy Hyde. Dumb kid luck. Whoever that jerk was with the Knightmare of Khorne. And last and best of all, Richard Hyde. The Commish. Anyone I missed, and that's a lot of guys and a few gals.... Praag Tigers anyone?.. sorry, I may not remember your name right now but I remember you. Maybe I'll post and old Blitzer on the blog one of these days..


01 July 2012

Flames of War

OK, so I finally got a go at Third Edition FoW today. I haven't been shy with my feelings towards Battlefront  regarding a new rules edition but with the freebie v3 book, I decided to give it a go. Zig and I met down at Morningstar Games Sunday at 1:00 for a 1500-point Late War game. Alan and others were supposed to be there as well but we ended up the only two FoW players, one table of DW and a bunch of 40K (I guess the new edition of those rules was just release.

I used Brittany Rangers from Turning Tide - one of my favorite lists with the assortment of "stuff" it has access to, and Z used Fortress Europe Panzers. My list was a little bit of everything, I do like the "kitchen sink" approach to list-building, and Z took two hands-full of Panzer IVH and a single Tiger II. I set up the scenery before Z arrived and we decided to play a Dust-Up since he hadn't played it before.

A blurry picture of my deployment - mortars, two Ranger platoons, a 105mm FAB and Tank Destroyers (security detail only)

Zee Germans. Four Mk IVs and a Bengal Tiger further to his right. His Company Commander would also deploy  with the Mk IVs.

Having done this before, I just started scooting around with my TD security group and the FAB's OP. The mortars and Rangers simply tried to dig in. The FAB also missed their big chance to dig in. 

Aircraft got much nastier with the rules update - they automatically range in on teams in the open. Z's Hs129's had no trouble locating my artillery battery and strafed them badly, destroying two gun teams. Sadness.

In response, the artillery which surprisingly unpinned and a flight of P-38s both hammered the Panzers which had advanced to the center of the battlefield, destroying one and bailing out two others. I left my P-38s at home so they were played by my airplane die.

His Panzers decided the P-38s were a little too dangerous and since my TD group was in a pretty good spot to open up on them, they backed off the hill.

I eventually got one lousy reserve platoon in, and I selected a Ranger platoon, bringing them in on my back edge. I was hoping for multiple platoons, but it wasn't to be. The TD group huddled together with them to provide some token AA cover which turned out to be timely. The 129s returned and took a run at those Rangers. The .50 cals on the Jeep and M20 actually both hit the plane but didn't damage it. The plane on the other hand, eliminated two Ranger stands. Somewhere in that same timeframe (turn 5 or 6), the blasted 129s also finished off my artillery battery.

The following turn, I got two reserve platoons, and took the other Ranger platoon and my M4s, flanking up the side to deal with the Tiger. The Rangers which had just been strafed unpinned and double-timed forward, I felt same in doing so with the paucity of Germans in the immediate vicinity and the mass of Americans bearing down on the Tiger. 

The Shermans got a couple of flank hits but couldn't damage the monster and the Rangers close enough to assault failed their Fearless tank fear test and stayed put. Nice. The Tiger responded by spinning its turret and taking three shots at the Shermans killing two and bailing another. The Panzer IVs started heading that direction seeing their companion in big trouble. Other Panzers had arrive from reserve and also headed towards the cabbage field.

The highlight of the game, and my career using M4 Shermans for that matter, occurred in the next turn when The lone M4 which was not bailed got behind the Tiger II. Two stabilized shots later and the Tiger was no more. I've killed Tiger IIs twice before, in assaults using Bazookas but this is the first time I've taken out Zig's and the first time I've done it in the shooting phase. 

The Rangers employed the "shooting was to successful" rule to get up to the objective, the TDs popped out of hiding and the rest of my force on that side moved up. Panzers started to get close enough to be a problem.

The Panzers began mowing down Rangers in the cabbage patch - apparently the ground was much too tough to dig into. The Tank Destroyers took their toll on the Mk IVs, as did the Recon patrol's armored car. Before the game ended, the silly M8 Greyhound accounted for two Panzer IVHs! That's easily a career game for that thing and may be in contention for best ever game for one Greyhound. 

The remaining Sherman, TDs, M8 and Panzer IVs traded shots for a couple turns with much destruction and bloodshed. I believe it was the beginning of turn 12 when I had one team from each of those Ranger platoons left within four inches of the objective and his closest Panzer was 4.1 inches away. I failed the first "all alone" test but passed the second one, narrowly giving me the victory, Pyrrhic certainly, but a solid 4-3 regardless. 

It has been a very long time since I played a 1500 point Late War game and was pleasantly surprised with it. We normally do 1750 for LW allowing for more gadgets but 1500 really tightens things up. Third edition rules have a lot of badly needed improvements and changes and I'm OK with it, even though I'm still mad as hell about new army books, etc. I think the plane rules are nothing but a ploy to sell more AA vehicles. ;)