31 January 2019

Gaming Con! *Rapier 2019*

     February 8th and 9th I'll be heading down to Jacksonville, Florida for Rapier 2019. It's a fun little gaming con that I've been attending for a few years now. I'll be heading down early on Friday to play in the Blood and Plunder tournament Friday afternoon and will be hosting a Star Fleet Battles game Saturday afternoon.

     For B&P I'll use my South Americans (Hovitos). There's a lot to be said for simplicity and the way I set them up, they'll be easy for my old brain to manage in a tournament situation. I tend to put tournament X-Wing lists together in a similar fashion. The less I have to remember, the better off I am. Either way, it should be fun!

     The SFB scenario will be one I came up with a few years ago that we played in December of 2015. It's low-powered and doesn't require a lot of game experience so casual players won't have too much difficulty joining in.

     We may also play Frostgrave on Saturday morning if we can find a spot. If that doesn't pan out, it'll be Battletech for me!

My brother in law is printing this Belloq miniature for me. The Hovitos will have a proper leader!

27 January 2019

Gotham By Night - Batman Miniatures AAR

It was a quiet Saturday night in Gotham... quiet for Gotham City anyway. Rose and Digger had just found what they were after in the Mercy Pharmaceuticals building when the alarm sirens started blaring. That could only mean that the cops weren't far behind.

It WAS a quiet Saturday night...

Ravager and Captain Boomerang had to get out of the building, past the SWAT team. The SWAT team had to stop them.

Four GCPD are in.


Boomerang knocks down the SWAT guy with a lucky hit! He's down but not out though.

Rose Wilson darts around the corner and gets the drop on officer Rob.

They didn't train for boomerangs in Riot Shield 101!

Ravager is having a very tough time with Rob in the hallway.

Bill surprises Boomerang with a blast from his shotgun! a lot of drywall is wrecked but the Captain is unhit!

He takes the opportunity.

Meanwhile, Jose has caught up with Rob and Ravager.

Bill is in hot pursuit!

Rose finally lands a telling blow. Officer Down!

Digger's got nine lives!

Ravager starts to live up to her reputation and deals a nasty injury to Jose.

Boomerang darts through the door to the sound of the shotgun clicking on empty.

Rose, realizing how much time's been wasted, makes a run for it.

Only to run into a very irritated Officer Bill!

Jose catches back up with the sociopath.

And quickly regrets his action. As he starts to fade out, he can hear more sirens outside.

That was a damn fine game. Capn'n B got away and Rose is in for a bad time. Maybe we should follow this up with a mission to bust her out?

Next time, on Gotham By Night....

Some Minis and Furniture

Two weeks later he gets around to posting again....

I've been busy with other things and haven't done a tremendous amount of gaming and painting. Yesterday was a good painting day and I got a few things added to the "done" stack.

First up are these three. Two Frostgrave characters that have been on my painting table for roughly a year. They'd been half-done and yesterday got their walking papers. Catwoman, who was a Christmas gift, also gets to join her completed Gothamites in the BMG box.

Proving I didn't only paint the front halves. Catwoman's got a got a lot of very fine lines and was deceptively daunting for such a small model.

I also finished up some furniture for these guys. Most of it's laser cut MDF straight out of an old west saloon - tables, bar, piano and chairs. The sofas were appropriately-sized dollhouse furniture from Michael's craft store with a proper paint job.

Some nice additions to the collection. I'm itching to get in a game... maybe this afternoon?

13 January 2019

Yesterday's Work

Yesterday I began working on a facade. Yes, both meanings of the word. Months ago I made some interior hallways and rooms for Batman/Infinity. Haven't used them yet but that's beside the point. I've envisaged a scenario involving going in and out of a high-tech lab or similar and wanted the indoor and outdoor worlds to mesh. Thus, the facade.

It's 18 inches wide and 6 high. Suitably sized to indicate a larger edifice. I struggled with finding a proper way to decorate the front but as I'm typing this I came up with an idea, so that's good. Awnings are always nice, so I've included one. We've got a 32mm Rick Flagg there to put things into proportion a bit for you.

Here's a sample of what the interior looks like. Yup, it's flat, but terribly practical from a gaming and storage standpoint, not to mention they can be re-arranged into whatever layout is necessary. They're made of 12" vinyl flooring squares, cut to shape on my bandsaw. The notable missing pieces of this puzzle are 1) interior doors and 2) furniture. I'm working on doors that are just simple drop-ons. They'll be quite necessary for blocking hallways lines of sight. Furniture is a work in progress. I got those cool medical research tables for Christmas and will be collecting more "stuff" for sure!

06 January 2019

Very Brief AARs - Blood and Plunder

The first of my 2019 gaming got underway last evening with some Blood and Plunder. I had put two 100-point groups together as a training game. There may also be a B&P tournament in my future so I thought it prudent to test out the viability of the Indians.Pictures were few and far between as this was very much a learning session.

The first battle we played was "Raid." I was the attacker and had to get troops next to one of the two objectives in an expedient fashion while running off the defenders.

Our deployments. The French control the far left quarter of the battlefield and were protecting two boxes of loot.

My warriors got to embarrass themselves in close combat with some French sailors.

My chief's unit (lower left) pelted the Boucaniers (green circle) relentlessly reducing them till they were combat ineffective. Zig redeployed his Filbustiers to support them and when he did, I moved a unit of warriors up to threaten the rear objective.

A turn later, that group of warriors was on top of the back objective and all the French could do was watch. Game 1 - a handy win for the tribe!

After dinner, we played a second game, this time "Control the Field." There were three objectives and to score, you had to control two at the the end of a turn.

The coca plantation was a killing field. My arrows were terrifically lethal and Z's big unit was decimated in short order. From that point, it was essentially a game of hang-out and wait.I won the second game handily, causing over 50% casualties while only losing two my own.

I know dice rolls are what they are but I was damn impressed by the performance of my Native American rabble. They were fun to use and quite effective considering their primitive equipment. I'll almost certainly use the same group at Rapier. My mind can't handle lots of special rules and having three identical squads makes it easy on me.

01 January 2019

A Few More Scenery Bits

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your NYE was fun and drama-free. Mine was nice and relaxing.

I picked up a few scenery odds and ends on Miniature Market a week or so ago and painted them up over the weekend. They'll be useful additions for both Infinity and Batman.
Some creepy high-tech OR tables. Good atmospheric pickups for scientific research facilities.

 Some generic power generators or what have you. They'll be good for any scale.

And some "futuristic" 55 gallon drums. The green markings on the narrow sides are molded in. I added the yellow markings on the wide sides. They're inverted 14th Panzer Division markings to add a bit of visual interest.

With all the new bobbins, the next skirmish game should have a nice look to it. Be well!