29 March 2015

HOTT Friday Evening

Wifey and I played a couple games of HOTT Friday evening. Because I play so infrequently, every game of HOTT is a learning experience. It was still a fun time even though a few mistakes were made.

The first game featured my Narnian good guys facing the Halloweenies.

Our set ups. A river ran through it. I was the attacker.

King Peter led the Fauns up the road through the woods. The scarecrow knights formed a greeting party on the other side.

Due to a clerical error, Peter was ensorcelled. I didn't realize until later he couldn't be targeted since he was in front contact with an enemy. He also shouldn't have been "frogged," he should have been removed from the board entirely.

In any event, I rolled a "6" and got to bring him back on my next bound. Another mistake - he should have been placed back against the stronghold. The spear-fauns held up well, running off the scarecrows.

Pete didn't hold up nearly as well, rolling a 1 against the scarecrows and getting himself killed. Game set and match.

When it boils down to it, the Magician error really didn't affect the outcome - it simply delayed it a turn.

Since that game took very little time, we had another go. I used Junior's WW2 Soviets this time and my bride stayed with her Spooks.

Again, I was the attacker. 

She rolled a "6" right off the bat and summoned Grave Digger, a god.

As much as she wanted to sit back and play defensively, I convinced her that Mr. Digs was best used offensively, so she relented and destroyed my artillery in short order.

Digs moved onto my KV-1, the behemoth general.

The rest of my rabble was getting offensive - 5 warbands up the middle and two riders on the left. I cheated by having my Yak-9 airboat flank Grave Digger, even though it put my aerial unit in a BUA.

As my warbands closed, I suggested that her knights engage me OUTside the woods so the punkheads did just that. Her rat hordes synched up and also attacked me. I split one of my riders off to assist my general against the god.

Minor cheating by me. Since the tank wasn't behind the god's back edge I shouldn't have engaged it like that. It backfired terribly anyway. You'll also notice that I killed off the rats and pushed back the knights (forgetting to pursue : /  )

The witch eases off the stew and joins the fray. A unit of knights has broken free and engaged my tank I cheated with earlier. 

Grave Digger tells the airboat where to go (the behemoth had been pushed back prior) and the knights kill off my riders easily. Feh.

Finally she rolls a "1" for PIPs. Good gravy that took forever. I really thought Things were swinging my way now. I wasn't doing math in my head though - art (3), riders (2), wb (2) - 7 dead.

The witches and some scarecrows keep working on my airboat as another unit of knights charges into my last rider. My warbands had managed to kill off a knight unit a turn prior! You'll also see the rats had returned.

She really liked this picture.

Similar activity against my beleaguered airboat.

The knights brought down the airboat (illegally since she shouldn't have been allowed to engage it) and the witches zzzap a stand of riflemen, bringing my losses to 12. Game over. : (

Some altogether different mistakes that time through! It was a much more closely fought affair - I actually killed a couple of stands. We were going to play a third game but that's going to require a rain-check - we had a lot going on Saturday to prepare for. Wifey really liked the games and wants to play more, so - her words - she can become proficient - at it. Sweet. She mentioned a farm animal army, so I've got a project to get cracking on.

25 March 2015


Not much gaming going on lately. My weekends have been busy with other things. This weekend I'll be camping with the Cub Scouts. My wife and I may play a game Friday evening - it'll probably be AK47 Republic or Dystopian Wars. AK47 should be an easy sell - she kicked my ass last time. President Johnson has waited long enough for revenge on the MCC. Plus, the new tanks need a christening. I got an OH-6 Little Bird in the mail yesterday - I may also be able to get it ready too. I put it together last evening and have gotten it 80% painted.

My buddy David is now teasing WWII Micro Armor. Actually I think he wants to use Pico Armor. I'll have to see how far he gets but it's exactly what I don't need, another genre. Granted, I've been wanting to do a WWII army in 3 or 6mm. I'd rather do 6mm, since then they can do double duty with James' Mega Blitz. I've never done a British army in ANYTHING so perhaps this will be a first for me.

You be well and I'll be sure to post a bat rep for whatever we play Friday.

18 March 2015

Recently Painted - Dystopian Wars Christmas Stuff!

I had a surprise day off today, taking care of my wife who'd had her wisdom teeth pulled. It gave me a lot of time to finish a large selection of Dystopian Wars stuff that's been in the queue for a while. Ziggy gave me the fliers for Christmas and the frigates and blue carrier were Christmas presents to myself. Three and a half months isn't too slow, is it?

 The lot. Three scout ships, six frigates, a carrier and a hybrid flying carrier/battleship.

The Tourbillon sky fortress.
 Two of the Furieux. I am most pleased by how these came out.

 The Couronne.

Lyon Frigates.

The other side of big nasty.
Another angle of the frigates to prove I painted both sides of them.

Very much looking forward to getting this stuff onto the game table!

14 March 2015

StarDust - Back to the Void, Sailor!

Ziggy suggested we put the original StarDust back on the table - we hadn't played it in quite some time (11 months) and a game was long over due. I dusted off the scenarios I'd put together for Gnomecon 3. Work prevented me from demoing the game at Gnomecon 2014 so the scenarios never got played.

Scenario 1 is is based on one of my original playtest scenarios. The Orange Fleet (now crewed by the Dogs of SD:G fame) is hurrying to the defense of a star base which is in danger of attack by the foul humans (the Red Fleet). Orange Fleet must exit ships off the far end of the battlefield and the Reds must destroy as many as possible. Whatever Orange ships make it off are available as reinforcements for the second scenario - the star base attack.

Please forgive the blurry pictures. Apparently my phone's camera hates the black mat I use.

There's the initial setup. The Orange Fleet was good on numbers but it's important to remember that the Red losses don't matter - they don't affect the next game. Orange losses carry over to the next game.
The asteroid areas would drift at the start of each turn and any ships overrun by them might take damage!

Early on I advance with my frigates - their forward firepower is brutal. The destroyers and heavy cruiser angle for shots - their best shots are directly ahead centerline, so both left and right side weapons can both fire at the same target. I lost one frigate on the left and two were damaged on the right. One of the Earth Force destroyers was heavily damaged as well - it took a Massive Explosion crit which essentially disables it for the next turn.

A turn on - I decide to run the gap in the middle with my bigger ships. It's the quickest path for them. My frigates on the right move at full speed to get away from the Reds. They have no rear weapons so they must rely on fortune to survive. The frigates on the left run the Heavy Cruiser gauntlet and try to push through.

The Dogs managed to kill off the damaged destroyer. One of their frigates was critically damaged and surrendered, unable to stay in the fight. (the one with the red marker).

Hot destroyer on destroyer action. One of the Dog destroyers gets a wicked hit on an Earth destroyer. It's not often you roll that for damage!

And boom goes the dynamite! You can see that I've also lost a destroyer... sadness.

I knew it would happen eventually - the asteroids shifted and overran my ships. They also nabbed the Red heavy cruiser. All four ships got hit by asteroids and suffered some damage. Hitting asteroids is very dangerous because it shorts out shields for the rest of the turn!

Getting close now! The frigates in the corners would escape and make it to the next game - praise the Lord! The Reds focus their attention on stopping my well-endowed heavy cruiser.

Gah! Nasty Hits on both ships! Both are much easier targets now for the pursuing Reds.

Fortunately, the Escort did it's duty an attracted enough fire to allow the heavy cruiser to escape.The heavy cruiser fired back at the Red cruiser and finished it off just as it slid off out of the battlefield. The battle was over.

My survivors. Three frigates, a scout and the heavy cruiser. Not bad, all things considered.

Well that was quite fun! It was a blast re-visiting the game after so long and I was very pleased by how well it held up. The scenario was well-balanced, the ships are well-balanced and the game runs smoothly. What more could you ask for? I'm excited about the next battle - it has a star base and a handful of frigates defending against a human invasion fleet. I'll also get the survivors of this game as reinforcements part-way through. It oughta be interesting.

As an aside, I found a couple of typos and necessary clarifications in the StarDust rules so a 1.1 will be underway soon. I've also done work an entirely new fleet and developed some new weapons and special equipment so 1.1 will be solid upgrade.

13 March 2015

Battling Seizue Robots!

I did up a few vehicles for the StarDust Ground Robot Army over the last few days. I pinched some old 40K Tau Drones and MechWarrior mechs and re-based and painted the lot.

 A hover repair unit, a powerful battle walker and a repair walker.

 Six attack hover vehicles.

The herd. 

The hover vehicles are fast and should be pretty nasty against infantry. The repair units will be very necessary for the Robot Army as a whole. The big silver battle walker will add some needed "heaviness" to the Robots. I found two more on eBay for cheap and they'll be joining the cause soon enough.

Ziggy want to put the original StarDust back on the tabletop tomorrow, so the Dogs and Humans will duke it out between the stars in the next post! I've got two linked scenarios set up and a third SDG scenario depending on the results of the space battle. Should be cool.

Have a great weekend!

11 March 2015

StarFleet Battles at Gnomecon

Saturday evening at Gnomecon a group of us indulged in some Cadet's game SFB. We simplified the hell out of things, going as far as ditching Energy Allocation. All in the interest of speed of play and blowing crap up!

Mike setup an asteroid field "treasure hunt." Most of the asteroid clusters had nothing special in them. A few had 30-point mines. One (possibly two) had the stasis box "treasure" that everyone was looking for.

We did a random draw for ships. I got a Romulan KRB and was very happy with it. James Everett got a Fed CA, James Lee got a good ol' Romulan KR, Mark drew a WYN Sand Shark (hahahaha) and Mike got a Romulan War Eagle. That's an awful lot of Romulans!

Our table.

One of JE's very nice Rom KR-series. My ride du jour.

The layout. Mark's shitbox was in the far left corner.

We all moved out, sending out our shuttles in the search for the golden ticket. The purple ship and shuttle are mine. The light blue is James'. In Green is the Federation stuff and Orange shows Mike's treacherous backwater Romulan.

Mike is rather excited to find the shiny object of winning! Mark's wreck is idled right in front of him in the asteroids, knocking down his front shield which had already lost a bunch of boxes front the rocks.

One of my shuttles also finds something in the asteroids. Feh.

I quickly plot an intercept course.

 Mike pulls out of the asteroid field in reverse - his rear shield was still in good shape. The Fed alpha-strikes the War Eagle through the heavily damaged number 1.

And it is no more.

The stasis box is adrift. James drives his CA to it but goofs up and fails to hit the transporter. I pulled up right behind him and sent two F-torps at him to keep him occupied. being pursued, he couldn't turn to get the box.

Always the opportunist, I dropped my #5 and snatched the stasis box still chasing the Fed. We both zipped off the table in short order.

James really got the short end of the stick missing the box pickup. He still came in second, scoring 25 points for killing a ship (in one volley no less!).

I think everyone had a good time - I sure did. I know every-man-for-himself games are stupid and unrealistic but damn are they fun. There was very little combat, strangely. Mark and Mike traded a few shots, Mike fired off and S-torp at me to keep me away for a while, but I led it through an asteroid cluster and ruined it. We all took pot-shots at shuttles. There's no picture of it, but Mark and James both lost shuttles to the same mine as they were both hunting for the goodie in the same cluster. Classic.

They played a second game was played after this one but I had to leave unfortunately.

Another great Gnomecon SFB game - here's to more next year!