29 December 2018

Painted Christmas Shinies

Well that was quick! Zig picked up an OOP Infinity Loup-Garou box set for me for Christmas and I wasted precious little time getting them table-ready.

Two Viral Rifles, a shotgunner and everyone's favorite - the grenade launcher!

Behind them are some 3-d printed scenery bits that my wife gave me for Christmas. Suitably sci-fi "energy towers" or whatever you want to call them. They'll work fine for any scale and have a cool look to them.

I've still got some Christmas goodies in the queue... they'll show up here sooner or later. For now though, it's X-Wing for me today. Trying to squeeze in whatever I can before the end of the year. 😁

27 December 2018

2019 Gaming

Here's hoping that y'all have had a nice Christmas. Mine was pretty chilled and the downtime was quite welcome. Work has been a real summnabitch lately and it's taken a toll on me. The current project is very close to completion so maybe things will lighten up soon.

I'm not going to try to predict what I might be doing game-wise for the next twelve months, but there are a few things I'd like to scratch off the list!

 1. I'm going to keep working on 20mm Napoleonics. I've posted next to nothing about them on the blog mostly because the project stalled for a while. I did however finish off some Prussian cavalry and cannons recently and just received Prussian foot-sloggers in the mail yesterday. Maybe I'll have enough done to play a small game next year?

2. Play more Batman. I've collected a bunch and put together some good scenery pieces. It's a good game just screaming for scenario play, and I've got ideas for sure.

3. Get in some Blood and Plunder games. Now that I've got two armies, may as well get some use out of them. Like Batman, the game is oozing with character, just waiting to exploited.

4. Play a game of Malifaux. Hahahaha! I've got loads of painted gorgeous minis and still haven't given it a go. We'll see.

5. Play an X-Wing 2.0 tournament. I was gifted the XW2 starter for Christmas; I'd very purposefully been holding out, but I resolve to stop being a stubborn old fart and get with the program now. I need to throw down some cash on conversion kits so I can use my pile of 1.0 ships.

Ziggy and I have really gotten a kick out of Infinity recently so I imagine we'll continue with that in the months ahead. I'm looking forward to Rapier game con in Jacksonville in February. I'm very sad that there will be no Gnomecon in 2019. Excited about the Memorial Game Day Bash and the next Tanksgiving.

Be well and good gaming!

24 December 2018

Infinity - Christmas Eve Eve Eve AAR (and a couple of painted minis)

Ziggy and I put our Infinity toys back on the tabletop Saturday for a bit of the ol' shoot-em-up. We played the Nimbus Zone scenario out of the rule book.
The battlefield is laid out as shown above. The green and orange dots are objectives we both needed to have specialist troops interact with to score victory points. The map above translated to this on the tabletop:

That central area of the battlefield is the Nimbus Zone and essentially a fog bank that makes shooting attacks less effective. It can be disabled by shutting down all four of the beacons during the course of the game. Of course with only three turns, we'd be hard pressed to achieve that. 

The gang pose for their pre-battle picture. The battlefield was the edge of a town in the jungle.

The first kill of the game went to Montage. The Zouave bravely (foolishly?) stepped around the corner, sidestepped a rocket fired by the Pan Oceania bot-walker down range and loosed his own rocket into the bot! Scratch one flame-thrower droid.

Towards the end of the first turn, my Para Commandos arrived behind the PanO lines, causing a bit of havoc. Ziggy was displeased.

Equally distressing for me was the arrival of a Crusader Brethren behind my Briscards. His flamethrower made short work of the troops I sent to deal with him. Also in this shot you can see my Briscard sniper, Souffle. He'd been causing no end of trouble for the Pan O skunks. Between his excellent rifle and improved visibility, Zig's knights were truly on lockdown for the first turn.

The carnage in town continued.

Meanwhile, I'd scooted my Moblot medic up to one of the beacons and managed to shut it down (yellow circle). 

Souffle scores another kill. The flyboy with the damned flamethrower takes a dirtnap.

He's a real Frederick Zoller.

We were then treated to the ultra-close range shotgun fight through a window. Sadly, I got the short end of the stick, after umpteen attempts to hack into the computer failed! I'd have to be content with my single victory point - Ziggy still was on ZERO though!

My Lieutenant, Haricot Verts takes control of the situation and hoses down.... nope. He's also sent to an early grave by the blue dick with the shotgun. Criminy! That blue knight is absolutely killing me!

Meanwhile, Zig's hacker has put on her big-girl undies and run out to one of the beacons. Channeling Trinity, she dodges a few bullets and shuts it down. ARRRRRGH! We're tied. Zig has one action left.

Trinity II of course makes a mockery of my gunfire, cartwheels over to the nearest console, steals a few credit card numbers and it's game over. Although I had a few actions left, I didn't have any specialists which are required to score the objective points. Game over, Ziggy and the PanO knights win right at the end. 

Terrific game with some wild swings of fortune and plenty going on. We each had our heroes and losers - Zig's commander was gunned down in short order by the Sniper from hell and of course mine took a shotgun blast to the chest the first time he appeared. My Zouave with the one-shot rocket launcher continued his lucky streak and I think Zig's now infatuated with his flamethrower-flyboy.

It was a great Christmas weekend game and I'm very happy we picked the game back up and gave it another chance, it's been a lot of fun.

I did a bit of painting over the weekend too!

A mercenary hacker (left) for Infinity and Ravage for Batman. Ravage's face sculpt is a bit mannish, but otherwise, two very nice models which were fun to paint.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope Santa is excellent to you and that you have a relaxing, uneventful day.

12 December 2018

Blooding and Plundering

Like a bridge over troubled water...

 The Blood and Plunder minis finally made it onto the game table last Sunday! Mark brought his pirates over and I fielded my Frenchies. We played a Breakthrough scenario and it was decided that I would be the attacker.

Our battlefield. I was pleasantly surprised by how much Caribbean decor I could put out! I wish I had a few more of those buildings.

The deployment. I went heavy on the left with two eight-man units and two four-man groups on the right. The vile pirate commander had four 6-man units of suspiciously good quality. My goal was to move units into the enemy deployment area which in this case was 18" deep from his board edge.

Early on I start pushing units up the right side to encourage Mark to react. My Boucaniers quickly move into the trees behind the building.

Meanwhile the Filbustiers and Militia grind up the left side, slowly through the jungle they go....

And the Marins run forward and take cover amongst the barrels and crates. They're close-quarters fighters without muskets and need to get close to be a threat.

My unfortunate Bucs start getting pelted by the ghostly Freebooters.

The Marins take cover in the house.

And in short order, my right flank is a sad memory! Poor Bucs...

The Militia continue to push forward - I've got to make some progress toward my objective! The Filis have taken up a position to their right on the rise and prepare to fire at the pirates in the distance.

As the Militia continue to run forward, shielded by the trees, the Filis let loose a volley at the pirates dead ahead (marked by the white die) and take out three! What a tremendous example of long-ranged shooting!

I've got that flanking feeling as a group of pirates gets up behind the wall to the left and begins firing at my Filis. You can see that I ran my Marins forward, taking cover behind the well.... well, three of them got taken out but they were a fantastic distraction that kept my objective-scoring Militia in good health!

Another view of things after six turns.

The scenario is just six turns long, so we added things up. We were tied on strike points - 2 and 2. Mark had killed more of my troops so he earned the victory on kills. We both rather enjoyed the game and got a good feel for the mechanics and flow. I was a bit disappointed that we never got into a melee, but that gives us something to hope for next time! We did not use our leaders for anything besides decoration, so next time around we'll be sure to leverage their skills and abilities.