29 November 2012

My White Whale

Finished block #3 of these sumnabitches...

Onto block 4

The real ass-kick of that, 20 figures, is that they represent a mere 5 stands in FoW. Cinco. FIVE. A sawbuck. A five-spot. A Lincoln. I am going to be painting these damnable things for ever. I just know it.

I Spit My Last Breath at Thee

And that pretty well captures my feelings about the paratroopers. Can't wait to be done with them.

Be well all, good gaming. I doubt I'll get much gaming in this weekend. SEC Championship game Saturday and I'll be at Hooters watching.

28 November 2012

Is it too early?

So, 2013 will be here soon enough and since I'm on a self-imposed new toy soldier buying and painting ban (Christmas and all) I've been thinking about what is next. Now I say I'm on a buying ban but I have bought some Infinity and Urban War starter boxes for Junior and myself. They are all for Christmas and won't get played with or painted before then. Wifey has been asked to wrap my guys up for me. Both games are similar futuristic skirmish 28/30mm games. The Infinity models are just gorgeous while the Urban War game system seems a tad more friendly. Infinity's main rule book is also completely free - major bonus there. I'm really looking forward to painting up the guys and kicking the tires on both games.

Dennis and I both just picked up Mutants and Death Ray Guns from Ganesha Games - we're going to do that in 15mm. For now I'm just going to re-purpose my National Guardsmen or Greys but will probably add some man-sized robots to the Grey army. He's rather enjoyed the games of Flying Lead and Mutants and Monsters recently. MDRG is presented as a campaign-type game, much like Necromunda or Mordheim in a Gamma World setting. While we may give that a go, I imagine we'd play one-off games to start with.

OK then, shedloads of futuristic skirmish games for me then.

But I really do prefer mass-battle gigantic messes.

So what do I jump into in 2013? I'm seriously considering either 1/285 US Marines for Modern Spearhead or 1/600 1973 Arab-Israeli for MSH. I won't be venturing back to FoW. My Germans are gone and hopefully the Soviets will be joining them very soon. I've still got Rangers and a Mid-War German army. I don't know what I'm going to do with them. Maybe I can find someone local to take them off my hands. If anyone is interested, I'll provide pics - both are very well painted 1500+ point armies.

And on with some resolutions. I've got a month to get my act together. Here's what NEEDS to get done next  year (or hell, even in December!):
1) Paint the damned US Paratoopers and sell them.
2) Decide on a game to run at Gnomecon in April. On that note, my sister is getting married on April 20 so I'm only going to get one day (Sunday) at the Con.

And the list of things that will probably be on this same list next year:
1) Get more boats for Shipwreck
2) Paint the damned US Paratoopers and sell them.
3) Find some sucker to take all my FoW books off my hands for money.

Alright then, back to "work" for me. It's been really dead here this afternoon. No broken computers. No hovering boss. It would just take a low-ball of scotch and some World of Tanks to make things here perfect right now.

Good gaming ya'll! 

24 November 2012

Mega Mecha Update Extreme

OK, so it's Thanksgiving week and I've had the entire week off. I have been busy painting - mostly FoW US  Paratroopers from the shipping disaster of "earlier this year." The reason I've been painting them and not something much more interesting is that my micro-armor tanks didn't show up until Friday. 

I did sell the German FoW army. Yay. No plans yet on what I'll get to replace their toy soldier space.

I did finish of the West German M48s today. I'm quite happy with them:

I also finished up the pico-armor stuff I picked up for Mighty Monsters:

I really love their stuff - it is just so damn cute!

Which leads me to MIGHTY MONSTERS! Dennis and I played a couple games of MM this evening. Out first battle featured Destroyah versus Mecha Bot One. Dennis controlled Destroyah while I took the reins of Mecha Bot One.

The contestants

And the battlefield - Metro City

Dennis' critter hoists an oil tank and heaves it at Mecha Bot One. It flew harmlessly past the giant robot.

The two behemoths mix it up.

Destroyah kept up a combination of wing buffets and charge / body slam attacks.

But skillfully landed punches and kicks take their toll on the beast.

And Mecha Bot One eventually wore out the monster from beyond the stars.

And since we had plenty of time and nothing better to do, we played a second game! This time, Destroyah Junior came to Metro City One to avenge his father's butt kicking. The Defense Forces were alerted to try to halt the behemoth.
My forces arrayed along the bottom edge. We had to put some bridges in since the army dudes and D.J. needed some way to cross the water. I used 6 tanks, 4 APCs and one plane.

My forces inch forward while Junior wastes no time advancing on them.

The plane lands a beautiful shot on the monster with a rocket hurting it!

But Destroyah Junior isn't bothered much by the attack and continues his stampede through the Earth forces.

Stomp, smash, crunch

The jet makes another battle pass and lands another rocket on target! If it bleeds purple blood, we can kill it!

But it'll take another three armies. D.J. finished them all off. His thirst for revenge is slaked for now as he continues his search for Mecha Bot One.

Mighty Monsters was a hoot. Both fights were very good, although I'm here to tell you, if you play using the army, go in with a good attitude because your guys will die in droves. Who cares though, right? Have the army guys ever won a fight with one of those giant monsters?

Until next time, Good Gaming!

20 November 2012

Bonus Post

To apologize to the gaming Geekerazzi who had to suffer through my previous post about computer things, here are some pictures of the LTO tape cases which I have turned into gaming scenery.

And the one-armed warlock makes another appearance.

They will make fine LOS-blockers; a few catwalks will make for some even more interesting layouts. I'm ready to get my hands on many more of these cases.

FWIW, that was my 100th post. Not entirely sure why other bloggers like to go crazy about that sort of thing but there, it happened.

And there he goes... ranting again

Just want to get something off my chest. I'm an IT professional. I work on computers all day every day. I have since 1991. I am 40 years old and effectively an old man. Change isn't my bag. Let me reiterate, I am a PROFESSIONAL. I do not work for fucking Ziff-Davis or any other Symantec-whoring garbage magazine. My job does not entail writing 1000-word essays once a week on QuickBooks 2013 and why you need to buy it so your money won't get eCancer. I keep computers running. I help end-users find quick, effective solutions to whatever process is slowing them down in their work day. I am a professional troubleshooter who can think outside the box and manufacture a solution to any problem. I am not a Liberal Arts major who types short articles on a Macbook in Starbucks for a living.

I have read (apparently) one too many articles badmouthing Windows 8 and why it needs to be burned at the stake. The primary issue every idiot reviewer is having is the "Metro" or "Tile" interface. Let me show you what mine looks like:
Well, there's a neat little peek inside Ski's mind, huh? Unedited. Laid bare for you the audience. This screen is the replacement to the Windows Start Menu that ya'll know and love. I like the start menu too. The start menu is now a screenfull of tiles n' stuff. It was designed to be very touch-screen friendly.

Part 2 of the argument:
Windows 8 has a traditional Windows desktop. Look at all the pretty little icons. Yet another astonishing peek inside Ski's life. Just like every other version of Windows since Win95, there are icons. My computer sits at this desktop ALL THE TIME. If I happen to need something off the Tile UI, I hit the Windows key on my keyboard or Ctrl-Esc. I do the same thing to go back to the desktop. My four year-old and my nine-year grasped this concept straight away. Not entirely rocket science.

In summation, things change, especially in this industry. Its high time the narrow-minded complainers move on from their truculent, foot-stamping tantrums and get on with it. I'm a curmudgeonly old son-of-a-bitch who a) notices and b) whines when someone moves my favorite paintbrush. If I can get on board with Windows 8, anyone can.
Rant mode off.

Any of my normal readers who have been bothered by my use of foul language during this post, I do apologize. I normally try to keep things a bit more civil around here as I'm sure you know. I promise my next post will have nothing to do with computers or lazy, unimaginative PC magazine article writers.

18 November 2012


Drum roll please...
An actual post about actual toy soldiers, painting and shooting things.

I woke up at three o'clock this morning. Couldn't get back to sleep so I gave up trying at 3:30 and have been up since. I watched Act of Valor. Damn that was cool.

With my painting area clear and back to being "mine" I got a bit a scenery work done. Thing 1 is / was a tower I built at least three years ago for 40K. My kids have employed it as toy-soldier scenery in the interim.  I'm really surprised that it stood up to their abuse as well as it did. It was bare balsa and foam-core the entire time so I gave it a coat of paint and now it is rather presentable.

With a One-Armed Warlock for scale. This'll be quite useful for Infinity.

The yellow thing in the background is an LTO tape case. We go through a lot of backup tapes at work and I have thrown out a shit-ton of these things, but Friday I had a flash of brilliance and decided they'd make great modular, stackable buildings. I snagged the 16 we had. The yellow paint is what amounts to primer.

I'll certainly post pics when I've made some actual progress on those. They will be very good for creating lanes and blocks. When I think about how many I've pitched I just want to cry. I think my tech up at the hospital may have a bunch though, I need to find out.

My tanks did not show up yesterday. *weep*  I have this whole week off from work - so hopefully they show up tomorrow and I'll have something to keep me occupied for my vacation week.

17 November 2012

Germans for Sale

Pictures of the FoW Germans I have for auction on eBay.

If you're interested, EBAY