28 October 2015

StarDust Ground AAR - Dogs N Bots!

I broke out my 15mm sci fi game Sunday afternoon and played a game with David who had not played it yet. I put together two similarly sized forces using the Robot Army and the Space Dawgs. The Robots were due for some more testing and the Dawgs hadn't been matched up against them yet.

I laid out the terrain and deployed the troops, in the interest of saving time, and let David choose his force. He selected the metal militia and I used the canine corps.

My guys.
The bots.

We were set up in opposite corners, as hidden as I could manage, so troops wouldn't get picked off right from the get-go.

David moved his large hover bots forward early on. One of the Brawler tanks crushes one with a shot from its cannon. That was easy! 

I pushed my Predator walkers forward, toward the ruin occupied by one of my squads.

One of the elements of my command squad - the group with the purple marker by them - had gotten zapped quickly by a lucky shot. They moved back to cover and waited for help.

Help is on the way in the form of the walker squadron!

Meanwhile, the blasted Repair Bot gets to work on a damaged hover bot. 

The Brawlers turn their attention on the SuperBots in the grove and quickly shut them down! When Robots take an excessive number of hits, they shut down and go into repair mode. This is similar to morale for normal troops with some slightly different rules.

My Predators start to get involved on my right. The WarBots in the broken ground area start to lay down some fire though! Those small hover bots by the red building also make their presence felt.

The big silver monstrosities hit their jump jets and get a bead on my walkers! Fortunately, their aim is miserable and only one Predator is hit, his armor deflecting the shot!

But moments later they hit their jump jets a second time and are on top of my Predators which look puny all of a sudden! Luckily for me, their rail guns were just as off-kilter this time as they were previously! The pin markers were starting to pile up, but at least I still had units on the board.

I had to take advantage of the SuperBots who were shut down in the grove and assaulted them, destroying them. Unfortunately the squad who made the assault was shot to shreds by a robot gun line like the world has never seen.

Lots going on here - The WarBots in the middle moved into the building - needing to get their missile launcher to work against my tanks. My Red Claws assaulted the large hover bots but failed miserably. My tank and a squad of infantry on my left get moving to my right since that's where the fight is!

At my suggestion (since Dave is new to SDG), the RepairBot moves into close combat with one of my Predators who, laden with pin markers, is quickly cut down by the mechanical beast! Boooooo! The graphic ass-kicking rallies nearby robots and demoralizes nearby Dawgs.

Shocking embarrassment as one of my Predators can't take out a large hover bot in close combat!

Further shame as the hell-frisbee spins about and destroys the Dawg Walker!

I didn't get pictures of the center, but the robots infantry had suffered greatly and things were shaping up to be my tanks versus the robot big walkers - a very even fight. We called the game a draw. It had been a very entertaining afternoon.

I'm very pleased with how the game turned out - I'm quite proud of my creation and the rules and units held up well this time around, once again. One of these days I'll wrap it up into a published PDF, it's just that the process is very time consuming and that's been in short supply recently.

Thanks for the game David! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

24 October 2015

Zombieland 2015


Wifey and I went to Perry, GA this weekend for a 5k Zombie Run. It was also our wedding anniversary get-away. I'm not very exercise-y so a 5k involving running from the hordes is a bit of a challenge for Mr. Ski.

The facility was freaking awesome and the whole experience was top-notch. We got a bucket of pictures.

 The drive in - creepy.

My wife meets one of the locals early on!

Raccoon City's finest

Happy Zombie Apocalypse Anniversary, baby! 13 years. 

Fun with shadows.

 Yours truly. Obviously I was going for as tacky of a look as I could manage.

This poor kid actually cut himself on a prop-car's broken glass. Determining the fake blood from the real was a challenge for the paramedics.

Damn clown zombies.

 Army helos streak over. Their presence added a lot of ambiance. An old Huey and Cobra...

 We're off! Yes, that's velociraptor next to me. It was a very cool costume.

 300 yards in and I'm spent.

The subway tunnel was a major pain and I lost two of my ribbons in here.

 As I said, this place was awesome!

The Cobra makes another pass.

 A great zombie pair.

 After the run. I came up "infected" having lost all my ribbons. My bride "survived" with one ribbon!

 But was devoured by a horde moments later! HAHAHA!

A cool shot of the Cobra sweeping over the water section.

If you get a chance, do one! It was ridiculously entertaining. We'll definitely take the kids next time.

22 October 2015

Almost there...

The Grav Tanks are done, they just need to be based.

The whole gang

 The "Duster"

 The Red Guard's newest main battle tank - the "Nemo"

 The "Kardashian" view. I've put some squadron identifiers on these tanks - the yellow blocks on the tanks and the blue triangle on the AA tank. A little odd color is always a nice addition and I've always like the British WW2 tank unit markings.

Rear quarter view. Nice looking tanks...

The bases are indeed finished, I'm just waiting for the varnish to dry. I'll complete the project tomorrow since I'm taking the day off work.

21 October 2015

Grav Tanks, continued

I don't often do "work in progress" stuff so I thought I'd keep it going with the tanks this week. They're all painted and magic washed.

I did a fourth base for the AA vehicle this evening and found two Dystopian Wars acrylic pegs which were quickly turned into four pegs, replacing the cocktail straws I'd been using. They're all 1/8 inch diameter. Woohoo. The weird green "flags" are tape covering the clear pegs until they're completely painted. I also threw some sand on the bases so they'd be based more similarly to the rest of the Red Guard.

A further update tomorrow I hope!

Grav Tank update

Rather than waiting for a new gun for the grav tank, I decided the Red Guard could use an AA vehicle. I scratch-built a pair of gun barrels and mounted them to the turret in a decidedly "up" position.

Yeah, yeah, the barrels aren't true. I'll work on correcting that. I also added a small antenna to the top of the turret to break up the smooth silhouette. It'll be a welcome addition to the Red Guard forces.

19 October 2015

Work in Progress

I ordered some more 15mm sci-fi tanks last week. I haven't added much to my collection recently and thought the Red Guard could use some reinforcements. I picked up these lovelies from RAFM:

I ordered the box of four and was shorted one gun. Hopefully, I'll get a replacement shortly.

In the meantime, I've got a squadron of three in the works:

I mounted some magnets in the hulls and turrets to keep things together on the tabletop.

The bases are (obviously) very home-made. Metal lowers with a wooden sandwich upper. The wooden bit was drilled through and a cocktail straw glued in the hole. The straw will be cut down later when it's time to actually mount the tanks.

More pictures as I continue making progress!

14 October 2015

Oh my... a video game update?

I picked up the very old video game Warhammer 40,000 - Chaos Gate a few months ago for cheap on Good Old Games and have been playing it off and on since. It's been fantastic and quite enjoyable.

I played a game the other night and one of my Terminators went nuts on the Chaos scumbags, doing nearly all of the work himself:

Twenty-one kills, including a greater demon, in close combat with a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield. That's getting it done!

12 October 2015

AAR - Dystopian Wars: Skirmish in the South China Sea

David and I got together on Sunday afternoon for a game of Dystopian Wars. It's been quite a while for David and at least a month or two for me. Since time was going to be an issue, we decided on 800 points and no SAWs.

My list:
1 Magenta Battleship with Cloud Generator
3 Marseille Cruisers
3 Furieux Scout Fliers
4 Alma Scout Ships
4 Lyon Frigates

David's List
1 Sokotsu Battleship
3 Tanuki Gunships
4 Uwatsu Frigates
5 Fujin Corvettes
2 Inari Gyros

We drew random orders - my target was the battleship (oh lovely) and David's was all of my smalls.

A blurry picture of our initial deployments. Since David hadn't played in ages, we skipped right past "Advance, Reserve and Flank" deployments.

Very pretty.

The battleship moved first and thrashed one of the Marseilles, which quickly tried to hide behind the island on my left, but the Inaris caught her and sunk her quickly.

I scooted forward with the Furieux, descended from the clouds, took some pot-shots at an Inari and promptly failed to get the sky ships back to the relative safety of the clouds. The Japanese gunships moved next and look some long-ranged shots at my fliers, damaging one. I've grown rusty. NEVER leave the clouds with the Furieux!

To start turn 2, I won the initiative and dropped a pile of mines ahead of the Japanese ships. The fliers also caused some minor damage to a Tanuki with gunfire.

Dramatic moment of the game: The Fujin squadron pounces on the troubled Marseilles, blasting one and attempting to board the other. The shooting was not impressive, scoring a crit (generator offline) and the boarding action was a miserable failure! The oft-maligned French light cruisers were still in the game - wow.

The Lyons claim an Uwatsu after losing one of their own shortly before.

Marseilles doing what they do best...

Towards the end of turn 2. My battleship may be on a collision course with one of my own mines. It had blasted the far gunship pretty soundly with its guns.

I began turn 3 by giving the gunships both barrels. Mines, bombs, some gunfire... F&$* you, gunships. Bombs and gunfire from one scout ship produce two crits on the center gunship.

The mines do the trick, killing off two gunships and crippling the third. One more person on earth hates Furieux scout ships. Huzzah!

My Almas repeat the crap performance of the Fujins earlier and get their boarding parties wiped trying to cause some AP casualties on the Sokotsu. I wish I'd boarded it with the Furieux first - BLAST!

The Lyons finish off the last gunship.

The Fujins blast away at my remaining Marseille.

I can't completely avoid my own mines and plow into an AD5 one with the Magenta. David promptly rolls what you see there - a damn crit from my own mine! Gah! The first crit doe to stop rolling was a "1" and the second dies spun a while, showed another "1" briefly then rested on a "3." Whew. A Mag Explosion would have been unthinkable. We both laughed long and loud at the turn of events. After the mine rocked my flagship, its guns reached out and put a big hole in the Japanese flagship. I can live with that.

David's battleship plowed through an Alma, turning it into confetti with little effort.

A bit of shooting from the Sokotsu and we called the game. David had hit hit 50% MFV requirement but had not killed my smalls and Istill had some work to do on David's flagship. We called it a well-fought draw.

Well that was a fun game! It was nice facing off against the ships I play with a lot of the time. My usual opponents despise the Blazing Sun fleet and now I know why! Luckily, the French AA was up to the task and the long-range rockets weren't too terrible. Those gunships did a lot of damage to my fleet so as much as they were irrelevant to my victory conditions, they could not be allowed to live.

The ROF guns-only force is very strong and I'd certainly field them again, without the heat lance wonder-weapons. The Furieux are absolute top-shelf awesome and I cannot recommend them enough. My Marseilles gave up 150 points but kept the 'vettes occupied all game - I can live with that; that they were still on the table after three turns was amazing! The Lyons and Almas performed as expected - perfectly fine frigates. The all-gun Magenta is a beast an once again lived up to its sterling reputation.

Thanks for the game, David! See you next weekend for Star Fleet Battles.