28 June 2012


Haven't been up to much lately. Got in a game of DW with Ziggy last Saturday. He trounced my Blazing Suns guys. Not only is the dadgummed British Battleship damn near impossible to damage, but his dice were just on fire, unusually for him.

I've been painting National Guardsmen for Flying Lead and Prussian ships for Dystopian Wars.

Finally got around to picking up the free upgrade to version 3 of Flames of War. Looks good. Hopefully I'll have a chance to try it out this weekend. I'll probably use FSSF or Rangers. I've used the Commies a lot recently and just want to switch it up.

All the bits of my new computer have arrived and I'll be putting it together Saturday morning. Woohoo!

17 June 2012

Get 'er done

I have had a productive week. I got this little gem finished for Project 1960. Yes, those are WWII Soviets hanging around the billboard, but since the right minis aren't done yet, that's all I got. 

And I also finished up some of the ships for TFZ. Yes, I went nuts with the bases but it was fun.

And finally, for Stefan from the Shipwreck! Yahoo Group, here are those home-made missles made from toothpicks, thumbtacks and pennies.
1. Assemble missile markers.

2. Putty the bases to cover up the tacks and spray primer.

3. Make them pretty.

Very easy, very inexpensive. They look better than paper counters by a longshot.

16 June 2012

Mighty Monsters!

I bought Mighty Monsters from Ganesha Games earlier this week $8.00 - PDF download - buy it! And I played a learning game with my wife and son last night. We had a blast. All our monsters had the same stats, but with different special abilities based on the characters. There is a "kid's rules" section that gives some tips on reducing complexity which coincidentally is fantastic at learning the mechanics. I used Gigan, Junior used Fire Godzilla and Wifey used Godzilla.

There was a great deal of screwing around to begin with, smashing buildings and trying to hit eachother with the bits. My wife and I tangled and poor Gigan took a beating. Fire Godzilla was content to sit back and snipe. I got KOed first (working with three red dice isn't that productive) followed by my Wife who completely botched a leg action, leaving Fire Godzilla completely unscathed! Three white dice to end the game... bah.

I'm looking forward to the next match, this time using actual points-value created critters to add a bit of flavor to each character. It's a strong game for $8.00.


14 June 2012

More Spaceships

The Noble Armada ships showed up this week and I've gotten going on painting them. As I mentioned, I'm going with a much different painting style, mainly because the detail level is very high and modern compared to the mid-1970's designs of the other ships. I haven't done the teal on the undersides yet, and blacklining is the crazy-maker of this hobby so it'll be a few days before they are really done. I at least want to get one of the larger ships done by Saturday - I'd like to test out the TFZ rules. Of course with Father's Day, I may not get the chance... we'll see. If I do play, I certainly post pics and details.

I hope you like them.

I've also been working more on the gas station and a billboard for Project 1960. The National Guard showed up this week too - some infantry, a jeep and an M46 Patton. I'm holding off on them until I get some stuff DONE. Once the spaceships are off the table, I'll have a crack at the Guard. I need to pick up some primer anyway, so no rush.

11 June 2012


Finally got around to finishing the Stardate:3000 "Intruder" class scout ships that I ordered a couple months back along with the cruiser and destroyers. I think a lot of the delay was just trying to figure out exactly how I would base them. Perusing through my crap collection I found my box of 1" X 1.25" HDF bases I ordered some time ago for FoW. Those would do fine! I superglued nails onto them and drilled out holes in the bottoms of the ships (and one hole in the tip of my left forefinger!) for the points of the nails to glue into.

I think they turned out rather well - I like the look anyway - very Halloweeny. They'll do fine as Interceptor / attrition units. I've got some Noble Armada ships coming in this week to oppose the as-yet-unnamed Orange Forces. They are a much more modern, streamlined and slick design and I'm going to go a whole 'nuther direction with their appearance.

04 June 2012

Modern Spearhead

I knocked out a big chunk of my Polish Motor Rifle Regiment over the weekend. 10 T-54s and 16 OT-64 Combat Teams. I had already finished one Battalion of OT-64s. I have the oddballs (recon elements, heavy mortars, Regiment HQ, AA, etc.) still to do but the fighting Battalions are done. It turns out I love painting T-54s.

I hope to give them a whirl soon. I came up with an engagement between a Battalion of German Panzergrenadiers with a Company of Leopards cross-attached defending a town against the MR Regiment. The forces I put together are nearly even at about 420 points and would do well for my "getting familiar with assaults and town sectors" goal.