29 October 2020

Tis The Season

 My mother was a witch, she was burned alive

Raven hair, ruby lips, sparks fly from her finger tips

I've got a black magic woman, she's tryin to make a devil out of me

Must be the season of the witch

These three lovelies and their cauldron from Reaper's line got finished up in the last few days, just in time for Halloween. I expect my wife will poach them, she thinks they're really cute.

28 October 2020

Brawl on the Block - A Stardust: Ground AAR

 One Saturday, Mark, Wayne and Ziggy came by for a bit of the old Stardust: Ground - my home-brewed 15mm Sci-Fi rules. This battle featured the Dawgs - one of my two original armies for SDG, thoroughly playtested and vetted versus my newest addition, the Cultists. This would be the Cultists' second outing, their first with vehicles. 

The Dawgs tend to be good all-rounders with a close-combat edge. They are fine in a firefight and better than average in a brawl. 

The Cultists have average infantry and vehicles but need to spend time summoning help in the form of demons. Demons come in many shapes and sizes but all are close-combat specialists and quite useful for boosting numbers.

I ended up running the Cultists army, with Ziggy's help when he arrived part-way through the game. Mark and Wayne split the Dawgs. We played on a 6x4 battlefield and set up on the short edges. There were three objective locations to fight over. Those locations also doubled as summoning portals for my crew, as long as I had cultists within 3" of one.

The table was jam-packed with terrain! Mostly jungle, but a quarter of the tabletop was an industrial zone.



Wayne's godforsaken Seer gunship terrorized infantry on my right flank for much of the game.







In what could be interpreted as a tragedy, Mark's Predator walkers assault one of the portals in an attempt to close it. The forces of evil fight dirty and suck the life force out of the suit's pilot! Heheh.

The Dawgs  heavy hitters arrive on my left flank. Three heavy tanks and an AA vehicle. Infantry and the remaining two walkers continue towards the town where my forces are concentrated. Note the Dawg sniper atop the yellow tower. He did a fine job of harassing my infantry for much of the game.

I had managed to summon a greater demon by this point and sent him in to mix it up with the enemy infantry. Unfortunately, they fought to a draw. 

I corrected my mistake and then sent the monster after the heavy tanks. He cleaved through the first like a hot knife.

The town was a wreck by this point. I had two big demons stalking tanks. Two of my own tanks had been immobilized but had good positions to act as turrets. I sent my two AA/scout vehicles up the center towards the central objective.

The purple worm makes a move at one of the remaining tanks. Dawg infantry start to close in. I told you it was a mess!

The Predator walkers made their way to my AA vehicles and ripped into them. Dammit. This is about when Mark's dice finally woke up.

The last Dawg tank was destroyed and a throng of yellow clawed demons rushed out of the portal! You can see some of my cultist fanatics in the foreground.

My remaining mobile heavy tank/APC blasted one of the two Predators before it was wrecked by the other giant robot.

My Cult Leader, deciding he was done summoning and ready for fightin', ordered his squad to attack the last walker. As they moved to engage, Pastor Karl loosed a blast from his plasma gun, catching the big robot's fuel cell and destroying it! Zagon is the miracle-bringer!

The Dawg infantry makes short work of my yellow demons and pushes deeper into the town. My forces are in deep kimchi.


It had been quite a battle but my forces were spent. My cultists had been kicked out of town and run off. Congratulations to Mark and Wayne on their solid victory.

We had a fine time. A great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday. Wayne hadn't played SDG in years and it's gone through a massive re-write since he played last. He was very hesitant about some of the mechanics as the game began, but "got it" by the end. It's designed as an entertaining game of shoot-em-up. SDG is not a simulation by any stretch, but familiar firefight combat concepts are present - lots of gunfire can suppress the enemy even if it doesn't cause a lot of casulaties, numbers count for a lot in close combat, and being able to maneuver and order your troops is very important. I think I have a convert. 😀

The Cultists performed well. They'll get more outings soon enough against the Robots, Marines and Humans!

21 October 2020

And Then some Prussian Jagers

 I'm technically done with the 20mm Napoleonic lead mountain. I have some odds and ends, but not enough to put together a unit. Probably. I'm scared to look in that one box. This group was a bag of 16 Prussian Infantry I don't remember ordering. It appeared to have been a Newline Designs ziploc and label. I snipped off the bayonets and based them in pairs to form a group or two of skirmish troops.

It's amazing how quickly I can churn through a group of sixteen compared to the more usual twenty-four. 

I've got a few altogether things to paint next. Maybe tomorrow evening some of them will get a splash of paint. Witches and scatter terrain... Be well!

13 October 2020

A Few More French

 I finished up another block of 20mm French infantry for my Naps this evening. I finished them in what may have been record time for me with this sort of painting. 80% of the work was done on Sunday over a few hours.

With and without flash. They'll be used as a "Guards" unit since they've got flashier hats... some visual distinctiveness.

Next up, some Prussian Jagers.

11 October 2020

Saturday Gaming - A Two-Fer!

Wayne, Mark and I got together Saturday for a day of gaming. We got to play the Halloween-themed Batman scenario and we took Wings of Glory out because it's always a good time.

Batman featured the three monsters I painted for Wayne a little over a month ago, plus a couple of zombie assistants versus the GCPD, Green Arrow and Black Canary. 

Our cemetery - shenanigans are underway. Some teenagers and their pet  opened a door they shouldn't have and read something better left unread. When will these kids learn?

Gordon and three SWAT officers pull up outside Griffin Park Cemetery. The Commish got a tip that there was quite a disturbance.

It took no time for Man-Bat to locate Green Arrow and swoop down on him! Oliver Queen managed to evade the monster's claws.

Scarecrow moved to assist Man-Bat, running into Black Canary.

At the same time, Solomon Grundy and one of the zombies moved to confront the cops. The hail of gunfire from the police was already proving to be quite severe.

Oliver and Dinah put some distance between themselves and the monstrosities, while protecting "Sgooby-goo."

Man-Bat and Scarecrow rush at Arrow who is injured quite severely! 

Commissioner Gordon radios the helicopter which puts a spotlight on the monsters in the back corner of the cemetery. A hidden SWAT sniper looses a round which takes down Scarecrow!

Back over at the entrance, Solomon Grundy is finally taken down by the police who had been fortunate to suppress the beast before he'd been able to start smashing cops in close combat. 

For some reason, I stopped taking pictures late in the game and that's it for Batman. In the end, the good guys lost Green Arrow and the bad guys lost Scarecrow, S.G. and two Zombies. I played Green Arrow and Black Canary, Wayne ran the cops and Mark was the bad guys. Final score was 9-4 in favor of the good guys, Man-Bat did make off with one of the teenagers! Fun game for sure. We had a bite then set up for game 2.

Wings of Glory was set up for game 2. The Americans (Mark) has two B-25s with a P-47 escorting and two bombing targets. The Japanese (me and Wayne) had four Nakajimas intercepting. 

The targets are circled in yellow.

Mark attempts a serious face, while Wayne stares into the distance... the thousand yard stare...

My planes for the day - Spotty and "Heigh Ho" Silver.
Wayne and I utterly botched the initial contact as the bombers trundled past. The Thunderbolt flipped over to harass us.

Blue Angels  eat your hearts out! Four Jap interceptors perform quite a display of aerobatics to the dismay of the Yakatori Stand and Field Hospital about to get shellacked!

But as it turns out, the Americans have a nearly identical amount of trouble and whiff their bombing runs, overflying the targets!

The Jug takes out Silver!

Moments later, the Thunderbolt and one of Wayne's planes plummet to the ground! It's a terrible crossfire between those two bombers.

The final turn. The bombers have again fouled up their bomb runs, Wayne's second plane is taken out. 

WoG was a hoot. The game takes some real experience to fly planes well and judge your position. We all had difficulty piloting but it kind of added to the fun. Need to put it on the table more often for sure.

04 October 2020

Infini-shed And Off-Topic

 I'm officially done painting all the Infinity models I had in the mountain. This lot were a gift from my Birthday back in June. They're more Combined Army troops - specifically Nox troopers. In all fairness, they cheap shlubs, but they can form a fireteam and with that army, that makes them a rarity. 

The painting is nothing spectacular. Color by numbers, black oil wash & wipe and a few highlights. I think the palette worked out nicely - the pastels look nice with the dark armor / equipment.

In other news, much of my creative energy over the last few months have been dedicated to designing and building this beast for my bride.

She wanted a raised garden-box, so after some thought and research, I put one together. It cost me as much as two good wargame armies and indeed is still taking my money, but more on that later.

Here it is with lettuce and other little things starting to sprout.This is Savannah, it doesn't get very cold here, if you're wondering why we're planting in September.

I drew up the design in Unreal Editor - a video game map design program I have significant experience with. I've spent hundreds of hours in my life building maps for Unreal Tournament and it seemed like a perfect CAD tool that at least I wouldn't have to re-learn.

Just a quick knock-up. The resulting planter is 5 x 3 and about 48 inches tall at the lip of the edges so the gardener won't have to wreck her back while working in it. Taller = better... I've learned that from hunching over low gaming tables for many years.

I'm adding a water pump to recycle rainwater runoff, lights and solar-powered battery system to run the whole thing. The electrics should be complete in a couple weeks. Before long, I should have a thousand-dollar thing in my back yard.The project has been incredible fun.

With the weather finally getting good, we had the extended family over last evening for a movie night... out door movie night!

A 6'x6' screen... the green table is for the projector and laptop.

Ta da! It was a fantastic evening. Mid 60's, breezy and the movie choice was "Cast a Deadly Spell."

Next week it's Halloween-themed Batman with Wayne, Mark and who know who else? Be well!