30 June 2017

Planetfall - A Group Shot

I've been positively zipping through the Firestorm Planetfall minis lately. Ziggy hooked me up with some a Terquai Recon Helix and an Aquan Assault Helix for my birthday. The Terquai got handled right away.

I took some group shots of all of the forces together - vehicles, infantry, etc.

 The whole shebang so far...

Aquan infantry

The big silver flier is a Terquai ground attack unit.

Terquai infantry. I gave all of the infantry a paint scheme more in tune with their wintry surroundings. I think it looks pretty swell - kind of an Imperial Stormtrooper vibe. I don't think I've ever painted "white" infantry before and I'm real happy with the result.

The walkers I've got now are the models shown above. I'm strongly tempted to do the legs in a white scheme, similar to the infantry while leaving the body red.
It'd make the legs (presumably the weakest point of a walker) more difficult to visually discern, much like the gun barrel of this Firefly. Let me know if you think it's a stupid idea or brilliant.

Not ready for the prior pictures, I completed these portals last evening. The Terquai infantry can walk through one and appear from the other portal. Should be nifty!

28 June 2017

Star Fleet Sunday

The Space Cadets, plus Jason ( who gamed with us back on Memorial Day ), met at the Pizza Hut in Brunswick on Sunday afternoon for our "monthly" game of Star Fleet Battles.

The scenario / set up I'd come up with was this:

The Hydrans had captured an intact Lyran Heavy Frigate and are towing it back to Hydran space. The Lyrans quickly dispatch a special forces team (Puddytat 6) to steal it back.

Here we are a few turns into the proceedings. David's PFs are coming in fast, to board the HFF as soon as possible.

The PFs unloaded eight disruptors and eight phaser-2s into poor Mike's Gendarme just after this picture was taken. Mike's ship was left in tatters.

A few moments later, Mike made a terrible mistake by zigging when he should have zagged. The PFs emptied their Ph-3s into the Hydran ship. The Hydrans fired all they could bring to bear on the lead PF, all but destroying it.

Mike's ship is vaporized. Four of our boarding parties die in the process. Damn.

Seven Lyran boarding parties are transported to the frigate.

Stars begin to align for my pair of Stingers (hex 2820). Mike's pair had fired earlier at range 2. Mine were in rage mode.

The PFs turn, they slip, they're left without options. My Stingers (and Mike's for some reason) enter the PFs' hex and unload their weapons.

Two PFs are killed outright by fusion and phaser fire. The subsequent explosions kill the remaining PFs and all the Stingers in the hex. At least that tidied things up a bit.

Jason an I had gotten three boarding parties on the frigate to duke it out with the Lyrans. Our combat roll was good (two kills) but David rolled a lousy "1." We were able to contest the ship and things dragged out another turn. Three more BPs onto the frigate and we outnumbered the Lyrans.

Game set and match, Hydran win. It was fast and brutal like any good special forces engagement should be. Mike was pretty hosed about his tragic mistake that allowed eight Ph-3s to fire through a down shield, killing his ship instead rather than simply removing the front shield and knocking out a few internals. My fighters performed admirably, scoring two outright kills and inflicting a shedload of collateral damage.

Since we had plenty of time left, Mike pulled out Star Fleet Marines and set up a simple game of that.

My brave and well-trained bits of cardboard.

We pick up a few turns into the game. Mike was my teammate, using the green Hydrans. Jason commanded the Black Klingon troops while David led his yellow Lyran company. Each team had to defend a single-hex town near their board edge while capturing the opponent's. Mike and David pushed out hard while Jason and I hung back to play some defense. 

I was very bad about taking pictures during the early going. Mike got shot up a lot, as did David. Here we see David's lead force take cover in the caldera of a volcano.

Here you can get a better appreciation for my day of "herding cats" as it were.

The glare on the map covers up much of the slaughter of Mike's stunties.

My heroic troopers head into the volcano after their quarry.

We called the game at 6:00pm - a minor Coalition victory; congrats to Jason and David. Mike had been decimated, although I had lost no troops at all.

It was a good, mindless beer and pretzels wargame. Nothing complex, no rules to contend with. Just pushing the counters around and making "pew pew" sounds. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

18 June 2017

Firestorm Armada AAR: Ambush!

Ziggy and I dug out our Firestorm Armada ships Saturday afternoon for a return to the Storm Zone. I used my Relthoza, while Zig commanded his Terrans (with Hawker allies). We set the points at 1000, but both came in around 950 or so. I really need to pick up some reinforcements for the Relthoza.

We played the sixth scenario in the MRB - Ambush! I won the roll and chose to be the attacker - ambushing the Terran fleet as they transited across the map.

Our deployments. This is what happens when you don't play often and aren't super-familiar with your army list. Those Light Frigates should have swapped positions with the other Drone frigates in the upper right behind the asteroids, given their weapons. The Lights are long-range snipers, whereas the Drones are close-range brawlers... oh well..

Some newly-painted Gilas, to be used as Heavy Cruisers.

Things started pretty well, snapping up a couple of Terran frigates from a long way off with torpedoes.

The debt starts to be repaid with one of the Hive's escorts being destroyed and another damaged.

Turn two - my Nidus frigates reveal themselves and unleash a barrage at the unlucky squadron, but miss terribly. I should have also attacked with that fighter squadron they deployed. I was saving it for a bigger target though.

Some filthy Terran ship saw fit to fire nuclear weapons at the Nidus squadron. Ziggy rolls a natural Yahtzee on the shot.


Hidden squadrons have to clump up a lot when they reveal, making them juicy nuke targets. 

Starting turn 3, things were looking pretty blah for the spiders. I was holding the Gunships tight, hoping to shunt behind the battleship can catch it from behind.

The carrier's fighters finish off the last frigate of unpainted epoxy squadron.

On the far edge, the other Terran frigate group located my light frigates.

That's evil back there behind the glass.

I had to move my gunship squadron before the Apollo. They performed very poorly. The battleship punished them. The first of many "PD Disabled" crit effect markers is placed on one of my ships.

I didn't take any pics, but I got vengeance for all sorts of past wrongs with the new Heavy Cruisers. The slid forward, following the red lines, then pasted two Herpes, I mean Hermes-class cruisers. Double crit one. Double crit two. TWO DOUBLE CRITS! Two dead cruisers. The Heavies just made Ziggy's list.

My Gunships however continue to suffer shame and humiliation as the Apollo blasts one and a fighter group kills another. Interesting how this other one ALSO has a "PD Disabled" crit marker. I swear, Z rolled a "5" on the crit chart at least six times.

Bombers gonna bomb.The carrier and it's little buddies combine to finish off the cruiser squadron.

The big ships start to converge.

Fighters and firepower kill off one of my Heavies. Note the "PD Disabled" marker.

The Hive puts a world-class broadside into the Hawker carrier. The remaining Heavy also pastes it. Four damage and it's rocking two corrosion markers! Hehehe.

After five turns, we called it a day. We were tired and ready for dinner. The final battle log was at 8-6, in favor of the Terrans. They did get a frigate into my deployment zone at the very end.

My second game with the Relthoza was very enjoyable. We need to play more often because there are a lot of little things we both forget about simply because it's like 4 months between games of FSA. These two fleets fought to a similar draw the last time we played and appear to be very well-matched against each other. One of these days I'll get another Tier 1 unit for the spiders - right now it's a toss up - Battlecruisers, Base Station or Assault Carrier (group). Those Heavy Cruisers are ridiculous. They'll certainly be a regular.

13 June 2017

X-Wing: An eXercise in list building

Last weekend Junior and I got in a game of X-Wing. I put together an absolutely ridiculous force just for grins - the VT-49 Decimator paired with Kylo Ren's sweet sweet blackbird of death - the Upsilon-class Shuttle. For those of you interested...

Major Stridan (40)
Upsilon-class Shuttle (32), Enhanced Scopes (1), Targeting Synchronizer (3), Kylo Ren's Shuttle (2), Anti-Pursuit Lasers (2)

Rear Admiral Chiraneau (58)
VT-49 Decimator (46), Calculation (1), Seismic Charges (2), Mara Jade (3), Plasma Torpedoes (3), Dauntless (2), Munitions Failsafe (1)

Junior used the Scum - an IG-88 variant, a Z-95 and a Protectorate Starfighter.

My ability to stress nearby enemy ships with each of mine at the end of each turn was just infuriating for the lad. Here we see IG-88 going nose to nose with my StarDumpTruck. Heh.

The 'Mater leaves a prezzie for the bounty hunter.

After finishing off the Headhunter (or rather watching him splat against an asteroid), all ships met in the corner for a real shoot-em-up.

A handful of dice rolls later, the Deci had destroyed the Starfighter and IG-88 had finished off the Blackbird. 

The bounty hunter feels some stress and Deci's turret cashes in for the win.

For a kind of dopey 100 point list, the two beasts actually worked pretty well together. Their ability to stress nearby enemy ships at the end of each turn was paydirt and a lot of fun. Not sure it would work again, but of course, I never use the same list twice...

12 June 2017

A Mixed Bag

I've been hard at work over the last week or so, mostly finishing models or projects that have been languishing for some time. Last Sunday, I finished this off:

It's a 6mm scale scratch-built chemical storage facility that's been hanging out, assembled and half-painted for many months. It turned out nicely, for a scratch-built thing I made.

Next we have some odds and ends from the Firestorm Planetfall box Ziggy and I split. There are some artillery strike markers, SAM launchers and crystals. I started assembling the infantry stands yesterday, so those will be done sometime in the next six months. :)

I also completed a Modern Spearhead battalion's-worth of T-64s.

I picked these up months ago when I ordered the odds and ends to complete my Naval Assault regiment. The models are CINC and really show off their high quality castings.