25 September 2013

"Recently" Painted

Some of this isn't terribly recent, I've just been bad about taking pictures and posting them.

First up are some more Anima Tactics figures:

These minis tend to show a lot more "skin" than I normally paint. 

Next is some of the contents of the new Dystopian Wars EoBS box set. The new War Gyro and mini squid robots. I haven't finished the cruisers yet.

Here's the new one next to the "old" one I finished up a few months ago.

And now the fun stuff... for me anyway. Some MSH 6mm that took C-in-C 6 weeks to ship. Actually most of the infantry is Heroics and Ros and has been finished for a while, I've been waiting on the support weapons and trucks to base and finish them. Two battalions of USMC infantry! I've purposefully left the bases rather sparse so I can add magnetized Amtracks later if desired, or leave them as foot infantry for heliborne insertion.

The BC and AT platoons have magnetized HMMVWs as seen above. Each battalion also includes three platoons (one per company) armed with Stingers. These battalions should be tough as nails in MSH.

23 September 2013

Danger Zone! 2 - Old School Flying

It's been a little long between new posts on the ol' blog here. I haven't been idle, except in the picture-taking and game-playing departments which are kind of critical to my blog. I had intentions of playing DW with Ziggy but Saturday morning came down with some nasty bug and was out of service for the rest of the day.

I felt OK Sunday, so Junior and I made good on an invitation to the LGS to play some Wings of War. Christian enjoyed the game a lot at Gnomecon so he was excited about it. WoW is a cool game and I've enjoyed it every time I've played but it is just so damn expensive - $15 per plane is a big bite. Its the same with X-Wing and the new Star Trek miniatures game - the price per ship is high. That being said, I'm always up to play with someone else's toys.

Ian put together a scenario which we trimmed down a tad - each side would have two bombers and two fighters and needed to destroy enemy ground targets. There were five ground targets on each side, two of which were AAA bunkers, one with a 135 degree firing arc and an "A" damage gun and one with a 360 degree arc and a nasty "C" damage gun.

Ian and I took the Royal Flying Corps while Christian II and Mike took control of the Hun Air Force.

Here's the set-up and our basic plan
Our bombers were to skirt down the edge of the board, and be out of arc of the "A" battery when they got the their target zone. My fighter was going to get in the way of the German bombers and try to slow them down a bit and possibly do some harm. Ian was also going to harass German bombers.

After a couple turns of movement. My fighter is starting to look a little lonely.

But not for long as I misjudge everything to do with flying a plane and end up in the rear arc of both of the Kaiser's bombers.

One ill-advised move later and I'm down to having just one plane to worry about. Done in by my own kid.

My driving with "Mean Green" was much better and I managed to evade both batteries on my approach. Ian's #5 brown bomber caught some flak but got very fortunate and kept drawing 0's and 1's for damage. Mike's triplane attempted to harass us but took a good chunk of damage so he was hesitant to push the attack.

The German bombers start to get lined up while Christian's and Ian's fighters wander about aimlessly.

Ian managed to bomb one target off the map while I took out one target with a bomb and my tail gunner got a lucky hit on the "A" battery and silenced it! 
Ian tempted fate one too many times with the "C" battery and was relieved of his bomber. I wasn't planning on making a second bomb run, but decided "why the heck not?" and spun my crate around for another go.

Another well-lined up run. The "C" battery is wiped out and my plane finishes off the rest of the targets. What a haul!

Before it was done, Ian's fighter finished off Mike's triplane. The AAA defending our ground targets was terrific and accounted for both German bombers (plus the little damage I caused to one of them!)

The final tally :
Allies - 3 aircraft and 5 ground targets
Central Powers - 2 aircraft and 1 ground target

Even though that was rather lop-sided, it was a fun scenario and showed us all how rusty were are with the rules. We're going to play again in a couple of weeks.

I'll get some painting pictures put up this week too!

11 September 2013

Recent Painting / Mid Week Update

I bought some Anima Tactics miniatures a couple weeks ago, primarily due to the fabulous quality of the figures, and secondly because the rules are free and it seems less bizarre than Infinity. For me, heavily detailed models take forever to paint and thusfar I've only completed three of the twelve. Here are the results so far.

Adolph Brunner, Khaine D'Elacreu and Dereck Shezzard

They were by far the simplest models out of the lot which is much of the reason they got finished first. The others will keep me busy for at least another couple weeks - and to make sure I get slowed down, I've got a handful of backordered miniatures finally arriving this week. Even though they aren't properly painted, Junior and I may put AT on the table this weekend to give it a go.

08 September 2013

More Dystopian Wars!

I Ziggy and I met up for a game of Dystopian Wars at my place this weekend. He hasn't played in a little while and has been looking forward to testing out his British Airmada. I happily obliged and put together a Blazing Suns force. It's worth noting that I didn't know Zig was going all Air when I put my list together. Here's what I took:
1 Ika w/ 1 Escort
3 Gunships
3 Cruisers
3 Bombers
3 Destroyers
2 groups of Fighters (795 points)

Ziggy took:
1 Eagle War Rotor
2 + 2 Hawk Rotors
3 + 2 Doncasters
3 Merlins
1 group of Fighters, 1 group of Dive Bombers (790 points)

We've never used the  random victory conditions before, so gave it a try. I rolled a 5 and had to "Destroy or Capture at least 50% of the Maximum Fleet Value of any opposing Fleet in Victory Points, including all Small models." I couldn't have gotten a better result. He's only got three small models. Ziggy rolled a 6 and was tasked with "Capture the Fleet Commodore’s Vessel of any
opposing Fleet," which was my Squidmarine. A tall order for the Brits.

Typically for me, I set up my ships in trains running side to side. No use closing the distance when all I want to do is keep it open.

A view from the table end.

Four moves in - three critical hits for the Japanese fleet! My dice were on fire and so were British aircraft.

My bombers get involved and finish off one of their opposite numbers. The Merlins begin their approach. They managed a crit (Hard Pounding) on one of the Japanese fliers.

One of the Empress' destroyers has been sent to the bottom, but the remaining two get lined up for some long-range shooting at a distant Hawk rotor. I also detect a problem with British command.

When your beverage is called Flagship, it may be a woeful harbinger of things to come.

My Gin and Tonic had gotten into my bloodstream pretty good by this point so pictures were getting less frequent. My fighters out to my right pounced on the Merlins and took one out and damaged another. One of my cruisers took a big hit from the Doncasters in the middle. The heavily damaged Hawk in the center crashed and burned into the waves. My Ika rounded the corner of the nearby island and took a few shots at the British fliers nearby.

Those same fliers made their move forward the next turn and took some ineffective shots at ol' Captain Krunch, but only caused minor damage. Cap, on the other hand, spun his gigantic robotic submarine about and managed to trap one of the Hawks with a tentacle. The ensuing assault was brutal, but the Hawk was left derelict. My command vessel, which Ziggy needed to capture was left with a perilously low 2 boarding parties.

More stuff (mainly British) gets blown up. One of my destroyers get one of those rare broadside opportunities and kills two fliers at once! They finished off a Hawk and Doncaster which were both hanging onto one remaining hull point.

At the end of turn three, I'd scored 420 point, including the three small models (Merlins) and Ziggy didn't have anything close enough to my squid to attempt a boarding action next turn so we called it there.

I'm not going to sugar coat it - my dice were hot. Ziggy's were simply average. I think I played a smart game and have finally figured out the proper way to use my EoBS fleet. The fact that I had LOS to all enemy models at all times and had a terrific range advantage with my rockets made things very difficult for Z.

07 September 2013

Finished (finally) Shipwreck Helos

I've had these Lynx and Seasprite helicopters sitting on my painting table finished for over a month now. Today I actually got around to basing them and putting rotor discs on them.

04 September 2013

DW Prussian Dreadnought and Important Hobby Tip!

I painted up Junior's new dreadnought in record time. Having Monday off from work helped! It's an impressive model and I'm happy with the way it turned out. I can't wait to sink it - hopefully we'll be putting it to sea Saturday.

I also finished up some Speerwurf small airships for the Prussians but didn't take any separate pictures of them for reasons which are still unclear. I did however take some "fleet shots" for the Spartan forums and you can see them below. The new Speerwurfs are the small fliers with red tails.

And of course my Japanese - no new models yet, they were backordered.

And now the important hobby discovery! These two commons items of most of your arsenals:
React nearly instantly causing the Gorilla Glue to set almost immediately. I was able to get these parts to attach with none of that "hold it still for ten minutes and hope it stays" bullshit that we're all used to:
The models are Anima Tactics figures that are very WIP. Those bits are metal and was you can tell, gravity has a pretty solid grip on them. The super glue / gorilla glue accident held like a champ without me having to hold the bits elevated in a weird position. I hope you can get some mileage out of my little discovery.