21 June 2020

Gettin' Away : Batman Minis AAR

Riddler, Killer Croc, Ravager and Captain Boomerang bolted through the front door of the 6th precinct jail. The break-in was easy enough but they were not yet in the clear. The sirens and flashing blues were waiting for them. Quelle would be by shortly with the helo... they just had to make it to the landing spot.

Wayne and Ziggy joined me for the next chapter in the ongoing Batman Miniatures Game story campaign I've been playing over a couple of years. Some of the boys in blue and a couple of Gotham's finest heroines had converged on the jail to prevent the getaway of the quartet of crooks. Ziggy commanded three SWAT team guys along with Rick Flagg, Wayne took control of Batwoman and Carrie Kelly while I ran the four bads.

My group started at the green circled area. The girls were at the top while the SWAT guys were at the bottom in the yellow circled area. The Helicopter LZ is the white square.

The crooks

The cops

The heroines

Killer Croc and Riddler couldn't resist the urge to go brawl with the caped crusader. Digger and Rose kept their options open.

Carrie looses a few bullets from her slingshot forcing Boomerang to duck and weave. Batwoman had managed to extract herself from the attention of Nigma and the Croc.

Of course, Ravager couldn't help herself and decided to have a go at Batwoman herself. Croc and Riddler head for the back alley.

Faced by a SWAT officer who was a bit slow on the draw with his shotgun, Digger rushed forward, quickly flicking two razor-sharp boomerangs. Both connected and the officer was knocked down!

Admiring his work, he forgot all about Robin behind him. He remembered right away though when a heavy lugnut hit him in the back of the head, sending him the the concrete.

Riddler and Croc continued through the vacant lot. Croc had shaken off the "funny little birdies" that Batwoman had treated him to. Rick Flagg was waiting for them. You can see him back there, posting up.

Carrie leapt back to give Bats a hand with Ravager who was proving to be a very tough opponent. Boomerang and the officer had regained the feet and were no going toe-to-toe on the sidewalk.

As a second cop descends on Digger, Croc hears his buddy's request for assistance. KC charges as the shotgun officer but does nothing more than surprise the underpaid public servant.

Riddler wasn't so loyal or sentimental. Quelle had just dropped in with the chopper and was going to get out. Of course, Mr. Flagg had other ideas and unleashed a violent storm of bullets, puncturing Ed's shoulder. He was in bad shape now!

Luck was with him though, Rick fumbled for a new magazine and Riddler dashed past, grinning as best he could. The helo lifted off quickly and was out of sight in no time.

Rose of course had seen that and muttered to herself about the quality of her associates. She was grateful for the jailbreak though and darted down an alley to get gone. One of the cops saw her and gave chase.

The SWAT guys and Carrie finally managed to take down Boomerang who had put up one hell of a fight. 

Having seen his pal Digger get taken out, KC loped back to the manhole to make his escape. Rick and Kate move in to prevent his escape. 

He struggles with the manhole as a shot from Flagg hits his lower leg. Croc falls to the pavement.

Batwoman dashes over and gives the big a tranquilizer. He's done.

So, a damn fine game. Two of the baddies got away while two are going to need some real medical attention and physical therapy. Riddler's attempt to get a couple of shady figures in is debt hadn't panned out so well. Ravager will be grateful for sure, but Croc and Digger will have a different opinion of things. Maybe those two will get adjoining rooms in the hospital while they're on the mend.

Wayne and Ziggy enjoyed it. Wayne had never played and Zig's only game was maybe 3 years ago. Sure ready for the next chapter, that for sure!

Happy Father's Day all you dads out there. Be well!

15 June 2020

Why'd It Have To be Snakes?

I was able to get the rest of the Kobra Kai box off the painting table over the weekend. That's some kind of record for me - it was a good-sized set with some models that were a bit more complex than my typical fare. They came out nicely I think.

That's Bronze Tiger on the left. I picked him up along with Electrocutioner who I featured a couple weeks ago. I'm supposed to host a game of Batman Miniatures this Saturday. It won't feature these minis since it's the next installment in my ongoing story. Last time around, the Riddle and Killer Croc had just busted Ravager and Captain Boomerang out of the clink. They've got to get to Quelle who'll be by in a helicopter shortly. The heroes must try to prevent the getaway.

14 June 2020

Infinity AAR - Getting Wrecked

Infinity was brought back out last evening after a few week hiatus. It was as much of an excuse to use the new terrain bits as anything else. I used a large group of Merovingien (Ariadna's Frenchies) while Ziggy stayed pat on his Pan Oceania Military Orders list. One of these days he'll mix it up and add the droids and other models or, God forbid, finish assembling and at least priming his Japanese group. I won't be holding my breath.

The scenario was just a straightforward shoot-em-up with each of us having two secret objectives. The two secret objectives I had were Data Scan and Telemetry. Data Scan required me to get a hacker to perform a scan of an enemy model. This involved getting with eight inches of it. Telemetry had similar requirements - get with 8 inches of an enemy and perform either a Spotlight Hacker action against it or target it with the Forward Observer skill. Getting with 8 inches of PanO knights is generally not something you'd ever want to do in a game - they tend to be absolute monsters and extremely dangerous as close range.

Our battlefield du jour...

A big car wreck in the central street blocked up long lines of sight there and kept it from being too much of a death zone.

On my right, in the park. Loup Garou, a medic, a Dozer (robot controller), a rocket-bot and an HVT I had to babysit, per Ziggy's secret objectives. My HVT model is a butler I picked up a couple years a go.

On the left edge, I had a four-man fireteam, the medic in the yellow jacket and another medic - mostly obscured by the blue box. That one was a Briscard, armed with a marksman rifle - they tend to make decent "poor-mans snipers."

I also had this minesweeper bot in the middle of the central road.

The minesweeper's first order of business was locating the hidden sniper atop the building overlooking the road and park. No pics, but it worked out very nicely and in no time the lurker was located. At least now I could target him with other things. 

As was expected, the Pan O knights didn't appreciate my antics and a Knight Hospitaller popped around a corner and loosed a hail of armor piecing rounds from his heavy machinegun at the bot. It was wrecked beyond repair but had served a useful purpose.

Pan O Order Sergeants creep around the plaza. My Loup Garou sneak around to greet them.

The Garou fireteam leader yells back to the dozer, "Put that tractor to some use! They're over there behind the stairs!"

Rockets arc from the tubes on both sides of the claptrap machine. Moments feel like minutes as they explode among the enemy troopers. Their numbers drop from five down to one in no time at all.

Back on the other side, my command fire team continues to scoot forward while the Briscard medic makes his way up the building to get a good field of vision. One of my chasseurs remains hidden on the balcony. I'd have had him pop out and exchange fire with that sniper sooner but I wanted to wait until he had a bit of back-up.

The remaining Order Sergeant at the plaza shot the rocket bot to bits, unwilling to take another hail of fire it. Loup Garou and others do their darndest to take him out but it's not an easy thing.

Set up to make my move, the chasseur steps up and snaps off a burst at the sniper, only to learn that it was only a forward observer - a much less fearsome opponent. Either way, he was down and out. I had gotten my Hacker into a useful spot and got to work on the knight cowering around the corner. I was able to "Spotlight" him and then locked him down with a "Gotcha,"immobilizing the heavily-armed and armored trooper.

Running low of options on my right, my Dozer who has no business carrying a rifle, snaps off some rounds at that last Order Sergeant. The Pan O trooper is hit square in the forehead and drops like a sack of potatoes. ( read: lucky critical hit.. I'll take it! )

Right at the end of the game... you can see how I had stacked that corner, making any attempt by Ziggy to come get me unappealing to say the least. To end the game, my Briscard on the rooftop fired into the immobile Knight below, killing him and keeping things squarely in my favor.

Although we actually traded kills pretty evenly, my deeper bench and less pricey troops meant that the Pan Oceania losses each carried a heavy weight. I was also able to accomplish my two secret objectives, both scanning and targeting the Knight which I also immobilized and finally killed. Man, when I think about it, that poor dude got seriously abused didn't he? It's fine, he's killed so many of my troops in past battles... just me starting to get even.

I was happy with the way the army operated during the battle. The extra tools a gizmos were useful - I got productive results from both TrakorMul bots and even their wrangler! The Hacker was the man of the match though, his contributions were impressive.

12 June 2020


On the anniversary of Reagan's "Tear down this wall" speech, I present you with some walls!

They're from Customeeple - it's a 28mm MDF scenery kit that I picked up at a deep discount a week and a half ago. It'll work nicely with Infinity and Batman.
Ten four-inch wide wall and "fence" sections. 

Two gates and four corners. The gates do actually slide open and shut.

And some advertising screens. The red and white Harvey Dent one is of course reversed on its two sides. See what I did there? 

Looking forward to having a shootout among the new bits soon!

07 June 2020

Change of Scenery

I picked up a couple of MDF terrain kits in the last couple weeks for Batman and Infinity. The first to make it to completion is this urban plaza from TT Combat.

It'll be a really nice change of pace from the typical streets and alleys. The big green glowing ball adds some easily broken fun as well. Mark's the safe money bet on who's going to break it.

The kit came with benches and flower planters that I've yet to assemble. The other kit I picked up is assembled and has been sprayed with a base coat. It'll probably be done by the end of the week.

06 June 2020

Some Batman Villains

I picked up the Kobra Kali-Yuga box set for Batman a few weeks ago primarily because it was discounted by more than 70%. I enjoy painting the Knight Models miniatures and, well, any excuse, right? Assembly took about 2 hours, then I primed them white, given their yellow/green palette. I whipped up a custom batch of mustard yellow airbrush paint since I only ever bought a "primary colors" set of paints for airbrushing. Those paints are not cheap and I'm still very much a novice with the thing. I did remember to reduce the air pressure a bit this time, giving me less splatter and better control. The results are not obvious on the finished models but made the whole operation a lot smoother.

The first five. These are the lower-ranked shlubs and lieutenants. After painting, they got a black oil paint wash and sat for 45 minutes. A rub down with Q-Tips and hitting some highlights... job's done!

I even painted their backs. Quite happy with the results... the others will get more attention soon. They're roughly 40% at this stage.  I think Zig and I are going to be playing Dragon Rampant this evening. I'm going to have a house full of youts.
YOUTHS.... and I don't want to set up the big table in a crowded house. It'll just add to the crazy.

01 June 2020

Blurry Painting!

Wrapped up a few items from the painting queue last week. Nothing terribly amazing but progress nonetheless.

A blurry Electrocutioner for Batman minis. The costume is waaay non-canon but black & red is a little tired. It's hard to tell but that's a light blue lightning bolt on his forehead, a la Harry Potter.

The other painting was some 15mm Dwarves I picked up for a song a few months ago from Splintered Light. There are many more to go for sure, but here is the first batch.

That's some rangers, "troll slayer" types and a spellcaster.

Rangers Ho!

Greetings. We're unhinged.

Someone ask Christian to paint my brooch.

Fun models - nice to paint for sure. I've got perhaps 30 others to join them in a Dragon Rampant warband.