24 September 2017

Ryushi - Firestorm Armada Winds Down

I am disappointed about Firestorm Armada going out of production. The models were/are top-notch. I mentioned a month ago that I'd ordered a starter box of Ryushi ships the day Spartan announced they'd closed up shop. I finished them today.

A carrier, four cruisers and six corvettes. 

A different angle of the smaller ships.

And the carrier.

It's a color scheme to be proud of - a little bit Joker-mobile for sure but I like it. I'll have to let them get out and take a spin using the Firestorm Taskforce rules.

21 September 2017

I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

I ordered some cheap coconut palms on Amazon the other day. I think I done good! For the princely sum of $18 and change, I got 45 trees ranging from 5" to 2.25" tall, measuring the trunks. In all fairness, I did have a $5.00 Amazon credit, but still, $23 would have been very much worth it. So, what are they like? I've got pics.

 Bagged. Nothing fancy at all.

The contents of one bag. Three each of five different sizes.

The ends have spikes. I imagine these will be useless to many of you; the trees will be severely top-heavy and the little peg won't hold well at all. I'll lop mine off and employ hot glue or Gorilla glue.

So, how do they stack up against miniatures? I've got pics of each size tree with a 32mm trooper, a 25mm cowboy (half painted by my son), a 20mm (1/72) German, and a 15mm elf.

The 5 inch tree

 4.25 inch

3.25 inch
2.5 inch

2.25 inch

They'll all be useful - the big ones are way too large for the 15mm figures for sure, but all will be useful with larger scale minis. The tan trunks aren't terribly appealing, but given the price, I'm fine with it. If you're interested, you can find them here. I'm not on their payroll 😁I just thought they were a really good value.

20 September 2017

Some Bones

I picked up some Bones minis over the weekend and they churned they had a remarkably short stay in the painting queue.
They are IMEF sci-fi troopers and will look nice alongside the NovaCorp guys I already have. I think I have some more of these guys floating around that my son vandalized once upon a time. I think I'm going to try to find them and paint them up to match. I do need to pick up some 30mm bases for these guys - the molded-in bases are a bit weedy.

17 September 2017

Re-Forestation 2: The Jungling

I cranked out another 17 clumps of jungle foliage this morning. They're just re-purposed aquarium scenery of course, but they sure do get the job done! This makes 43 jungle foliage clumps I've added to my collection this year! I had close to 70 prior. I've got some tall plants too that I'll finish up one of these days. I think they'll need to be wired to stand up properly.

The ones on the left are simple single-piece things - hot glued to a wooden disc, then some flock on the base. The eleven on the right are two-part affairs made from these two pieces:
I glued the bit with the long leaves first, and a few minutes later added the middle bit. It certainly creates a more interesting looking thing. The hot glue had the added benefit of "encouraging" the long leaves to spread out instead of just sticking straight up.

I have been doing a bit of painting this weekend too.

What may be my last ever Spartan purchase - the Ryushi have made it into the painting queue.So far just white primer, black magic wash and a white drybrush. Colors are next!

14 September 2017

Post Irma

Savannah was fortunate to escape Irma's wrath. Very little damage, all things considered, especially compared to Florida. My mom's house got flooded at high tide on Monday as the storm surge pushed in at the same time.

The street to her house. Note the hydrant and mailbox. She got about 3-4 inches of water inside the bottom floor which is really just a garage and work shop. My dad's old office and a guest room had their carpets wrecked, but nothing tragic at all. It was fascinating to see all the insects swimming and climbing for their lives.

We're pretty well back to normal now, I hope to get in some gaming this weekend. Be well!

10 September 2017

Nothin' Quite Like It

Like an evacuation, that is. Being that my county is under mandatory evacuation, it's been a pretty lazy weekend here at the casa. I got some painting knocked out yesterday and this morning - some more Malifaux minis this time.

They're from the Open Graves box - some punk zombies, necromancer, a grave digger-upper and a fun vulture. The flying stand was my addition. Sorry the pics a bit fuzzy. Maybe I'll do some others when the weather outside improves. It's overcast with sporadic drizzle right now. It should heat up quite a bit tonight.

I took out the ASLSK this afternoon and played some solo Squad Leader.

It was Bersaglieri (the gray counters) vs some very well-trained Greeks. The Italians attacked and were trying to push the Greeks out of the village.

The Italians failed to capitalize on this situation.

But then shifted their attack and were able to pull off an assault to clear this building. Avanti!

After another turn or two, the Greeks were well-contained and would continue to be hammered. Call it an Italian victory.

ASL was a nice way to kill time on a Sunday afternoon. We need to play more often and this was a good rules refresher.

09 September 2017

Minor Painting Update and an Unearthly Announcement

They sat for months, but yesterday I finished off a couple of Firestorm Armada ships. The models went OOP well over a year ago when Spartan revamped the Terquai line. Since I already had a couple, when I found another blister for sale I couldn't pass it up. These are Terquai Torpedo Cruisers.

I like how the different patterns on the side bits turned out. I've always wondered if the side bits are supposed to be retractable because on the finished models it appears that they are extended away from the ship's body. The massive rear engine and pipes just begged to be done up like a car engine.

These two join their two sister ships in my Alliance of Kurak fleet:

It looks like we're going to be spared the major part of Irma's wrath here in Savannah. Although we're expecting some trouble, it'll be nothing like we expected two days ago. David and I may get in a game today, not sure what though. Be well and good gaming!

 Oh... yesterday the Visitor of the Beast hit my blog. 

In honor of that...
Cheesy video, awesome song.

07 September 2017

Hurricanes... (Update)

We have incoming!

It's still early and these tracks change, but this one isn't very reassuring. I think we're going to bug out and head to Atlanta (which should also be getting buckets of rain by the looks of things).

The 5am update is quite interesting. Poor Florida is set to be completely overrun, but with the storm trending west, I might do well to simply stay put. This evening's 11pm plot is the one that matters for me.

04 September 2017

Labor Day Weekend Gaming

Mike in Waycross was kind enough to host an all-day game session Sunday. We got cracking somewhere around 11:00 and left his house around 10:15, so it was a heck of a long day but terrific fun.

First up was StarDust: Ground. I brought my minis and Mike supplied the terrain. I had four factions split into to teams - the Red Guard and Space Marines were to fight the Mechans and Khans. David wanted the 'Bots and Zig wanted to command the Marines for their first game. Mike chose the Khans and I was left with the Red Guard.

The players and table. We blooded some newly acquired GeoHex. There were two objectives in the middle (yellow circles) and both teams were attempting to take and retain control of them.
Most of my forces.
I was situated across from David - his 'Bots were to be my primary opposition. That yellow disc to the lower right is one of two objective locations.
I sent my heavy tanks up the road in the crease; the light tanks also zipped forward and put a smoke screen in front of the heavies.
My Salamander Space Marine allies pushed forward into the crater and towards the ruined building with the other objective.
My Horseman light tank squadron keep my far left flank in order. The one furthest up the hill had just been  hit by a blast from the Mechan Destroyer grav tanks up ahead. Lucky for me, its movement was just halved - it was still a useful gun platform. Those light tanks did have a great time shooting up the small Drones in the distance. They were convenient and willing targets.
My biggest problem though was trying to get good results out of my heavies. Mike's heavy tanks (on the ridge in the distance) hung around and just dared me to do something. We traded shots for quite some time.
Over on the right, the Marines reinforced their position. They were taking massive amounts of fire from the Dawgs but good armor and good cover make Space Marines incredibly hard to shift.
The Mechan Destroyers appear to have tired of my light tanks. Their gunfire wasn't terribly accurate and the Horsemen continued to frustrate the robot horde. You can also see that a squad of Marines has captured the objective in the ruined building.
David moves a squad of 'Bots up to the objective on our side! This will not do.
Two massive Predator walkers jump-jet over the rubble and smash into the Marines in the crater. The loose gravel must have frustrated the Predators' pilots because the Marines fought them off with little trouble.
Moments later, the Salamanders' lascannon let loose an energy blast, wrecking one of the Predators who was now in an exposed position.
Needing to do something about the Mechan threat to the near objective, I pushed my Lancers forward. One took a shot at one of the Destroyers but the plasma beam went high. The other two tanks fired off low-powered pulses of plasma energy at the robotic infantry, causing havoc among their ranks.
The Destroyers pushed forward to escape my heavies and took out a lot of aggression on two infantry squads I had lingering. My AT missile team remained, but was forced to fall back, effectively neutered for the remainder of the game.
Mike finally gets a shot to land on one of my Lancers and knocks one out! An artillery strike called by the Mechan commander slows down another of my heavy tanks. Woe is me.
The end. I had pushed my one good-condition tank right up to the objective and Zig had put some Terminators in the ruin, heling secure that objective. The David and Mike made a mighty push in the last turn to shift me but it just didn't happen. The Marines (mostly) and Red Guard managed a convincing win, even though it didn't feel like it.

The game was well-received and we all had a good time. Mike and I had a shitty-dice rolling contest. I was confident driving my tank out in front of his towards the end because his shots were soooo bad, I really didn't figure they'd do anything. As it turned out, he still only bagged one. I had a wonderful time shooting up infantry but succeeded in penetrating vehicle armor ONE time, and even then I only half-moved a Destroyer.

The Marines were spot-on. They're dead hard infantry and proved incredibly tough for Mike to deal with while they remained in cover. Mike started to give up on them and move along, but a turn or two too late for it to make a big difference.

After we tidied up, we set up for a big game of X-Wing. Big. Like 360 points per side big.

With no time constraints, we planned an Epic game a couple weeks ago. We put all the big toys on the table - the Imperial Raider and Carrier along with the Rebel Transport and Corvette. The big ships had plenty of small ships in support.

We did have two additional players show up to help drive - another Mike (H) and Max.

The Imperials were:
Me - Gozanti Carrier + 4 TIES
David - Raider Corvette  and 4 TIE Interceptors
Mike H - 2 TIE Bombers and Vader in a TIE Advanced

The Rebels were:
Ziggy - CR90 Corvette + 2 A-Wings
Mike B - GR75 Transport + Han Solo Falcon + Luke Skywalker X-Wing + Rookie X-Wing
Max - 2 Y-Wings + 2 B-Wings

Somehow, I had to end up having to prop up a flank with a trash scow and four bottom-rung TIEs. Yup, against the most powerful ship in the Rebel group. Oh well, somehow I'll figure out a way. I popped out a pair of TIEs to get to work keeping the A-Wings off my carrier.
On the far side of the battlefield, a real dogfight was developing. The Interceptors absolutely pummeled the Falcon, reducing it to just one or two hull points after their volley was done.
My other two TIEs launch and amazingly I kill one of the two A-Wings right away! Ziggy's dice were (as is often the case) miserable.
A wider view of the early stages.
I went to the bathroom. When I came back, David's Interceptors were in the process of being destroyed. They had been left hanging out to dry in front of a gunline of X-Wings and B-Wings at range 1. Ugh.
I made the command decision to get away from Ziggy's corvette. David and I decided our two big ships should go play bumper-cars with the Rebels.
The shelf of despair.
Although you can't tell, the Gozanti had just steam-rolled a Y-Wing and a TIE Bomber narrowly avoids a similar fate. Bwahahaha.
I start swinging my TIEs around to nip at the heels of Ziggy's monstrosity. Bwahahaha again.
David makes his goal the destruction of the Transport, nicknamed "The Fish." My carrier keeps turning and running! David's Raider's rear section is being completely wrecked by the big Rebel ship.
A Bomber snuggles up behind the CR90.
The CR90 is good and screwed. Vader, the Bomber and my TIE all blasted away at it. both the front and rear were within one hit of being wrecked. The Raider had repaired its shields and the Transport was sucking wind. The Rebels surrendered, secure in the knowledge that they we done.

Wow. That was a long, epic, awesome game of X-Wing. Fortunes swung wildly a few times. The Falcon getting wrecked early, the all the Interceptors going away. Luke was taken out by Vader. The Raider was getting murdered by the CR90, but constant pounding by the Imperial smalls took its toll on the Rebel corvette and eventually did the trick.

Vader was the man of the match, followed by the Imperial Raider. Vader lost one shield and was just hell on wheels the whole time. Nothing but Hits, Crits and Evades. It was amazing. My TIEs proved a quality distraction, especially for their low-low cost!

Thanks for everyone who played - I had a great time. Double thanks to Mike for hosting and letting us junk up his house for a day. Also double thanks to David for driving. Looking forward to the next games! Be well.