26 September 2020

Recently Painted - Infinity Minis

I finished up those Combined Army Morats that I previewed a couple weeks ago. They turned out very nicely and I'm rather happy with them. Looking forward to seeing how they perform on the game table. For now, just pictures.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom we have four Yaogats, four Rodoks, Kornak  and two Assault Engineers. 

These fellas a bit heavier-duty than the slobs I normally field - a bit more on the level of the knights that Ziggy usually plays with. Should be an interesting change of pace for both of us.

20 September 2020

Skellies on the Run!

This weekend summer decided to quit making outdoor life miserably hot here in Savannah. We've had highs in the mid-70s and evening lows in the low 60's. In short, freaking amazing weather. To take advantage of that I set up a game table on the back patio Saturday evening for a bit of Dragon Rampant in the dark!

Two sawhorses, two 2x4 sheets of plywood. Boom. Hey! There's the dining room I normally play in!

This was the debut of my Splintered Light 15mm Dwarf army. Left to right, here are some warriors, rangers and slayers.

Berserkers and Sorceress. The Dwarf Queen's retinue was not included in this photo shoot for some reason.

My wife used her Undead army, this time composed of Spectres, Nightmares, Skeletons, a Coven of Witches and the Bone Griffons.

My bride and her horde.

 Early on, she failed a lot of movement actions, allowing me to get my forces spread across the breadth of the battlefield. Now I just had to play "goalie" and stop some bad dreams from crossing the table!

Here's a picture of the Retinue. The Nightmares charged into them and lost three of their number, thanks in part to the Runecaster's "Sharper Blades" spell she'd cast on the Dwarf elite. The retinue only lost one of their number, their Mystical Armor proving its worth. Of course I managed to flub the courage test anyway (snake eyes) and the merry band fell back. 

On my next turn, the Retinue rallied then I failed my first action attempt. This gave the Spectres the opportunity to slip past my forces and off the board. Three VPs for the undead!

On the other side of the battlefield, the Griffons had also made a quick run past my troops. The skeletal beastmen and witches were also making great progress while I struggled to get any kind of momentum. 

The witches look like shepherds driving their flock of skellies!
The Nightmares and Retinue have another go. This time things worked out a little better of the girls with sharp sticks.

The Dwarf Rangers loose a volley at the Witches, causing a couple of wounds! Hurrah us!

The Dwarves are suffering though. The Griffons and Skeletons are off the battlefield and the Witches are mere steps from escaping. Slayers and Warriors close in as quickly as their little legs can carry them.

The Retinue finally dispatch the Nightmares! Hurrah, I'm finally on the scoreboard.

In some last-game drama, my Slayers attacked the Witches, causing them to fall back into the woods. The Witches passed a courage test (0+) at -10 on 2d6 and did not panic. My Slayers on the other hand failed their test and fled off the table. Oh goody.

The following turn the Witches waltz off the battlefield. Undead win, 10-2. Bah!

Regardless of the score, it was a darn entertaining game. There were big swings of fortune. In the early going I was able to get my troops into position while my wife's troops stalled. Then she got on a run of success while I ground to a halt.

Overall, I like the composition of the Dwarf army I put together and am glad to have another characterful warband. Not bad for $20.

I hope the weather stays tolerable on weekend for a while. I could go for another outdoor game or two. That was lovely! By the way, the wind had it's way with our trees and once or twice our stat cards got blown away. The table did get attacked by a black gum tree seed pod once. It was quite startling and sent dice and glass beads flying but the damage was superficial.

13 September 2020

Painting Table In Progress

 I rarely post "in progress" shots of my minis but since I've taken pics along the way, I thought I might for a change. This is a group of eleven Infinity models I began assembling last weekend.

Super glue and patience.

And now with base texture added.

Primed dark brown and a few splashes of color here and there.

07 September 2020

Painting Table "Really" Cleared

 The two hangers on I had left after the Batman and Dwarves were these two. They're micro-armor aircraft additions to the collection. The CH-53E is for the Marines who really could have used an extra CH-46 but given the trouble finding those models these days, I opted for the Jolly Green Giant instead. It's of course gray, but regardless, it is a giant

The F-117 is probably the most impractical wargame miniature I now own, but that doesn't change the fact that since my youth in the mid and late 1980's, it's been my absolute favorite plane ever. That sweet black triangle of doom is just amazing. I'm sure I can arrange a scenario-specific job for it. Ziggy's idea of just having a flight stand without the plane was top-notch, but ultimately less fun to paint.

No decals, but a few hand-painted markings. Kind of like impressionist insignia. The '53 is GHQ and the F-117 is from CinC, whose molds and castings are now owned and sold by LegionsIVHire in Canada.

05 September 2020

Recent Painting - Table Cleared!

 It's always nice to clear a batch of models from the painting table. It feels like these sat forever, although really they barely hung out for a month or so. Most of the painting was done on Saturday and Sunday mornings so it's not like they really took a long time to paint. 

Twenty two models. Not bad for a month, I guess. 

A group of twelve more 15mm Dwarves from Splintered Light. This should round out the collection for Dragon Rampant. These are pretty typical warriors, heavy infantry by anyone's definition. 

A few members of Gotham's finest. I finally have enough SWAT officers for a proper GCPD force.

A new Riddler and some goons! Thanks, Wayne. These were a birthday gift. The blister included a Quelle model identical to the one I've already got. I spared myself the trouble. These guys will enjoy the company of the Riddler Bots I have.

Last but certainly not least, are these three baddies! They're Wayne's, he asked me to paint them. That's Solomon Grundy, Scarecrow and Man-Bat. We're planning a Halloween Batman game and these three will be pretty instrumental.

All in all, a fun group of models to paint up for August. September is shaping up to be Infinity-themed. I have eleven new Combined Army models to get assembled and done up.