27 February 2013

Recently Painted

I never put up the pics of the Dutch mechanized battalion that I finished a few weeks ago, so here they are. The YPR765s have been proxied with Canadian Lynx APCs. The 765prats were proxied with M901s.

The whole battalion plus an F-16

Two 120mm mortars

3 AT platoons

The Falcon

They turned out nicely and will make a nice "filler" unit to help slow the Communist advance across Europe.

I also cranked out the spaceships in quick time.Two old-school Romulans from SFB and some others from ACTA: Noble Armada. The smaller Romulan has a seriously miscast engine which is kind of annoying but since the price was very good, I'll live. I do like painting sci-fi stuff like this, normal color palates go right out the window. Now you're saying - Ski, what's with the spaceships? Keep watching this... heh... space and you'll see!

24 February 2013

More Dystopian Wars (!)

So Ziggy and I managed to get a game of DW in on Sunday afternoon up at Morningstar Games in Savannah. We played 800 points, me using my Blazing Suns and Zig fielding his Brits.

My Force
1 Battleship
3 Cruisers
3 Destroyers
4 Frigates
1 Squid Sub
2 Gyros
5 TBs and 5 FTRs

Zig's Force
1 Battleship
3 Escorts
3 Gunships
2 Frigates
2 Subs
2 Hawk Rotors
5 DBs and 5 FTRs

I didn't take any notes so all of the play by play is going to be "best guess."

Shortly after setup. I went real heavy on my right, with the FFs, BB, SS and Gyros. The Cruisers and Destroyers were given the left / center. Small planes were in the center. 

Mike Baker and Chris were playing behind us, Prussians v Antarcticans

The trains get out there - destroyers and cruisers have their work cut out for them with a Battleship and 2 Rotors on their side.

Pretty sure this was the end of turn 1. I dinked one of the Gunships for a point.

Middle of turn 2. My Squid and Gyros finished off one Brit sub. The Frigates and Battleship have pounded the Gunships. My Cruisers and Destroyers are doing the swirl. 

From this shot you can't see the bravery of the Japanese sailors. The Cruisers steamed right up to the Battleship and unloaded a massive broadside into the stinkin' thing causing a critical hit. The Rotors then bombed the hell out of my cruisers sinking two.

Over on the right, I got four Frigates wedged amongst the three Gunships. I gave 'em hell! Broadsides and turrets all around! Sank one and critted another. All in a day's work for the little boats.

A magnetic mine damages three of my Destroyers. His Dive Bombers have smacked my surviving Cruiser. 

A few die rolls later, my Battleship sank his last Gunship and the Gyros killed one of his two Rotors. Zig called the game at that point, having a slightly damaged Battleship, one Rotor and one way out-of-position submarine left. I still had a slightly damaged Battleship, two Gyros, four Frigates and a full health Squid Sub.

My first win against Zig's fleet ever I think! His damn Battleship and Gunships usually give me fits. This time I just concentrated on the Gunships and making them GONE. It worked! The Cruisers and Destroyers gave the Battleship a hell of a fight, especially since their rockets were so gimped by the three escorts. An enjoyable game and a good way to burn up a Sunday afternoon.

Good Gaming!

22 February 2013

End-of-week mid-week update

Yeah, that.

Not much going on this week. Junior's discount Dystopian Wars battleship arrived ($8.00!) and I got cracking on it. Here's an in-progress shot:

Ya'll know I don't post WIP often, so treasure it! I ordered a Blazing Sun flying carrier for myself at the same time for a mere $7.00 but they emailed back saying that they are out of stock and too bad. I was not happy.

I've got some Shipwreck ships in the mail - they come from Jolly Ol' so they take a while. They'll get utilized in my Gnomecon scenario.

I also have some spaceships on the way - they're just fun to paint and I haven't in a while.

Playing DW with Zig on Sunday - last weekend's game was entertaining enough and Z and I haven't played anything in a while.

Good Gaming!

17 February 2013

Dystopian Wars

Junior and I got in that game of DW Sunday afternoon. He used his Prussians and I used my snakebitten EoBS guys.

Junior's Force
2 Gunships
3 Destroyers
1 Airship CV
1 Giant Robot
2 Bombers
2 Scout Airships
5 Fighters
5 Dive Bombers

My Force
1 Squid Submarine
3 Cruisers
4 Frigates
3 Destroyers
2 Bombers
2 Gyros
5 Torpedo Bombers
5 Fighters

We scattered some islands about as well as two reefs and set up our stuff.
Junior packed his stuff pretty tightly in the center whereas I was more scattered. My train of frigates is just left of frame in the corner.

End of turn 1. My destroyers rocketed one of his destroyers to death. No other casualties.

Things are starting to really heat up. I've lost a destroyer, a cruiser... I'm damaging his units but not killing them.

My fighters pounce on his small airships, another of my cruisers takes a beating. The Robot scores its first kill ever trashing, one of my Gyros.

Having read the writing on the coffee mug, the remaining cruiser closes with the gunship and gives it a broadside bashing! The torpedo bombers had already bagged the other.

And then things start to really go off the tracks. The scout airships catch up with my Squid and start zapping it.

I think this was the end of 3. My fighters engaged his still-dangerous dive bombers. His remaining gunship is smoking and listing.

The bombers and scout airships unload bombs on the squid. Let's not mention the rear-facing Tesla coils on the bombers as well. I think my stupid plan was to try to knock out a scout blimp with the frigates before they had a chance to move. Didn't work. I did manage to run the dive-bomber's fuel down to 1, making them completely useless! Small victories. His big airship unloaded with its Tesla zapping the crap out of the sub. My Gyro did bomb and shoot the bejezeesus out of the Robot, neutering it but not killing it.

And a turn later, Junior win initiative and Tokyo drifts his Carrier over my Squid and hits it with a 12AD bomb. Game over for me. I took some parting shots but failed to kill anything. 

Final Death Tally
My Losses
1 Squid Attack Submarine
3 Cruisers
1 Gyro
1 Frigate
3 Destroyers

Junior's Losses
2 Gunships
3 Destroyers

My typical luck with Dystopian Wars - I had trouble getting kills. I spent a lot of shots firing at the big zeppelin and did 5 damage, but I had trouble with the small airships and bombers - one of each was sitting on 3 damage! Those would have been nice kills.

Either way, it was a fun time and a nice way to kill the afternoon.

Good Gaming!

14 February 2013

More Completed Stuff

Knocked out the three Dystopian Wars Prussian Gunships that have been idling on my "to be completed" stack for months now. I know I just bashed the system a few posts ago, but the minis are still nice to paint.

The pale grey accident on the smoke stack has been corrected.

Maybe the kid and I will drag these things out this weekend and play a round of DW.

13 February 2013

A Flock of Seagulls

Or ocean-going helicopters if you prefer. Finished up 8 of the Kamovs and the 4 Hueys.

I think I have changed my mind about Gnomecon. I'm probably going to run Shipwreck on Sunday. It is better suited for walk-ups - the rules are much simpler and there is a lot less confusion on the tabletop. It also scales well to whatever number of players I end up with.

11 February 2013

Current Projects

Most of my modeling and painting time for the last couple of weeks has been spent making bases and markers. I've been waiting for minis to show up so it has been kind of sad, but the 1/600 helos showed up today so at least I have something to keep me busy for a bit. I did knock out 20 Dystopian Wars small Prussian tanks for Junior.

Unidentified aerial contacts

Some Hueys and Ka-25s for Shipwreck. That Moskva carries a whole lotta helicopters

Unidentified surface contacts

Nothing fancy, certainly table-worthy though.

Shipwreck - A Delicious Engagement

Sunday afternoon some of us got together for a game of Shipwreck at Morningstar Games in Savannah. James brought the ships and a scenario. Also in attendance were Joe and Michael. Michael had not played before, he's the same guy I played SFB with last weekend.

Basic scenario setup - Present Day. Vietnamese ships have been conducting exercises near the Spratly Islands. Two transports and two escorts are being escorted by four Indian ships. China, who takes issue with the Vietnamese claim on the islands, in in the area to prevent Vietnam from reinforcing the islands.

We randomly determined who was who. I was dealt the Chinese, Joe got the Vietnamese and James got the Indians. Mike took three of the Chinese ships and I drove the other two. Our mission was to prevent the Vietnamese transports from exiting the area. 

Admiral Mike and I decided to steam as quickly as possible to the South edge of the area, where the Vietnamese ships would exit. I sent my helicopters out for recon. The Indians did the same, filling the skies with their helos.

The powerful Indian ship "Delhi" was pushing its way west the entire time to get close to the Vietnamese ships it was there to protect. The other three simply got in the way of international law, bringing shame to themselves.

Realizing that we would never catch the Vietnamese convoy, we formed a plan (P.L.A.N.?) to slow them down. Commander Michael released a full salvo of cruise missiles at the three treacherous Vietnamese ships we had detected with our high-quality radar systems. I positioned my ships threateningly, in case we needed to fire at the Indians.
The die next to the missile marker indicates the number of rockets. The center group has four. 

Joe looks on despondently as the rest of us laugh and take pictures of the fireworks.

As the rockets streak over the Indian troublemakers, they shoot a couple down. Curses!

From this...

To this, in a matter of moments! This is not working out! No matter - It only takes one hit to sink one of these scows.

These sneaky Vietnamese are a crafty lot. One of the transports explodes instantly but the other two targets are completely unharmed. A complaint will be filed with the missile factory. Apparently the workers are getting lazy. Apparently patriotism is lacking.

I decide to take matters into my own hands. Captain Mike is the apprentice, I shall show him how this is done! One of the Vietnamese escorts (Tarantul-class missile boat) breaks formation and heads towards my group. Apprentice-Commander Michael sends his ships west to put his guns to use. I have my destroyer launch eight rockets - four at the aggressive missile-boat and four at the surviving transport. We never got a detection on the remaining escort. The Tarantul fired four missiles at my group.

Indian and Chinese AA fire was very effective, knocking down all but one missile. The one that wasn't hit was targeted on the Tarantul - heheh. Fireball coming online!

The unthinkable. Another bad guidance chip. There will be hell to pay for this!

On the next turn, my frigate launches its four missiles at the transport, desperate for a kill. The Tarantul heads towards us and Junior Captain Michael closes the gap and gets within gun range with all of his vessels.

The filthy Indian ships again shoot down my cruise missiles. I do not understand why they insist on interfering. This is preposterous! 

Ensign Second-Class Michael had moved his ships in position to fire at the Vietnamese interloper. He sent a few ill-advises volleys over the masts of an Indian vessel.
The People's guns speak, sinking the Vietnamese vessel.

With that, we decided to let the other Vietnamese ships leave. We did not want to appear to be bloodthirsty savages. We are merciful and beneficent. A complaint will be filed at the UN over the actions of the Vietnamese and Indians.


Yeah, we simply could not catch up with the last two Vietnamese ships. We ended up with a draw. The Vietnamese got a minor victory. The Indians, well, who knows? The game was a hoot and we all enjoyed ourselves. Thanks again to James for supplying ships, etc.