28 April 2014

Work In Progress & X-Wing

A quick couple of WIP shots. These are 15mm Protolene "Canine Aliens" from Critical Mass Games in Jolly Ol'. I ordered a bunch a few weeks back and they painted up quickly and easily. They'll make a good opponent for my Red Guard who also had some reinforcements arrive. Those minis are in the queue and will be next on the table.

Two bases had been spackled to this point. They're drying now and the next step (patches of sand) begins tomorrow.

We got some X-Wing in Sunday afternoon. That's David with his back to the camera and Junior (left) and his friend Elijah (right). I drove and A-Wing and a B-Wing, Dave used an X-Wing and a Y-Wing. Together we squared off against the kids. Junior used his beloved Slave I. Elijah used an Interceptor and a TIE Advanced (Vader). The crafty old men taught the kids a lesson in driving spaceships. Elijah's Vader truly had the Force with it - Dave and I had a hell of a time trying to finish it off - but in the end, the B-Wing got the kill shots on all three Imperials and it was another rout for the Rebels.

27 April 2014

Strike Legion: Platoon Leader - first playtest

Wow. It's weird to be posting about a game on my blog. It seems like quite some since I've done this.
I picked up SL: Platoon Leader (Legionnaire Games) almost 6 months ago and although I read through it, I just never did anything else with it. Then, about a month ago I picked up Close Quarter Skirmish, also from Legionnaire. For whatever reason, reading through CQS renewed my interest in PL. I ordered some minis and scratch-built that flyer. I showed the game and minis to Ziggy who was interested (he'll play anything - any excuse is a good excuse to roll dice and drink beer).  Last evening we played through the very simple first scenario in the rule book - three squads versus three squads, identical forces. Really it was just about learning game mechanics. Since my appropriately-based sci-fi miniatures ain't quite ready for playing with, we broke out our Flames of War models. It was to be Fallschirmj√§ger versus Army Rangers (for the six-zillionth time in our gaming history).

I didn't go through the hassle of bringing out the doors (the big table). Six minis per side doesn't warrant that much space.

Orange squad heads around the side through the buildings.

Forgive the rakish "Batman" camera angle. You can see my troops are starting to take a bit of a pounding.

But the FJs we taking a real beating. Those "crosshair" markers should be "overwatch" markers.

Keep firing until they go away!

And they did. First blood, Rangers!

Nothing special going on here, but note the "1" on the experience die. Between Z and myself, we must've rolled a "1" on the experience die 80% of the time. I'm not exaggerating. It was a rare thing indeed to actually score effective hits because of the miserable dice luck pervading the table. 

In the end, my Rangers won but we both like how the game operates and will be back for more!

19 April 2014

Recent Projects

I've got three outstanding miniatures orders that I was really hoping to get cracking on this weekend, but it was not to be. Instead, I had to entertain myself with some models I've had lounging around for a while. Not nearly as much fun, but a better sense of accomplishment.

First up are some trees. A third of this box has already made an appearance on this blog. The others (with the weird little round leaves) and the banana trees are recently completed. These will be very useful for AK47 and SL:PL. The round leaf trees on the right and the straight leaf trees on the left are aquarium plants. The banana trees are Pegasus models that my old gaming buddy Neil gave me at Gnomecon because they were just too small for 40K. The banana trees are very fragile but good looking. The box says it comes with 15 trees but in actuality comes with 18.

Next up...

Some reinforcements for the Tan N Teals. The poor TNTs have been dealing with just two ship classes so now get a destroyer / light cruiser type. I need to finalize a ship card for them.

Next is nothing new, but just a rebase project. I went from single-based to "FOW" sized bases for use in Strike Legion: Platoon Leader. Boom! Instant OpFor!

The look suitably menacing against my humans.

Last but by no means least is a home-made kitbash one of a kind vehicle! I put it together a month or so ago and just got around to finishing it yesterday.

It's made of a toy Bell JetRanger, bits from a Ju 88 bomber, lids from two glue bottles and two googly-eyes.

It's big and impressive and should look great on the tabletop ferrying in a platoon of troops. I was obviously inspired by the V-22 Osprey, but it retains some uniqueness. I'm very happy with it. It was a tough decision to leave it unarmed, but I just kept telling myself "troop transport." I'll make or pick up an armed flyer to escort it and clear the LZ.

Alrighty y'all, have a good Easter weekend and be well!

13 April 2014

Saturday at Gnomecon

We work really torpedoed my Gnomecon plans but I managed to get down there anyway Saturday afternoon for some great gaming and hanging out. Because of the work project I wasn't able to run my StarDust demo. The X-Wing tournament didn't start until 3:00, so we had a chance to wander around and check things out. Some folks were playing GIANT-SIZED Star Trek Attack Wing (very similar to X-Wing):

I wish we'd gotten down earlier - that would have been a hoot.


Junior and some of his Imperial stooges.

Ziggy showed up to heckle as did Chewie.

My son, who's gotten a good bit of practice playing with me, gave a very good accounting of himself in the tournament.

We did get in a tournament game against each other and he FINALLY managed to beat be! A last second shot at the 60-minute buzzer finished off Luke, whereas my nearly last second shot at his Firespray had missed.

As it turned out, it was a podium sweep for my family! I got 1st and my son got 2nd place! We got some very nice loot - I got a paid pre-order of the Rebel Aces box set and an "Ace" medal. Junior got a Millennium Falcon and we both got some special game tokens and Imperial Shuttle pilot cards.
The late event for me was Star Fleet Battles. Mike had an amazingly good turnout for SFB - we had NINE players which, I gotta say, is unheard of. It was a simple enough scenario with four Klingons and a Romulan pursuing two Kzintis who had two Feds coming in to help them out. The Feds also had a target decoy to help even out the situation.

James, Mike (the GM) and Mark. Mike's patience was wearing thin as the night wore on - he was tired, had lost his voice and competing with a very large and enthusiastic WarMachine crowd was kicking his ass. He was testy but kept a good attitude - it was actually pretty funny.

The scrum develops. Nine ships turned into quite the scene.

We'd pretty well shredded the front shields of the Red Kzinti cruiser (James' ship) when I managed to get into a fantastic firing position on him. I had a drone make it through the down shield, followed by most of my guns. Normally I struggle to get good shot positions in SFB, this game was a major exception to my usual lame performance.

The players. Not sure where David Siu had run off to. Of 9 players, we had 2 Marks, 2 Bills and 2 Davids. What are the odds of three names repeating like that? Starting fromt he lower left and going clock-wise, it's Romulan Bill, Fed Bill's wife, Klingon Dave, Fed Bill, Fed Mark, James, Mike and Klingon Mark.

The Klingon parade. I think that is, right-to-left, Mike, Mark me and Klingon Dave.

Mike and I get all up on Federation Mark's cruiser. We hulled him out in short order.

The Klingons + Romulan won handily. We'd destroyed one Fed Cruiser and severely crippled the other three Alliance ships. Klingon Dave's and Mike's ships were a little beaten up and Mark took a heavy blow late in the game, but we had two ships (my Klingon and Bill's Rom) that had only lost shields. We all had great time and I think we created a couple of new SFB fans Kzinti Dave and Fed Mark had never played before.

09 April 2014

Gnomecon Prep!

Work. How obnoxious.

My Gnomecon plans will be curtailed thanks to silly old work.

Hopefully I'll still be able to play Start Fleet Battles on Friday night.

Saturday I've got a table reserved for the morning and after lunch slots. I'll be playing and showing off StarDust with Ziggy. I've got a two-game linked scenario worked out that should be pretty entertaining.

I'd originally planned to play in the X-Wing tournament on Saturday with my son who was also quite excited to play only to find out it is supposed to be a two-day affair, Friday and Saturday. Call me mean, but I'm not letting him out of school early to play in a game tournament that I also may not be able to attend because of work. Here's hoping for a poor X-Wing turnout on Friday so the X-Wing gets cut to a one-day only tourney on Saturday that we can actually play in. ;)

Gaming for Sunday is probably out - I imagine my part of the project at work is going to be most easily done then - after the other company is done with their part. I just need to hit up 70+ PCs and change some desktop icons, etc.

I think I'm done getting models and stuff sorted out for Saturday - I've been sick since last Saturday and haven't been easily motivated at the painting table. I based some more aquarium plant trees and made some asteroid field templates but nothing too strenuous. I guess tonight I'll start assembling my bug-out box for Saturday morning.

04 April 2014

Recently Painted Things!

Hi all. I haven't done much posting aside from AARs recently. I guess I haven't done much in the way of solid, start-to-finish painting. I was sick yesterday and finished up a few bases of 15mm sci-fi troops and a hover tank for use with Strike Legion : Platoon Leader. I'm probably going to pick up some more stuff for this - I enjoyed painting the stuff quite a bit! The models are from Rebel Minis.


 Sniper and Lieutennant

Rocket Launcher


 Hover Tank. I magnetized the turret.