01 March 2012

A Little Rant

Battlefront wants to give me a "free" 3rd edition rulebook. A rulebook that pretty much invalidates the two or three hundred dollars worth of their books that I already own. I could spring for the $60 full rulebook which includes some Late War lists, but that still irritates the hell out of me. I'm done with 'em. I will not pay money for anything with a Battlefront logo on it anymore. They refuse to publish errata, their prices rise higher, faster than the rest of the industry and I'm just tired of it.

To really get going on v3 right now, I'd have to drop $160 on books. Fucking books. Books I already have that are suddenly wrong because World War II changed dramatically from the end of last year to right now. Sorry, I'll save the money and put it towards MSH, DW or SBH MINIATURES since I like painting and playing with my toy soldiers, not hosting a fucking library.

Dystopian Wars just went through a rules update - the results of which are completely free, unless you want to buy a consolidated rulebook. I am not forced to purchase any additional updated materials. They are not screwing their customers. Yay Spartan Games.

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