12 May 2012


It has been a very busy last few weeks and gaming hasn't been much of a priority. My Empire of the Blazing Sun battlegroup will make its way out of the storage box and onto the table this evening so at least I'll be getting back in very soon!

I had a flash of inspiration the other evening thanks to this:

The problem: clearly marking attached units in Modern Spearhead without making permanent changes to the miniatures. The answer:

Step 1 - use steel bases for your SH / MSH miniatures

Step 2 - carve up a thin, flexible refrigerator magnet into .25 inch X 1.25 inch strips

Step 3 - Hose those critters down with the same color you've done the base ID strips in

Step 4 - Oh yeah.

I need to paint Battalion ID numbers on the magnetic strips, but that's peanuts. I'm also toying with the notion of using the small round magnets I use to hold resin 15mm turrets on tanks as unit changers as well since they are ridiculously strong and I doubt I'll be buying very many more resin 15mm tanks. (I'm looking at YOU Battlefront!). Anyway, feel free to use my idea if you haven't thought of it yourself already.

I'll post a DW AAR soon. Good gaming!

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