31 October 2012


Well, Malifaux didn't really work out in Charlotte - I went by the game store but the players were there for D&D. Ha! I did hang out and chat with some of the folks for a couple hours - nice people and a good shop - Games HQ. Malifaux looks neat but since all my scenery is 15mm scale or smaller, I have no business getting involved with bigger scale games.

I haven't done jack as far as painting lately, unless you count a coat of paint on "Monster Island." I'm going to turn a pink insulation foam hill into a terrain piece for Mighty Monsters - a Godzilla-type game. I ordered some PicoArmor tanks, helos, APCs and stuff for use with it too.

I installed Windows 8 on my home PC last evening. The upgrade process worked flawlessly - I was rather impressed. The performance boost is nice. It'll take a week or two to get used to the UI but it isn't as bad as the nay-sayers in the press would have you believe.

Happy Halloween! We're dressing up as Scully, Mulder and two aliens this evening.

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