21 July 2013

Swatters, or Toyota Technical Troopers

Three weeks ago the bug swarms started descending from the skies in their spore-meteors. They hit every part of the planet and nowhere was safe. Nowhere, unless you were armed and ready to give the alien invaders a fight.

A "raiding force" including Warriors, Incursors and a Colossus was making its way towards Kinshasa when elements of the People's Popular Front caught up with them.

The PPF was spread out across the battlefield.
The bugs went "heavy right" with only one unit of Incursors on their left flank.

The aliens move forward. Still out of reach of the PPFs guns. The mortar's fire was ineffective.
A couple units of the PPF move forward a bit and loose some shots and the invaders.
First contact. Warlord Krishan's elite's square off against their foes.
The unit next to those bugs got hammered by the tank and two other fire teams.
But the bugs just keep coming - another group appears from the trees!
But moments later the flank is getting rolled up.

The Colossus smashes into the tank and the flank is turned on the PPF.
The mortar finally makes good on its promises of destruction and wipes two units and cripples another!
The PPF has consolidated into the corner around their commander.
We called the game there, or shortly thereafter. We forgot to set a timer - the humans simply need to last two hours in this scenario. It had been close to two hours though. I like the game a lot and I think everyone enjoyed it. I had James as a teammate on the human side and Zig and Junior combined as the hivemind. The human force was very close to its break-point our units were beaten up or just lean to begin with. If the bugs had been able to summon one more unit of reinforcements I think we'd have lost. I definitely want to play this again!

We'll need to tweak our lists next time - firebugs were useless in this game because of their slow speed. Assault Warriors and regular Warriors are where it's at. The Incursors were OK, but without dashing, not quite as nasty. I think I'd prefer two units of shooters to the one tank. Well... next time.

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