04 November 2013

Dystopian Wars - 2 v 2

On Sunday, Mike, Alan and I got together with a new gamer, Kevin for a game of Dystopian Wars. Kevin's wargame experience is negligible so this was a bit of an intro to gaming. The other three of us are old-timers so we had no shame in beating up on each other. Mike (Prussians) and I (EoBS) teamed up against Alan (Russians) and Kevin (FSA) for a battle in the Bering Straits. Each of us took 500ish points of stuff.

Our setups. Note the horrendous "caldera" of icebergs dominating the center of the board. The Russians/ FSA stacked their whole force on our left, while Mike and I decided to use the terrain as a shield.

Alan (left) shows Kevin how it's done.

Our ships start heading into the ring of ice. Rockets from my Gunships set the Russian airship ablaze and knock off its ablative armor.

That's a good looking model!

Turn 2 - Kevin's FSA torpedo bombers get frisky and make a run at my Gunships. My AA dice are terrific and bump two of the fliers. The torpedoes whiff miserably and I suffered no damage.

Mike's battleship takes a long-range shot at the Tunguska.

And scores a crit! 1/2 AD. Not good at all for the Siberian Slug.

The Yankee Battleship rounded the corner and took some shots at my cruisers and the Prussians but didn't make much of an impact. What was more significant was that my torpedo bombers were able to pounce.

21 hits, two crits, four damage.

This gives you an idea of the tremendous traffic jams that were forming.

Turn three began and Mike and I had the initiative. He followed my lead from earlier and did this:
His fighters duplicated the results of my previous attack against the airship and sent it crashing into the sea. The Flying Circus scores big!

Moments later, my Gunships emerged from the caldera to the enemy rear. They destroyed a Russian frigate and damaged another. Boarding parties captured two American frigates. Things are really rolling now for the "bad guys."

Adding insult to injury, Mike's torpedo bombers emerge from behind the cover of one of the icebergs and loose a swarm of "fish" at the stricken battleship again. 21 more hits and it sinks into the icy Arctic Ocean.

Our opponents survey the damage.

Early into turn four, Kevin moved his cruisers within "oh shit" range of my Ika which quickly took advantage of the situation. Kev scored some RIDICULOUS AA  hits and actually critted my critter on the way in, but the robotic squid from Tokyo Bay won the boarding action handily (tentacle-y?) and the game was done.

We'd destroyed or captured 50%+ of the enemy's fleet at that point and we were all ready to scoot. As one-sided as it was (all we lost was a Japanese cruiser and half a Gunship), we all had a great time. I'm sure Kevin is hooked an ready for some revenge.

My next AARs should be from the game-day fundraiser next Saturday. I'm planning to take along MSH and James wants to play Shipwreck so I should have a nice day of "moderns."

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