08 March 2014

Finishing Touches

I've posted a handful of times lately about my spaceship combat game and it is perilously close to completion - I'm redoing graphics and presentation on the scenarios right now. When that's done, it just a little bit of re-arranging of pages and it is done! I was able to decide on a name for it

Since it is waaaay beyond my original vision, I'm going to be selling it on Lulu.com. Its going to weigh in around 30 pages or so and contains full rules, ship stats, color counters (you'll need to provide scissors) and some sample scenarios. It is intended to be 100% generic so anyone can use whatever spaceship models they happen to have kickin' around, or hell, make some quickies out of Lego. It should be noted that the only die type used in StarDust is the d8, so if you want to give it a whirl, make sure you've got a few handy - 6-8 should be plenty.

My wife wants to give StarDust a try tonight. Wow. I guess she wants to see what I've been doing for the last couple months.

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