24 May 2014

Recently Painted Reinforcements

I've had these Stardate 3000 ships sitting the pile for a month or so and finally got cracking on assembly / painting last weekend. That's two "Draco" destroyers and a "Space Tug" for the Orange Fleet. The tug was given a large gun, under-slung as is the Orange Fleet fashion, and will be re-classed as perhaps a light cruiser. I've also got a dozen Red Fleet fighters in the queue - they'll be done up soon and I'll post pics of them when they are.

Today is "Ship Day" at Morningstar Games - they've got a handful of different ship-themed games being run from noon until 8 - Dystopian Wars, Sails of Glory, SFB, etc. I'll be playing Shipwreck with James. He's concocted and interesting little scenario featuring mainly third-rate trash and some Carribean Imagi-Nations. Should be a hoot.

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