26 August 2014

World War 1 Saturday (part 2)

Ziggy, Jon and I set up for Victory at Sea Age of Dreadnoughts after cleaning up the earlier game. We played the same scenario that Z and I played a couple weeks ago, the Battle of Cape Sarych. Jon took the Turks, I took the Russian cruiser contingent and Zig commanded the Russian battleships.

Jon proved to be a lot more aggressive than we expected. I did my best to screen the big ships in the back with smoke but my little cruisers were still in big trouble.

Turn 1 resulted in a lot of damage to to the Pamiat Merkuria - a critical hit from the Midilli took out the A turret and a salvo from the Yavuv Sultan Selim crippled her ruining most of the rest of her weapons.

I change tactics a bit and start screening my own cruisers figuring the battleships could take care of themselves.

The Almaz (my aviation cruiser) and the Turkish Midilli trade shots. The Almaz is hit by a torpedo and sinks quickly although I did get some good hits on the ex-German cruiser, damaging her props.

The Midilli attempts some of that ol' Russian smoke magic but isn't quite up to the task. My cruiser's zig-zag, on the other hand, is perfect as Jon shakes his fist to the sky.

Ziggy gets a solid broadside on the Midilli with the battleship Evstafi and sinks it easily.

Jon grows weary of watching the Pamiat Merkuria struggle and finishes her off with a volley from the port secondaries.

And a few minutes later, after soaking a great many shots from the Russian battleship flotilla, the German crew send a torpedo into the side of the fine battleship Evstafi, splitting her in two and sending her under the waves. 

With that, the Russian navy ran up the white flag and ceded control to the Turks (for now anyway!). We'd done decent damage to the big German cruiser, but it still had over 75% of its starting hull points and would be able to crush another Russian ship every few turns while taking less and less damage in return.

Even though the fight was again rather one-sided, it was still a lot of fun. The Russians were able to do a lot more damage to the Turk this time around, although they lost a battleship in the process - not exactly an improvement.

The World War One games have been very good so far and I may be able to get one more in next weekend if time permits.


  1. That's a good looking game!

    1. Thanks man. When those teeny tiny 1/6000 ships arrived in the mail months ago my first thought was "holy crap they'll be invisible on the tabletop." Well they painted up nicely and really do you a good impression of just how wide open a naval battle is. I made the smoke at the last minute by gluing bits of cotton to strips of card. The smoke turned out WAAAAY better looking than I'd anticipated.