01 February 2015

Recently Painted - DW Invaders

I finished up the Invaders box set I got a few week's ago, minus one small Tripod whose legs I'm still waiting on.

I discarded the gold/bronze color palette right away - 95% of these models are painted the same way. After getting a good look at the models, they are very insectoid - the legs of the Tripods might as well have been pulled off a grasshopper. I went with the green grasshopper theme and it turned out very nicely I think.

Two swarms of little bugs. Some in green/orange, others in yellow/red-orange.

Small Tripods

Big Mama

 Predator fliers

Tallboy Tripods. I couldn't get the legs arranged to get these big mothers on their bases.

I'm looking forward to trying these things out on the tabletop. They're overpowered and nasty as hell - I'll have to give my opponent a bit of a points bump to keep it fair.

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