06 September 2015

End of an era and MOAR NÜ STUF

I'm selling off the last of my Flames of War stuff tomorrow. I haven't had any interest in FoW in ages and I want to reclaim the storage space.

Buh-bye Rangers! You were a damn fun army!

My shipment of bases arrived Thursday and I wasted no time getting Demons, Dwarves and Dark Elves based and painted. The Dark Elf cavalry ain't quite done yet, but I have some Plague Demons and Dwarf Gunners ready.

 The lot. 18 stands.

Dwarf Gunners. 
The thin, short line.

 Hack, cough. Hug us!

Phlegm for the phlegm god!

These things are terrific fun to paint. I'm glad I've got loads more still. I'm playing Harpood with James today - modern naval with much more complexity than Shipwreck. Should be fun!

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