15 October 2017

Saturday X-Wing

Got in a quick round of X-Wing in Saturday afternoon with David. I wanted to get back to trying out different interesting combinations and just flying for fun. For this engagement, my theme was "bent vanes."

Vader, a TIE Bomber and a TIE Punisher square off against David's Decimator and Firespray.

With his setup off to the edge, I decided to pull him into the asteroids. That part of the plan worked very well.

For the first half or two-thirds of the game, I flew circles around the two big ships. Vader got great position on Kath Scarlett and smacked her for a crit. Somehow, David has put "Determination" on that ship and for the first time ever, it pays off. How irritating.

A move later, the Decimator blasts Vader to smithereens.

And as I get them to chase me into the asteroids again, the bomber gets blasted. A bit later, the punisher would succumb.

Curses! Both of David's ships were stripped of shields and on the edge of destruction. My poor agility bomber and punisher just couldn't hack it as time would down and attrition took its toll.

I enjoyed the ships I used and as usual, David has found a very solid combination.

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  1. I got a couple of games of X-wing in with a friend's collection come months ago. Quite a good game, I thought, and one that repays play, thought, and list experimentation. All in all, excellent wargaming!

    Cheers, and love that mat you're using.