11 March 2018

Settling Down with some X-Wing

Ziggy got back from a four-month middle east deployment on Monday. Glad he's home and in one piece. I of course caught a cold on Thursday which really got good and snotty by Saturday, our typical game day. He took his chances and brought some X-Wing goodies over anyway. Me, being under the weather, used the same list I used in my previous game with David since it was still neatly in a box and ready to go.

It's the 27-hit Monsters of the Rebellion versus the Godforsaken Defender Twins.

Things develop. I concentrate fire on "The Red One." Having played against them before, it is imperative to simply pile on and kill one of the TIE Defenders as soon as possible. She's gone in a flash and Ziggy is instantly irritated. He did manage to strip the Scurrg's shields though.

Not long afterwards, the B-Wing has been dealt with, as has a low-end TIE.

"Evades" evaded me all game and the H-6 is relieved of duty. It's now a duel between an ultra-nimble and capable TIE Defender and an ARC-170 living room sofa with a tailgun. Both are ships were down to a single hull point.

That asteroid mostly hidden behind the ARC was pivotal. I hid behind it during the penultimate turn, while Ziggy chased. During the last turn, Ziggy was left with the poor choice of pursue and smash into the asteroid or play it safe. He played it safe, but was in my rear firing arc at range 3. A single hit cashed him in. A very narrow and hard-fought victory for the Rebellion!

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