04 April 2018

A "Fleet-ing" Glimpse

Zig and I played a couple of introductory Star Fleet Battles games last Saturday. Although he'd played it before, it's been at least 15 years so we started from scratch. I set him up with a Klingon F5 (a top-shelf small ships with an assortment of cool toys) and had him smash up a couple of small freighters.

It was the predictable cake-walk for the Klingon.

After dinner we played again, this time I drove a real ship - a Federation frigate which is an even match for the F5.

He drove well and in the end it was a draw, though he'd suffered many more internals than my Taco Stand of Doom. Wily driving by yours truly helped me spread damage over most of my shields, while I was able to keep blasting away through his down #1 shield hole.

I also got some SFB minis last week which got painted up in no time at all.

Kzinti, Hydran and ISC Cruisers

 ISC, Tholian and Gorn Cruisers

The kit and kaboodle. I'm rather pleased with the results, particularly the green Gorn. There was also a Federation CA in the bag, but since I painted one recently, I wasn't keen to do a second. One of these days.

We're supposed to play our Brunswick game this Saturday. I'm looking forward to it! The scenario I've put together should be amusing - Basically it's Tholians vandalizing a Lyran moon base.


  1. Nice 'tigger' stripes on the Kzinti

  2. That Kzinti is great! Always good to see some more SFB ships out there.