13 May 2018

Batman Miniatures - Short AAR

Ziggy and I gave the Batman Miniatures Game a go on Saturday afternoon. I kept it simple for the first game since we we both very much in learning mode. I took control of the Riddler and three of his hench-bots, while Zig's group was Carrie Kelley and the Sons of Batman. My mission was to steal the clockwork Maguffin from one of two vehicles and hang onto it until my backup arrived. Carrie and friends were trying to put a stop to my efforts.

Bots 2 and 3

Riddler and Bot 1. The Batman gang is at the far end of the street.

Bot 2 bravely makes a run at the Lexus.

But, lo, the goon with the shotgun lays him out in the middle of Grant Avenue.

Riddler spies what he's looking for in the back seat of the Cayenne, knocks out a window and grabs it, while Bot 1 hustles over the "Gloves" to keep him occupied.

Riddler backs off with the prize while the bots get worked over by the bat-wannabes. It's still early and there's a bit of a wait until Quelle's going to arrive with the whirlybird.

Not good. She's after me.

And caught as I make my way to the ladder... Blast!

The Sons of Batman chase off my last Bot.

But Riddler breaks away and up the ladder he goes! Huzzah!

The helicopter is close! Carrie and the Sons have Riddler cornered on the rooftop. Bot 2 has turned about and is now coming back to assist! Remind me to give that one a raise.

Riddler belts ol' Batarang-boy with the ?-Club. Hah. Hurry up helicopter! It was a good thing the guy with the gun was out of ammo otherwise Riddler would've been in deep kimchi.

Bot 2 catches up with Gloves down below.

While Carrie and Shotgun catch up with Riddler just as Quelle arrives with the helo overhead. Down drops a rope ladder. Riddler evades their blows, grabs onto the ladder, and makes good his escape!

Part 2 of the story will pick up Memorial Day weekend.

Though I technically won by having the loot in my character's possession at the end or the scenario, Riddler was cornered atop the building and in big trouble when time expired. The helicopter escape was a bit of Deus ex machina if you couldn't tell.

We both rather enjoyed BMG. It's a good skirmish game made more interesting by the variety of kit each character has. I printed out cheat-sheets for all of the characters with all of their special abilities' rules so we wouldn't have to refer to the rulebook for those. I'm certainly motivated to play again. It moved a lot better than I was anticipating - I really think having the specials out and handy helped a lot.

The rules are quite straightforward and there was only one head-scratcher left unanswered - specifically, can characters freely move out of close combat or must they fight / test their way out?