28 July 2018

A Quick Update

Not a whole lot of gaming going on here lately, but it's ramping up a bit. I got in two games of X-Wing with Zig today, trying out some new ships and generally having a good time. He used Imperials for both games - centered around the new Alpha-class Starwing. It's powerful and a real pain to fight. In the first game I used Scum - a pair of Starvipers, a Quadjumper and a Z-95. It was a fun group but the QJ just seemed "lacking," but for under 20 points, I guess that's to be expected.

I won by a hair. Flew the blasted QJ off the map accidentally.

After dinner I put together a new list entirely and Ziggy modified his a bit. I went with Rebels, wanting to fly the bomber once again and excited to try out Sabine's TIE. They were joined by a very basic B-Wing and a souped-up A-Wing.

Again, the game was very tight. I got a couple of very fortunate double-damage crits on him early. My bomber and TIE went down, though I was quite happy with the performance of both.

The Starwing about to end Sabine's day.

Another tight game but I did end up victorious!

I painted up some Arab Israeli pico armor during the week and based them up as command stands for CWC.
Four for the Israelis and three for the Egyptians. It's a good use for the "leftovers." Maybe they'll get on the table top for a game one of these days. I have some more incoming - I've been in a painting funk recently and these are good models to break the jinx with.

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