Saturday Gaming

Wayne hosted a couple of games Saturday at his office. Although an unusual setting, it was great - plenty of space and quiet. There were five of us gamers in attendance, Wayne and me of course as well as David, Mark and Mike. The games on the agenda were Star Wars Armada and Battletech Alpha Strike. The SW Armada game was actually a Star Wars vs Star Trek mash-up.

Mark and I drove the Klingons

Wayne, Mike and David

I commanded two Birds of Prey

The opponents commanded a Star Destroyer each. Wayne was GMing and kept the game moving along.

Maneuvering takes some getting used to and Mark's flock of D7s cutting me off was the result of early struggles with the turn template device.

David's ISD catches "The Green One," hammering it pretty good. Mike had laced into previously. That ship was a hurting puppy.

I had a BOP separate from the pack. It cloaked and prepared to close.

While the rest of the Klingons ran, Captain Byg'nutz pulls in between the two Imperial slugs, decloaks and fires weapons at both. The Klingon gets away with a bit of "remodelling" courtesy of the Imperial gunners.

Lucky for me, it was late in the game. David and Mike concentrated on Mark's crippled D7, stripping its cloak, allowing the TIEs to finish it off.

The Klingons scattered and fled.

The Star Destroyers were a tall order for the Klingons. In all honesty, we might have been able to get a fair fight out of a single ISD, but two! Ugh. Wayne kept telling us to cloak, but cloaking and running doesn't kill enemy ships. We had to decloak to fight and as soon as we were visible, it was almost a guaranteed crippling every time we were hit. Oh well... fun game regardless.

Game two was Alpha Strike. David and I paired up this time against Mike and Mark. Henceforth known as Mike and Coward. I took command of the following three mechs:

Shady, The Fast One and Griffon

David had some slightly heavier mechs. Mike had a light Lance and Coward had an Assault Lance consisting of a Battlemaster, a Marauder and a Warhammer. 

Mike and Coward had to damage some sewage treatment ponds, causing leaks to taint the water sources in the area. David and I were supposed to prevent that, but  honestly, defending two sludge-filled holes in the ground is a pretty tall order. We kind of defaulted to "shoot the tan mechs."

Shady and Griffin deployed in the woods. Fast One was was off to the right to flank the scum.

There's Speedy, way out there! David's stompers hang out in the center.

Griffon and Shady hang out at the edge of the woods and take shots at the tan mechs piloted by cowardly half-men.

David's Marauder and other big thing move in a bit and mix it up with the enemy.

That Warhammer is a good example of the bravery, resolve and faith in heavy armor that Coward exemplified. Meanwhile, Speedy tossed out a mighty DGAF and not only got into the tan backfield but lined up right behind Mike's Cicada.

Yeah baby. Sadly, my shooting rolls were abyssmal most of the game and I didn't capitalize like I'd hoped.

Coward's Marauder continued to skulk on the next turn. I couldn't resist getting the Wasp behind it for a rear attack. Mike returned the favor and we ended up with a real weird conga line of DOOM.

The Battlemaster and Marauder shoot up the retention wall on Pond A. Good for them!

Mike's little mechs kill Speedy. Oh well. Live fast, die young. That was a darn fun mech to have in the pack.

Speedy's death is quickly avenged by Shady and Griff.

David's Marauder takes out another of Mike's little guys, but then Coward's Warhammer finished off the Marauder.

That tan Assault Lance continues to defend the shit out of the ruin they started the game in. Meanwhile, team blue is all up in their grill. David's got a big 'un barely visible behind a black wall section in the upper left of that image.

And what does he do? You guessed it.

Two big scoops of Post Fuckit Flakes later, Shady performs a Death From Above attack on the spineless Marauder. The attack was quite successful, causing FOUR damage! Unfortunately Shady suffered a critical hit in the process. Oops, cockpit. He's dead Jim. Still, a coward dies a thousand deaths.

A turn later and, oh what the hell? Mike served up an opportunity and since it worked so well last time...

Burn, heretic. Heheh.

David unloads on the yellow Marauder that had been pretty heavily damaged by my bold decision to smash into it with a 55-Ton mech.


So, at the end, Mike and Mark managed to break the walls of both ponds, poisoning the creek and causing many women, children and elderly to get dysentery and other nasty diseases as a result of tainted drinking water. Surprisingly, David and I accounted for four of the Tan mechs, only losing three of ours. Of course Mark still had two Assault mechs in showroom-floor condition skulking around but hey, you gotta take your victories where you can find them! 

I think we all had a great time. Thanks to Wayne for getting this all setup and hosting. Had a blast and looking forward to the next!

RIP, Shady


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