Some "Just 'Cuz" Painting

 I ordered a box of Army Painter Speed Paints last week. The big box.

Of course I needed to take them for a test drive so I quickly prepped and based a collection of 15mm Blue Moon space aliens I've had for a few months. I primed the models white and then hit them with the brushes on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. First, some pics of the results.

Painting was done with a combination of Speed Paints and traditional painting. The green heads, white/gray unis and yellow packs are Speed Paints. Weapons, straps, leader backpacks and bases are traditional. 

My thoughts? I like the colors and results. I was expecting more difference between highlights and shadows, but I suspect the small size of the models and relatively shallow recesses is partly responsible. a bigger chunkier model will undoubtedly produce a different result. Maybe something like Reaper Bones.

It takes very little of this paint to cover a painting surface, so when you get started, be cautious with how much paint you squeeze from the dropper! You can always squeeze more out but it's really tough to put that Djinni back in the bottle...


  1. Your observations are very close to mind. Have you considered using the fast paint medium for your regular paint?

    1. The box included a vial of the fast paint medium. I haven't given it a try yet. I'll certainly post results when I get to that point.


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