Project Work

 Hi folks. Just a quick hobby update. I don't often share WIP pictures, but I've got a doozy right now. Wayne handed me a Battletech dropship along with the box of mechs a few weeks ago. I've started getting to work on it.

The orb is about 4.5 inches in diameter and the landing gear poke out a bit past that. Given its fiddly nature, I decided the monstrosity needs a base.

Some 3mm plywood with some texture and fine sand. Note, I've drilled the landing gear and synched up holes in the base. God willing, it'll be stable. 

More pics as progress happens!

Also in the queue, and close to complete are some more mechs from the lot...

The reptiles are less "mech" than the rest. They're Ghost Archipelago minis I've had for a few months. I wanted to break up the mech painting grind and pulled them out.

In other news, I completed my most recent guitar project on Friday evening.

I enjoyed this build immeasurably. Perhaps more surprising was that when I played it yesterday, it plays as nicely as any guitar I've ever played. Great action, no fret buzz, no hum, smooth electronics, holds its tune. I really couldn't be happier with the way this one turned out. I have a co-worker who might be interested in buying it. If he does want it, I'll be sad to see this sweetie go, but hey, if I can build and sell guitars, why not?


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