End of March

 Happy Easter, to those of you who celebrate.

It's a pretty quiet weekend here. I have actually gotten up to some painting, finally, after returning from the con, getting asbestos flooring removed (stayed in a hotel for a week while that was done) and just stuff.

No nice pictures because the lightbox is hidden away somewhere since our house is still in some amount of disarray.

Some 28mm Halfling Braves. My best attempt at a tartan pattern. Cross your eyes slightly and stand back a bit, it'll look fine I tell ya!

I added a third ox cart to the collection. It's the one in the center with the mismatched flock.

A couple of Bad Squiddo Mummies.

And some retro spaceships for a game I'm developing. Very excited about this. Watch this space!

Last weekend the Space Cadets got together for some more Battletech. It was again some Solaris VII gladiatorial fighting with three different environments, teleporters connecting them and some nasty NPC enemies.

My two cardboard beauties, a pair of vanilla Locusts gave Mike fits and tore his Rifleman a new one.

Action shifted to the wooded zone. We eventually bagged the Hunchback that was terrorizing the lot of us. I sacrificed one of my mechs simply to end the game! 


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