31 January 2012

Oooh, shiny

Got the goods from CinC yesterday to finish out my Polish tank regiment. Woohoo! I love new armies. I gotta say, CinC's packaging blows the doors off GHQ's and the detail is top-notch.

On another note, Savannah will be hosting a game convention in April - GnomeCon. I've been gaming in Savannah since the early nineties and this is the first Con I can remember since the old SAGA get-togethers at Armstrong back around '95 or '96.

1 comment:

  1. The C-in-C packing is really handy for keeping the models in once painted! Lets you separate them out into table top units :)

    I do like the nicely painted finished versions, as well - cheers for linking from the Spearhead list ;)