05 February 2012

Dystopian Wars

Finally managed to get in a game of DW last night - its been a couple months since the last outing. We had three players - me using Empire of Blazing Incompetence, Dennis using CoA and Rick pushing FSA. Since we play slowly, we decided 400 points apiece was enough. I used a Battleship, 1 Escort, 2 Scout Gyros and 2 Destroyers. The FSA force was a Battleship, 2 $#!7@$$ Robots and 2 Bombers. The CoA consisted of a Battleship, 2 Icarii with Ray Guns and 2 Destroyers. Since three players is always tough to manage in virtually any wargame, we set up three objectives in a triangle pattern in the middle of the board. Beginning a turn in sole possession of two objectives was an automatic victory. Any objective was worth a flat 50 points. The brown things are islands and the light blue areas are reefs.

The mighty EoBS task force sets off!

The FSA off to my right and the CoA to my left.

Turn one, as usual was just a bunch of "full speed ahead!" although the flying robots manage to plink some damage on one of the Japanese destroyers.

On turn two we were all close enough to start causing some damage. The big guns of the American Battleship let loose at long range and caused a critical engine hit on one of the Icarus flying machines. The CoA Battleship in retribution blasted away at one of the Blazing Sun Gyros to "set an example." The Gyro suffered a point of damage. As if challenged by the Commodore of the Penguinis, the robots opened up on that same Gyro managing a critical weapons hit. Lovely. I didn't forget to talk about what the Blazing Suns force did - they simply couldn't hit their own ass with both hands.
The result of turn 2 for the good guys...

Turn three started out with an all-guns fire! from the Snowball Battleship right at the EoBS Battleship. It managed a critical hit - Fusion Leak to the tune of five AP killed. Bah! The FSA Battleship announced an All Stop and blasted away at much of the CoA force. The only telling damage was one destroyer killed outright by a rocket barrage. My Gyros which had been getting blasted at for two turns found themselves in a position to do some damage and moved into the middle of the fray, coming down out of the clouds. One landed a bomb on a Sno-Cone Destroyer and caused a massive 16 hits! I wish that'd been his Battleship! The Gyros linked fire at the CoA Battleship and hit it for a point of damage as well - not a bad round of shooting from the knucklehead twins.
Scratch one destroyer
Scratch the other

The Icarii, eager to avenge the fallen flightless-bird brothers, let loose at the Gyros causing 1 damage to one of them and a "Hard Pounding" to the other. The John Henrys, always the opportunists, swooped in and killed off the severely damaged Gyro.
Closing in for the easy kill
The beginning of turn 4 - FSA is unscathed, CoA and EoBS are in ruins

The CoA Battleship, again with the initiative, fired its giant Ray-Gun at the Japanese Battleship for one damage and the beam passed through and put a hit on its escort as well! The rest of its guns unloaded on the FSA Battleship causing a total of 3 damage plus a Chaos and Disarray. Wow. The American bombers came down out of the clouds and made a bombing and torpedo run smack inbetween two angry Battlewagons. The Blazing Suns AA fire caused severe damage to one of the bombers - engine damage. The bombs failed to find their mark but their torpedoes connected with one of the Japanese destroyers sinking it. The SS Gojira blasted away at as many targets as it could find but on succeeded in knocking the damaged bomber out of the sky - VENGEANCE. An Icarus blasted my Battleship causing one hit and the FSA Battleship loosed a volley at the CSS Happy Feet taking its shields offline! A cheer went up from both the Japanese and American crews when the blue haze disappeared from around the massive ship.
No more bomber... the Ice Queen begins to thaw

Turn 5
The 'Bots advanced towards the Icarii - their favored targets now and put a point of damage on one of the. The ships did a lot of moving around but not much killing.
The Icarus flying things finally managed to put a hit on one of the Henrys and managed to kill it no less with some phenomenal rolls. The Icarese also dropped some mines in the middle of the melee. Not paying any attention to the mines, the idiot captain of the last Jap destroyer ran his boat right into both of them to line up shots on two targets. Well, needless to say, the destroyer was killed by the mines and the other units close enough to get hit were unscathed. 
One robot down... the black spot to the right of the robot is the oil slick from my mine-stricken destroyer

Turn 6 was to be our final turn - the remaining robot put a whopping 17 hits on one of the Icarus flying shoes sending it crashing into the sea below. The Polar Express caused another critical hit on the American Battleship, this time with its Ray-Gun - Generators offline, of which it had none. With that, we ended the game.
Final Scores:
EoBS : 90 (FSA Bomber, CoA Destroyer)
CoA : 90 (EoBS Destroyer, FSA Robot)
FSA : 275 (2x EoBS Gyros, EoBS Destroyer, CoA Destroyer, CoA Icarus)
No one had units within 4 inches of any objective without enemies also with 4 inches - no bonus points there.

Yeah, he ran us ragged. The Henrys completely dominated the skies. I'm not a big dice-blamer but I had exactly three successful shooting attacks all game - two from the Gyros and two rounds of AA against the FSA Bombers. My Battleship and Destroyers were almost completely useless except as AA platforms. We all had a good time and I look forward to some revenge.

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